14 Dog Runs to Explore in Singapore

14 Dog Runs to Explore in Singapore

Last time, we talked about outdoor activities and games to try with your pet. With biking, running and walking, you and your furry friend need bigger areas to get going. Here are 15 dog runs where your dog can be off-leash and run free without you worrying:  


Credits: Andrew Luke Lim

1. Clementi Woods Park Dog Run

Clementi Woods Park has a spacious dog run perfect for some doggo exercise. Pet owners love this place for its well-maintained sloped terrains, which make a challenging run for your dogs. This park also features high gates for protection and table benches for humans to sit on. Best to bring your dog for a run before 11 AM or after 4 PM to avoid the scorching heat of the sun. This park doesn’t offer a water station so make sure to bring a jug of water and your dog’s ELSPET Pet Water Bottle.


Credits: Sean McNulty

2. Tiong Bahru Sit Wah Dog Run

Tiong Bahru Sit Wah dog run is a hidden gem for the dog lovers in the South. It is located near cafes and local food stops. There are no restrictions to leashes so your dogs can run freely. It also offers some shaded areas to protect the skin from the sun. If you need to rest for a while, there are benches available for water breaks. This dog run was built thanks to the concerned community of Tanjong Pagar. They opened a petition to the town council to open up a dog park in 2015. Long story short, it was granted and now this dog run has a spacious, fenced and shaded area where dogs and owners nearby can have some quality outdoor time. Just like Clementi, this park has no water station so bring your own supply. Some pet owners do not advise visiting Tiong Bahru Sit Wah during rainy days as it can get muddy. The uneven ground is good for dogs but it can create muddy pool, your dog might need a shower afterwards. 


Credits: Aiden Ng Kim Heng 

3. Katong Park Dog Run

Katong Park Dog run is a hidden gem as well. Situated in the East, this park is almost underrated. Your dog can enjoy a quiet, off-leash, shaded area with large canopies of trees while you can have the park for yourself. Talk about some private quality bonding moment! Bonus: this park provides lights for nighttime visitors. Don't forget to pack up with an automatic paw washer to easily get rid of dirt, mud and sad after a run or walk.


Credits: Anqi Yeo

4. Pasir Ris Dog Run

Pasir Ris residents enjoy their well-maintained, off-leash dog runs. They allow fresh cut grass regularly along with its sandy pathways. Pet owners love this dog run because it’s free from foul odor and the place is always clean. Aside from that, there are benches available to get some rest. Make your outdoor date more fun when you bring your dog's Wickedbone! It's made of durable material and it can withstand physical pressure and biting.


Credits: Agnes Yeo  

5. Koon Seng Park Dog Run

How rewarding is it to see your dog run free? Koon Seng Park allows off-leash for dogs so they can have some unrestricted workout. This mini dog run/enclosure was built due to demands of pet owners. After just four months of construction, their dogs can now have some outdoor fun! There are no waterpoints available here so remember to bring water and a pet bottle.


Credits: Daorong Lin

6. Lengkong Enam Interim Park

This park is surrounded with surrounded with flora and fauna and provides shade from the trees. Unlike other parks with only 1 or 2 benches, this park has plenty of benches around for the humans. Just like Koon Seng Park, the Interim Park has no water access to pack a bottle of water to stay hydrated under the sun.  


Credits: Ying Yap DeFabio

7. Bishan Park Ang Mo Kio Park

Bishan Park is located at the heart of Singapore and is one of the most popular and biggest dog runs in the country. With its 2100 square meter lot, it can provide plenty of space for both pet owners and dogs of any size. The dog run is split into two fenced up areas for small and large breed dogs. Pet owners love this place because there are available benches around and many shaded areas that can provide comfort even during sunny hours. Fancy a weekend picnic? Bring your whole family for an old classic picnic date. There are pet-friendly cafes around the area if you wish to get some snacks, meals or drinks. As a popular pet spot, weekends and holidays are when it’s busiest. Bonus: there’s a river in the area with fishes and tortoise for a different scenery.


Credits: Google User Rosc18

8. Sembawang Dog Run

Located at the end of Sembawang Road is the biggest dog run in the country with a 15-hectare land–Sembawang Dog Run. Its hilly dog run is a good feature when you want a full view of the place. Your dog can run at their full speed without bumping into another dog or person. Pet owners love this place because it’s well-maintained. The area is surrounded with nice flowers and trees. They provide tabled benches to sit on, playground for the kids, bathroom and ample parking. Lights are also available for nighttime visits. Bonus:You can book a reservation for a BBQ pit if you fancy a BBQ date with some friends and family. Sembawang dog run doesn’t have a waterpoint so do remember your bottled waters.


Credits: SuzseQ Ng 

9. Jurong Lake Park Dog Run

Another spacious dog run with a good scenery is Jurong Lae Park Dog Run. Large breed dogs can run about its 2,200 square meter grass field with beautiful garden and trails to explore. It’s part of the redeveloped Jurong Lake Gardens and is deemed as one of the best public dog runs in Singapore.


Credits: Luke Phang

10. Punggol Park

Out for a short walk? Try Punggol Park. The dog run has a 1.3km running loop that is perfect for small stretches and short running distances. Do visit at late afternoon to catch the beautiful sunset.


Credits: Kam Hoe Chaw

11. West Coast Park Dog Run

West Coast Park Dog Run is visited by many pet owners because it provides more features than other dog runs. Spacious? Check. Off-leash? Check. Obstacle courses? Check. Their obstacle courses are made of tree logs so your pet can have a bit of a challenging physical activity. It’s not only good for the muscles but it stimulates your dog’s agility and strategic abilities. After an exhausting run, take a rest on their shaded benches and bring your pet to its water outlet to get hydrated. If it gets dirty and muddy, there’s a dog wash kiosk where you can get a shampoo, a flea and tick protection and a blower. On rainy days, the soild can get soft so it’s best to visit on good weather days.


Credits: Vanillapup

12. Yishun Park Dog Run

Yishun Dog Run is surrounded with tropical fruits and is great for dogs to explore and to tap into their curiosity. Pet owners also visit here because of its other amenities such as playground, fitness centers, ampitheathers and multipurpose courts. If you need a one-stop-shop place where you can also bond with your pet, look no further.


Credits: Herine via TheSmartLocal

13. Simpang Bedok Dog Run

Simpang Bedok Dog Run is located along Bedok Reservoir Canal beside a blue soccer court This place serves as an ideal playtime area for dog owners that reside near the neighbourhood flats. There are no waterpoints, no washroom and no seats available. Do bring your own jug of water and if you need a bigger water bowl for your dog, try ELSPET Anti-Splash bowl for more hydration.


Credits: Googe user Ivan 

14. Tampines Central Park Dog Run

Tampines Central Park Don Run is one of the few dog runs that is situated beside a Housing and Development Board (HDB) flat. It may be small but the park can be filled with regular goers, especially on weekends and evenings. The park closes at 10 PM so  if you want a cold evening walk, do visit hours before the closing time.  


There are plenty of dog runs to visit wherever you are in Singapore. Take this opportunity to spend some quality time with your dog but be also reminded of a few things. Be mindful of your dog, even if they’re small, they can attack other people and other dogs. Be respectful of others and clean up after your fur babies. Some people visit pet parks or dog runs just to see other pets so be wary if your dog doesn’t like strangers touching them. Lastly, have some fun and let your dog get some needed exercise.

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