• $229.00


  • FREE - MicroSD Card 8GB ( Worth $10 ) 

  • Driving Mode - Monitoring your pet can be fun and interactive

  • HD Camera & Night Vision - 1080p Full HD Pet Camera with 4x zoom and night vision, you will be able to see your pet clearly day and night, record and replay high-quality images or video.

  • Treat Tossing & 2-Way Audio - Owl Robot can move and leave a snack route to lure your curious pet. If your pet is naughty or anxious, you can comfort it by instant voice and dispense favourite treats (size of 4mm-16mm) to make it happy

  • Wifi Mode & AP Mode for Outdoor Use

  • 8 People Login & Watch Video


SKYMEE Owl Robot Pet Camera & Pet Treats Dispenser

How Does The Skymee Owl Robot Camera & Treats Dispenser Work?

  • After connecting the owl robot to the home 2.4Ghz WiFi, you can access the owl robot through the app wherever you are.

  • The owl robot has two universal wheels, you can easily control it to move around your house, find and monitor your pets.

  • Your custom text goes hereThe owl robot has a full HD camera in its left eye, and it has night vision function to see dark rooms clearly.

  • The owl robot allows better interaction and entertainment with your pets. It can dispense treats to attract your pet’s attention and has interactive actions for you to interact and play with your pets.

  • It also has two-way audio, allowing you to chat with your pets while away. After being fully charged, the owl robot can be used continuously for 6 to 8 hours, or 5 to 10 days of standby, keeping your pet company while you are away.  

Skymee Owl Robot Product Features

  • Owl Robot has a 1080p full HD camera with a 4x zoom and 130° wide-angle view. 

  • Owl Robot has 2-way audio microphone, which allows you to hear and talk to your fur baby anytime.

  • Control Owl Robot to run or make rotations, rollovers, and other actions. You can even toss treats to your dog after the interaction.

Wake your Owl Robot with one light touch
Relieve stress and anxiety with Two-Way Audio
Offers FULL HD Resolution for clear monitoring of your pet's activities and the safety of your house
Made of safe, durable and high-quality materials
Watch and record every moment with your pet
Comes with a feather to attract your cat’s attention
Comes with night vision camera
Dispense treats to reward your pets
Pets from around the world love our Skymee Owl Robot!
Your pet's new best friend

Set It Up Within Minutes

1.  Download Skymee app, register an account and add a device – Owl Robot.

2.  Turn on Owl Robot, press and hold the red reset button for 5s to reset it.

3.  Enter the home wifi password in the Skymee app.

4.  Show the QR code on your phone to the Owl Robot’s camera (left-eye). Keep a small distance (about 5-10cm). When you hear the “beep” sound, click Next and you’re all set to go!

Multi-User Access: Shared Joy is Double Joy

You can log in to your app account on other people’s mobile phones, or, you can share access to the owl robot with your family members. This allows anyone to play with your pet while you are away.

How To Connect With Other Phones?

After you connect your phone to Owl Robot under Wifi, set up a password for your app account via My Account > Security > Set Password.

Your family and friends can log in to your account on their phones by entering the password you provided. 

Advanced Privacy Protection

When someone has signed into your account,  the Skymee device light will turn blue. This indicates that there are people watching through the camera.

To revoke access,  just change your account password and others will not be able to log in.

What's in the box?

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Nozomi K. (Singapore)
Best camera ever!

love how it's interactive and allows us to drive around the house to find our cat and dogs at their hiding spot when we are not at home.

love every bit about this owl!

Moggi and Brody (Singapore)
It really works

My dog suffers from separation anxiety. I tried different ways like treats, toys and they all didn’t work. So I searched for device which I can control remotely to “keep him company” and it worked like a charm! Given my dog was more afraid of it than interested, it curbed his separation anxiety.

Kachangbotol (Singapore)
Helper and pets communicator

Excellent battery power and resolution. The sound and mic qualities are good. And the treats dispenser only gives 1-3 treats at a time. So it’s ideal for kittens and chihuahuas

Jamie (Singapore)
Very good buy!

Excellent buy though when the owl eye lid up it could be quite freaky, nonetheless very interesting pet tech product for
my milo!

Jeremy Lee (Singapore)
Cool Pet Gadget Highly recommended!

Fast shipping, live chat is responsive for all my questions. This owl robot really works as advertised. All the features are really useful and interactive. Don't really understand the path control feature though but I don't think it is important.. Highly recommended