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  • Upgraded Pet Nail Grinder with 2 LED Lights -
    Allows you to see the location of pet’s nail quickly. Prevent over grinding and hurting the pet

  • Super-power & Low Noise Motor - Get your pet’s nail trimmed in a few minutes without causing so much stress and anxiety

  • 2 Speed-modes & 3 Grinding Ports - Able to choose the appropriate setting and size depending on your pet’s size and nail hardness

  • Long Battery Life,  Rechargeable & Portable


SmartpawLite Pet Nail Grinder Trimmer LED Model New Version

Note : Video above is the old model ( already phased out )

Upgraded with 2 LED Lights

SmartpawLite Pet Nail Grinder Upgraded LED Model New Version is upgraded with 2 powerful LED lights for safer and more efficient paw grooming and trimming.

With the LED lights on, you have a clear view of your pet’s nail preventing you from over grinding and hurting your lovely pets. 

Super-power & Low Noise Motor

Our pet grinder uses a high-tech motor, not only powerful and effective but it gives a lower noise below 50dB.

It allows you to effectively trim your pet’s nail in a few minutes without causing so much stress, anxiety and unnecessary commotion on your pets. Your pets can relax and enjoy a calming pet trimming.  

Advanced 2 Speed-modes

It has two rotation speed settings (High and Slow) and three ports to match small, medium to large breeds.

3 Grinding Ports

Choose the appropriate setting and size depending on your pet’s size and nail hardness.

Long Battery Life, Rechargeable & Portable

It is rechargeable with a USB port, which you can conveniently connect with your car, computer, power banks, etc. 

Its battery can last up to 3 hours after a full charge.

It’s lightweight, portable and has an ergonomic design that makes it convenient to use with a left or right hand and easier to manoeuvre at every corner of the paw.  

Recommended By Professionals

This nail grinder is recommended by vet professionals and pet groomers because of its safe and powerful grinding materials.

Why choose SmartpawLite Pet Nail Grinder Trimmer Upgraded LED Model over others?

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Adrian (Singapore)
great item

order was delivered promptly, seller was very responsive and helpful. I arranged for a pickup and seller was very flexible and helped cater to my timing, which i appreciated greatly. Product is great and reasonably priced. Not too loud so it doesn't scare my dog when i trim his nails.

Cordelia Chong (Singapore)

Not loud and looks durable.

TAN CHIN SOON (Singapore)

The sound level is smooth
but the grinding stone is too fine so much so the grinding takes longer time to grind my dogs nail
Is there any grinding stone which is of different rough level for us to select and buy.

Celine Goh (Singapore)
Great product!

My dog is always calm when I'm trimming his nails. Highly recommended!

Tessa L. (Singapore)

My dog really hates getting his nails cut but since I got this product it’s really helped cause now he stays still when I fix his nails so I would recommend this to owners who face problems like me!!

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