Pet Feeder For All Pet Owners

Are you WORRIED whether your pet is starving at home alone? Time to get a pet feeder to get a peace of mind! Not only dispense meals on time, it also allows you to monitor your pet when no one is around with your pets.

Pet Feeder Designed Simply For Your Dogs Or Cats

Set Your Own Preferred Meal Time

Ability to customise your very own eating schedule with control in choosing portions per meal! Making it 100% customisable to accommodate to your pet's habits!

2 Way Audio

Interact and communicate with your pet even when you are not at home! Reduce their anxiety and provoide emotional support 24/7


High quality resolution in-built camera for you to monitor your pets whenever and wherever you need! Not only you are able to hear them, you can also see them!

Compare Pet Feeder Below

Pet Feeder Feature 


Basic2 Pet Feeder

Premium Feeder

(Wifi Version)

Ultimate Smart Feeder 

( Gen 2 ) 

Retail Price




Mobile App


1080p Full HD

Food Capacity




Wide Lens Capacity


Unstuck Mechanism 

Night Vision

Two-Way Audio

Adjustable Camera 

Low Food Notification 

Voice Recording

Camera Recording

Up to 128gb

Backup Batteries

Setting Meals




Meals Per Day

Up to 6 Meals

Up to 15 Meals

Up to 12 Meals

Weight Per Portion

About 5g

About 5g

About 5g

Food Diameter

0.5cm - 1.5cm

0.5cm - 1.5cm

0.5cm - 1.5cm

Type of Food




Kibble Size

0.5cm - 1.5cm

0.5cm - 1.5cm

0.5cm - 1.5cm


19 x 36 x 33

20 x 36 x 36

20 x 35 x 36

Portions Per Meal

Up To 50

Up To 50

Up To 99


1 Year

1 Year

1 Year

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Good Quality Pet Feeder For All Dogs & Cats

Quite impress on the product so far works fine, easy to setup and my cat have gotten used to it quite fast as well. She hags around it when she feels is about time to drop the food. The only but is that the blue light is crazy bright. 

-Sebastian E.

Affordable Easy To Use Pet Camera 

Wow i’m so glad i got this. Seller is super awesome and responsive to my questions and though they’d missed out on the sd card, they sent it immediately and i got it two days later! App is really easy to use and has really all the features you’ll need. One of my best buys for my new doggo! -lazytotype

Return Customer for Pet Feeder

2nd purchase from this seller, fast and efficient!... Seller is very helpful and responsive... Answers to all my repetitive questions 😂.. Items is easy to install plug and play... hope my cats love it! Thank you seller for the free gifts too! Definitely coming back to this store! 


Impressive Pet Feeder For Cats

Very pleasant transaction! Seller don’t hard sell at all and recommend the product they think is suitable for your need 👍🏻 seller was also very helpful to answer all my queries! Pet feeder seems to work fine other than the first night. Feeder was offline and could not access into the app. It would be better if the pet feeder can connect to 5G network. Nonetheless, now my fur baby looks forward to every morning for his automatic dispenser which calls out for him to eat 😸

-  Seth G.