Pet Camera Review: Smartpaw Burpurr Eyepet2 vs Skymee Petalk II vs Skymee Owl Robot

Pet Camera Review: Smartpaw Burpurr Eyepet2 vs Skymee Petalk II vs Skymee Owl Robot


In this article, we compare three different but somehow similar pet cameras – Smartpaw Burpurr Eyepet2, Skymee Petalk II and Skymee Owl Robot. As pet owners, you should be able to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the pet camera that you’ll be entrusting to monitor the safety of your home and your pet. We take a look at the camera and audio features, the field of view, rotation, sharing options, and extra features that make it fun and interactive.

1. Dispense Treats

Pet cameras with treat dispensers are becoming more popular now. If you’d like to toss treats while you monitor your pet, then you can choose between Skymee Petalk II and Skymee Owl Robot. Petalk II has larger capacity than the latter, storing up to 100 pieces of treats. It has two trays for small and large kibbles. Having a variety of tray size allows you to store treats that is appropriate for the size of your pet. Meanwhile, you can tossing treats with Owl Robot seems like a fun activity to make your pet chase and follow the robot around the house. Smartpaw Burpurr Eyepet2, on the other hand is only built as a pet camera and doesn’t have a treat dispenser feature.

Winner: Skymee Petalk II

2. Field of View

When buying a pet camera, field of view is something that you don’t wanna miss out checking on. A wider field of view not only allows you to see your pet’s activities but monitor the security of your home. The three pet cameras have similarities in this department. Skymee Petalk II has the widest, with 180 wide angle view, Skymee Owl Robot sports a 160 angle view (but with flexibility) and Smartpaw Burpurr Eyepet2 has 140 wide angle view. They each get plus points for letting you see your pet and house with a better view.

Winner: Draw

3. Panning & Tilt

We’ve talked about how similar the three cameras are but when it comes to panning and tilt, they each have their own weaknesses and strengths. Smartpaw Burpurr Eyepet2 can rotate 360 degrees and tilt 90 degrees, which is a plus when you need to see a wider horizontal and vertical view of your house. Say, in a loft apartment, the camera can tilt up and down giving you an eye on both floors of your house. Skymee Petalk II, in contrast, has only panning rotation when compared to Smartpaw Burpurr Eyepet2. This feature is not a weakness though as not most cameras allow you to rotate and have a better, wider view of your house. If you ask any pet owners, they’d prefer a pet camera that allows them to pan around the house. Petalk II makes sure that you will never lose sight of your pet at wherever corner of your house. Skymee Owl Robot has a different advantage over the two pet cameras because it can navigate the house with manual driving. This pet camera is suitable when you have bigger house or need a lot of rooms to cover. With only an app, you can custom a fixed path according to your liking. Even if you’re not using the app, with one paw touch, it will automatically move by itself so your pet can have fun with it. It’s like a toy and pet camera combined. This driving feature is a flexibility that the first two cameras don’t have but on their own, their wide field of view still stand as a great feature overall.

Winner: Smartpaw Burpurr Eyepet2

4. Camera Resolution and Night Vision

Camera resolution may be a simple feature but this will allow you to see your pet in beautiful colours and clarity even at low-light areas of the house. All of the three cameras have 1080p HD resolution, which gives you a clear view of your house and your pet. You can check what’s going on without the distracting noise and pixels. They all ticked the night vision feature too, which is useful when you’re pet is home alone and they wake up in the middle of the night.

Winner: Draw

5. 2-Way Audio and Wifi

Leaving your pets at home can bring anxiety and loneliness to them so with two-way audio, you can communicate with your pet even when you’re away. The three contenders all ticked this feature as well, allowing you to hear them bark or meow and at the same time, they can feel your presence with your voice. Easing their boredom, anxiety or loneliness is manageable when you are able to talk and hear your pet even at long distances. All of this feature is possible because you can connect to the wifi! The three pet cameras can work on 2.4 Ghz wifi, which is common at most router device.

Winner: Draw

6. Wireless Charging

It’s not a necessary feature but it’s a plus! Skymee Petalk II has a wireless charging feature for all Qi-enabled device from Samsung, LG, Sony, iPhone and more. This is a nice addition for when you need a quick recharge of your phone. Simply place your device on top of the pet camera and you’re good to go. This feature, however, is not available on Burpurr Eyepet2 and Owl Robot pet cameras.

Winner: Skymee Petalk II

7. History Recording

Ever feel curious what’s happening on your house with your pet all day? Most pet owners do, however you can’t stay up all night and stick with your phone just to check on your pet camera. History recording is at your service. With this feature, you’ll never miss a moment of your pet. The three pet cameras enable history recording, which is a huge advantage because all videos are recorded automatically. You can browse HD surveillance of your pet at your convenient time.

8. Multiple log-in

Multiple log-in feature is available on all three cameras but they differ on the number of persons that can log in to your video. This feature may sound simple but with multiple sharing, you can allow family members and friends to watch and talk to your pet all at the same time. Even if you have separate homes and or different vacation spots, you can share real-time moments of your pet. If you need someone to babysit your pet virtually, just ask them to sign in on the app and that’s it. Smartpaw Burpurr allows 5 members to sign in; meanwhile, Petalk II and Owl Robot both allow up to 8 members to share the video.

Winner: Skymee Petalk II and Owl Robot

9. Mobile App

Since Petalk II and Owl Robot are made from the same company, they both use Skymee app to control the camera. On the other hand, Smartpaw Burpurr Eyepet2 camera can be controlled by Tuya Smart app.

10. Auto tracking

Automatic motion tracking can follow the steps of a moving object, which is a winning feature on Smartpaw Burpurr Eyepet2. Without using an app, it will track your home for any movement, leaving your home and pet secured. This is also helpful when you want to check if your pet is sleeping or awake.

Winner: Smartpaw Burpurr Eyepet2

11. Manual Driving

We’ve already covered this part on panning and tilt section but it’s good to highlight that Skymee Owl Robot’s manual driving makes it more than just a pet camera. Even when you’re not at home, you can use the app to control its navigation to cruise at home and track your pet. This feature is useful and interactive when you want to drive between rooms for a fun hide and seek game. It can flip, shake, spin around or wiggle! Distance will not be an

By the end of this article, you should already be familiar with what features and strengths to look out for in a pet camera. There may not be the ‘best camera’ but having one is better than nothing.


If you're looking for a budget pet camera with the basic function of monitoring your house and your pet, then Smartpaw Burpurr Eyepet2 is the perfect option for you. With only $65.90, you get a better value than most basic pet camera in the market. It gives you flexibility with its panning & tilt feature and auto-tracking camera. You're not limited to 1 angle of view!

If you have dogs with separation anxiety issues, Skymee Petalk II is your pet's next best friend. You can talk to your pet and hear your pet's voice so that they can feel your presence even when you're away from home. The 1080p HD camera allows you a clear vision of what's going on at your home. It's winning feature, the treat dispenser, lets you reward your pet for a good behaviour at home. As an extra bonus, this pet camera has a wireless charging feature for QI-enabled phones as well!

Meanwhile, Skymee Owl Robot's manual driving feature is a fun way to have fun and interact with your lovely fur babies. The feather stick is also a perfect match for the feline babies! Use the app to roam around your house and keep your pet chasing! To make it more exciting, charge some treats for some little snack break. It also features a 1080p HD camera with night vision so checking in on your pet's wellbeing will not be an issue at night.

Pet cameras lets you check on your pet’s well being even if you’re away from home or just resting on the other side of the room. It lets you monitor patterns and behaviour that you might miss while you’re sleeping or working. Make sure that you’re getting the best value for your money. Revisit this article when you’re ready to get your first pet camera.

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