9 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Pet

9 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Pet

Make your Valentine's Day special, remarkable and one-of-a-kind by celebrating it with your pet! While it may not be obvious, our pets show signs of love to us 365 days a year and they definitely deserve this special day to unwind, feel extra and receive more love. Here are 9 ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with your pet:

1. Surprise them with gifts

Have you been eyeing that one expensive thing for your pet? Look for no sign cause this is just the purrfect day to splurge and surprise them with gifts! Keep them active with interactive toys such as Wickedbone, Wickedball and Owl Robot! Retail therapy benefits you and your pet so go for it! Stock up on different flavors of your pet’s favorite stick treats or get them a pet feeder with a camera. Fancy a modern cat poop house? Petree automatic litter box has a new wifi model that lets you monitor and control the device. Say goodbye to scooping! Are you planning to buy your first pet camera but unsure which one to get? These three cameras are different but have their own strengths. Make sure to buy one that will fit all your needs and preferences.

2. Give some extra TLC

Show some extra TLC with pampering! Do you have a long-haired cat or dog? You owe it to them to prevent matting from forming behind the ears, underneath the paws or under under the belly. Use a safe shaver and a sharp scissors when trimming the extra matte. Give them a quick bath with their own shampoo so they smell extra nice for your Valentine’s date. Use a wet cotton ball to remove dirt on their ears, nose and eyes. Afterwards, use a 2-in-1 pet fur dryer for a hassle-free, stress-free and quick drying. Don't forget to brush their teeth for fresh and minty Valentine's Day. Do your pet comply to nail trimming? We suggest using a nail grinder with LED for accurate trimming and to avoid accidents. Unlike the regular pet nail trimmers, nail grinders are more effective, safer and easier to use especially for frisky pets. Pampering should be quick and stress-free so be careful! If you’re unsure whether to do everything on your own, just bring them to a trusted professional groomer. 

3. Customize your gift

One of the best things about owning a pet is you’ll never run out of presents to buy! We’ve gathered a list of custom gifts for your pet. Just prepare a high-resolution photo and you’re ready!

  • pet portraits - get your pet portrait customized into a theme of your choice, formal or renaissance?
  • engraved or embroidered collar
  • custom phone case
  • custom pillow case or bed sheets
  • custom keychain
  • custom socks
  • custom pet stickers
  • pet ornaments - either crocheted or hand-painted on a wood
  • pendant necklace - say a family picture with you, your partner and your pet
  • custom treat jar


4. Plan a photoshoot

We know you’ve got a hundred photos of your cat or dog and that’s nothing to be ashamed of! Make your photoshoot even more special with some props and decor! Go to Pinterest for themes and inspo. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, how about pink and red colors with hearts everywhere? Use a chalkboard or a letter board to indicate your pet’s adoption date, barkday, meowday or gotcha day. Cheesy much? Wear matching outfits and accessories for more fun! 

5. Spa-style Massage

All kinds of animals love massages, especially head rubs or chin rubs. A good old classic massage gives comfort to your furry baby.  The benefits to humans are similar to our pets. The soft, relaxing strokes improve circulation and flexibility, reduces anxiety and stress and alleviates joint and muscle. Plus, it serves as a quality bonding time and a chance for you to monitor your pet’s skin, fur and coat.

Photo credit: U-haul

6. Build a DIY Cardboard Castle

This is especially mentioned for cats. Get an old or unused box from your shopping galore and it will automatically transform into hours of entertainment for your feline friends. Prepare a box, a packaging tape and a cutter and watch a Youtube tutorial to get started. It’s easy and cheap and your cat will surely appreciate this Valentine’s gift.

7. Hit the park

Treat your dog for an off-leash and free running! Visit your favorite or the nearest dog run at your area so you can have some outdoor activities or try new games that you haven’t tried before. Not only that, your dog can explore new sights and smell and can meet new doggo friends and pet lovers alike. There are many available dog runs in Singapore that provide water access, shaded areas, tabled benches, high fences and more. Don’t forget to bring your automatic paw washer for stress-free easy cleaning.

8. Treat them to a fancy dinner

No need to book an expensive hotel when you can pull off a fancy, special and intimate dinner for you and your pet. This is the perfect chance to prepare a meaty juicy steak for your dog. Get them a bow tie collar while you’re at it. Alternatively, you can bring out their favorite treats or wet food in different flavors and prepare them in a plate. Or you can try something expensive that they haven’t tried before. Just make sure to mix it with their current food to avoid upset stomach. After the fancy dinner, get in your pyjamas and bond over Life of Pets movie.

9. Show some love to other pets

Visit your favorite shelter or the ones nearby your area and show the rescues some love. Donate with in-kind goods, blankets, towels, pet beds, cleaning supplies, pet food or food dispensers. If you’re not yet a pet owner and have been considering a furever Valentine, this is your chance to change a life and provide a furever home. Or you can sponsor a pet if you think that you’re not yet ready for that commitment but still wanting to help an animal. On the other hand, you can feed the stray animals in your area and they will definitely remember your kindness.

Safety First

Now you’re prepared with fun activities to do with your pet this Valentine’s Day. The last thing to keep in mind is to show your love by keeping them safe from any potential harm. Be mindful of the sweets, chocolates and candies on your kitchen counter. Some fruits are toxic and cannot be digested by your pet. If you have new flowers or plants at home, make sure that they are not toxic to your pets. Lastly, don’t forget to have fun and send your pets some cuddles!

Happy furry Valentine's Day! ❤️



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