8 Adorable Signs Your Pet Loves You

8 Adorable Signs Your Pet Loves You

Our pets are like our chosen family. We brought them into our house from the shelter, on the streets, from the animal shop, or even just outside our house. They may have caught us love-at-first-sight with those puppy eyes and tiny voice. A tiny, furry, lovable companion that can bring utmost happiness in any sort of family.

We didn’t have any biological connection to our pets but we love them as equally as ours. We feed them, we bathe them, we spoil them with goody toys, expensive treats, high-quality food, we baby talk to them and we showered them with unconditional love. We may have not noticed it but we are spending more and more time, more energy, more effort as they grow up with us. But do they know that we love them? How do we see that they love us back? What are the signs?

Love language differs for every animal, especially when comparing dogs and cats. Let’s talk about cats first. Cats are widely known as aloof, reserved, quiet and snobbish. Contrary to that belief, cats can be really sweet and affectionate. Some are more expressive and emotional than others. Here are some love languages that you should understand about them:

1. Grooming

Mother cats groom their newborn babies, not just because they love them but they are passing off the scent glands into them for protection and ownership. Just like momma cat, our kitty pet sees us as part of their feline family. Studies suggest that this is actually true. They see us as a hairless, overlarge cat who is a member of their clan. Grooming among cats is usually performed by the most confident one, and their purpose is to spread the colony smell and groom everyone.

Some cats have excessive fur that results in matting. Do your fluffy pet a favour by giving them a lite grooming set. SMART PAW lite pet shaver is designed to keep a quiet and low vibration so your pet doesn’t feel scared or threatened. 

2. Head bump

If your cat bumps their forehead on your face, your arms, your legs or any body part for that matter, they are delivering signs that they love you. It’s also called head bunting, which is a way they exchange scents so that everyone on their clan smells the same. Human smells don’t smell particularly good to them so they are activating pheromone glands from the area on their head behind the ear. In a household with multiple cats, head bunting is usually done by the dominant cat, the one who’s friends with every cat in the house. They can be regarded as a universal expression for cats to say Hi as well.

3. Slow-blinking of eyes

Typically known as a cat’s kiss, slow blinking of eyes indicates trust, contentment, affection and relaxation and it means they are enjoying your company. Eye contact is a way for them to shower you with love and to tell you that they feel safe around you. You can also give your cat a cat’s kiss by slowly blinking your eyes at them every one in a while and they may return it back with more slow blinks.

4. Tail

Cat’s tail is one of the best things about them. Their tail accurately expresses a lot about their feelings and emotions and you can never be wrong about it. When your cat’s tail is curved, that is a good sign that they are comfortable in your presence. When you’re at the front door from work and you see your cat is straight up with a curved at the end, it’s a love greeting. They can also show affection by wrapping their tails around your legs. Try it with cats, if positioned differently, how it is held, or how puffy it is, these are true signals of their emotions.

These are some of the several ways a cat can offer you their love. How about the dogs? Dogs are considerably showy, obedient, and vocal creatures. They are named the man’s best friend, but how do we pick up the signs that they return your unwavering love. Here are some cues to know-how:

5. Wagging tail

Just like cats, dogs express a lot of different emotions through their tail. They can express their love and comfort thru a tail wag. It means they are happy to see you or they are excited about something. It’s also one of the best ways that dogs can demonstrate their love.

Give your dog a chance to wag their tail by giving them a surprise gift like Wickedbone. Upgrade your dog’s chasing game with our Wickedbone interactive toy. Deepen your bond with your pet while keeping them mentally and physically fit. 

6. Physical affection

When you sit down and your dog curls up or lean on your lap, it is a clear sign of love and attention. If they roll around to show you their belly for a good rub, then you should go ahead and do it. Aside from that, they let you rub behind the ears and below the chin. They may also show trust by resting their paw on your arm. So next time your dog finds ways to make an effort to touch you, give them a good amount of pets.

7. Shadowing you

One of the clear signs of a dog’s love is by following their human companion. Remember, they were once wolves which are pack animals and modern-day dogs are just like that. You’ll find them on your side whatever time of the day it is. Watching TV on a couch, cooking in the kitchen, doing the laundry at the backyard, taking a bath... your dog will remain on your side because it’s quality time. You can even bring your dog while you do a morning jog or stroll or even if you’re travelling. Unlike cats, dogs are very comfortable sidekick. They let you do your thing but make sure that you include them in your every plan.

8. Playing with you

Dogs can be a good team player. They are very friendly, cooperative and does a lot of playtimes. Whether it be playing fetch, play wrestling, hide and seek, or tic-tac-toe, they can do all sort of fun games. There’s never a boring day with dogs because of how energetic they are. With this in mind, don’t take it for granted and go catch a tennis ball to strengthen your bond and friendship with your pet.

Which one of these love languages do your pet exhibits? Your lucky if they do all because they really are wonderful creatures. A pet’s love is one of the best things in the world and their quirky way of honing friendships with people is incomparable. Give your pet a hug, a cat’s kiss or a good rub on the chin after you read this article. They deserve it and more likely, they will reciprocate your love and kindness.

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