5 Easy Ways To Exercise Your Pets

5 Easy Ways To Exercise Your Pets

Exercising your pets doesn't have to be difficult and time-consuming!

Exercising your pet is important for their overall health and fitness just as it is for ours. In fact, there are many easy ways to exercise your pets that don’t require a lot of time or effort on your part. Not only does it help keep them slim and trim, but it also helps keep their muscles toned and their immune system strong. Our fur babies already have shorter lives compared to us unfortunately but helping them stay healthy everyday will surely give them long lifespans as possible!Check out our list of five easy ways to exercise your pets to help them stay healthy and fit:

1. Let your pet play in an open space

If you have a pet that loves to run and play, taking them out in an open space will be a great exercise for them. This can be at the park or even at your backyard! This will encourage them to get all of their pent up energy inside. You can also play fetch with them to encourage them to run and play to get some exercise. If your pet loves playing fetch or even tug of war (which is most common for dogs), then this option is best for them!

This is also good if you want them to socialize with other pets since some pet owners may also bring their pets to play in that open space! But you should remember to get them use to any environment first especially for a cat. You should also check the place whether it is secured to make sure your pet doesn't get lost while playing and run too far from you. You should also get them used to other pets or they might end up fighting with the other pets instead of playing with them or they may be too nervous to even run around and just hide in one place. Just make sure you make your pet do what they are comfortable doing and watch them carefully when you take them outside.

2. Give them a new toy to play with

If you have a pet that loves to play, you can help them stay in shape by giving them a new toy to play with. Just make sure you choose the right toy for your pet's personality. All pets, whether a dog or a cat, are unique! There are toys that you can play with them like balls for fetching with your dog and feather toys for your cats. There are also interactive toys that they can play even when you're not around. This can make it easier for you especially if you have to go to work. Check out Wickedbone - Smart & Interactive Dog Chewing Toy perfect for hyper pups, Cheerble Mini WickedBall Interactive Cat Toy, & Homerun - Smart Interactive Cat Toy perfect for cats! You can also check out Wickedball - Interactive Pet Toy and Skymee Owl Robot which is suitable for both cats and dogs!

With a lot of toys to choose from in the market, it can be tricky when choosing what toy is the best for your precious pets to play with. So when choosing a toy for them, you must first know what is suitable for their breed (this should be done even before adopting them). You must also observe their personality, all of their likes and dislikes, and their habits. Here are 5 Tips on How To Choose The Right Toy For Your Pets to help you choosing the perfect toy for your pets and make them exercise more!

3. Schedule your pet's walks

You might think that walking your pet should not be on this list, but in the end of the day, your pet needs this! Walking your pet can be time-consuming but with the right scheduling and time management, it can be much easier and enjoyable for you and your fur babies! And besides, if you have a pet that loves to walk, don't take it away from them! Walking them doesn't need to be hard if you plan ahead for them.

You can walk your pet for at least 10 minutes each day and you can increase them gradually (but this also depends especially for dogs so make sure to do your research), and make sure they walk on a leash so they don’t wander off! Walking your pet is both a physical and mental exercise for them which makes this activity important for your fur babies to do. This activity they can't do alone which is why your precious pets (especially dogs) gets excited when they know it's time for you to walk them. We understand that a lot of things can make us really busy but make sure you make time to walk them as it is your responsibility to do so!

4. Give your pet a playmate

Another tip which will surely energize them to move and play is by giving them a playmate. Pets like dogs and cats love to play with other pets as well, and they’ll get some exercise playing together. This is a fun way to help your pet get some exercise, and it’s something they can do even if you’re not home to help them stay in shape! This is helpful especially if you have a playful, energetic, and sociable pet.

On the other hand, if your pet is more of a couch potato, pairing them with an energetic one mostly young pets like kittens and puppies might make them play! Not only you get them to exercise but they'll have a companion when you're not around the house. But make sure you get them used to each other first especially if your pet is not that sociable. You can get them used to each other's smells first by giving each of the pets some towels they use and switch them. Then slowly let them see each other but make sure you keep a close watch or put a barrier between them first. It can be a baby gate, a glass door, etc. Just something to keep them separate for a while. Observe your fur baby and slowly introduce them to a new pet just to make sure your pet gets a playmate instead of someone to fight with.  

5. Let your pet hunt for food

One way to get your pet moving is to let them hunt for their food. There are some ways you can try to make them hunt for their food. You can try hiding treats or small pieces of food all around the house and let your dog or cat go crazy trying to find them. Not only will this give them a good workout as they have to prance around the house, but it will also keep them entertained for hours on end!

Another thing you can do is make them a puzzle toys where they have to move the toy in a certain way to make is dispense some treats! Not only your fur baby has to physically move but they will also be stimulated mentally as they have to solve how to get the treat out of the toy! This is also helpful for pets who eats too fast because they need to get the food out first before they get to eat them which will slow down their eating process. As it is not good for us hoomans to eat too fast, your pets shouldn't do it as well or they will get an upset stomach.


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