10 SG-based pet accounts you must FOLLOW!

10 SG-based pet accounts you must FOLLOW!

With the growing pet community on Instagram, many pet owners and animal lovers alike visit their social media only to visit, follow and scroll through their favourite pet accounts' feed. Scanning through the animal community on Instagram can be really stress-relieving! We've listed 10 Singapore-based Instagram pet accounts that we love and you must follow too! 



Little Pudding Pompom’s instagram is the definition of #squadgoals! Their feed consists mainly of their doggo friends, celebrating Christmas, CNY, Valentine’s Day, and birthdays together! Pre-pandemic, they even used to organize swimming, out-of-town gatherings and random weekend galore. And of course, Pudding and their friends would stay still for a pose. Talk about BFF Goals!



Looking for hair inspo but are afraid to try a new hair color? When we found Meimei’s instagram, we couldn’t stop staring at her cool Harley Quinn-inspired blue and pink ponytails! What a trendsetter! Follow Meimei and her little adventures with her siblings, August and Lambo. 



Golden is a model, petfluencer and photogenic Cocker Spaniel with various brands in his name! He does so much better posing than most of us! His every post is IG-worthy and is very confident as a model. Look at his photo above balancing the Churros, what a cutie!



We love Shadow and his boopable nose! He can pull off just anything–bandanas, scarf, bow tie or a dino costume! Follow him for adorable boop content and smiling corgi that will surely melt your heart.



Ori is like an angel with ears and fur. His bright themed feed paired with his snowy white fur gives a positive and dreamy vibe. Isn’t that smile alluring?





This instagram account is created for the community cats in Singapore. These cats don’t have owners but surely own our hearts with their silly and awkward photos! Meet Cornflower, Sister Meow, Peppermint, Miss Wolf and their other neighbor kitty cats. They regularly receive head rubs, playtime session and treats from their human ‘social media manager’ so we know that they receive some love.



Uno is a rescue and a sweet, patient, loving one-eyed cat. He’s lost one eye but his funny tactics as a cat are never gone. He and his sister, Daisy share the feed and we absolutely love their meme-material face expressions, exposed belly pics and random cat things that they do  together as siblings.



Max is a siamese cat with a bit of a volume. By the look of his face, he seems to be disapproving everything his human does for him. At times, he let his human dress him up as a flower, as a fruit, as a wizard, or as an elf. He used to love bird watching when he first got to Singapore but couldn’t care less now. We love this fatty cat and his round judgy eyes.



The owner of this account is a self-proclaimed certified cat stalker and we can see why. With over 1,400 posts of different community cats all over Singapore, he really deserves the title! Follow them and you’ll get daily updates from random cats sleeping, staring, feeding, yawning, posing, and having fun with their photographer.



Baby Bandito started his Instagram account in 2015 as an innocent kitty and grew up to be the biggest villain of all time and your worst nightmare, according to his bio. What we love about his feed is his human occasionally post movie posters of him featuring as a villain. Apparently, he got featured in Godzilla, The Madcatters, The Catfather and Lokkity. Sometimes, he also hosts parties as DJ BabyBanditoCat. With that cute round face, we couldn’t decide if he’s really a villain.


Have you found any interesting SG-based pet accounts to follow? Let us know in the comment section below =D

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