7 Pet Gadgets Guaranteed to Make Life Easier!

7 Pet Gadgets Guaranteed to Make Life Easier!

Owning a pet brings indescribable joy, happiness and love and reduces stress in our life. It’s also a commitment to keep them happy, healthy and safe. Modern technology and innovations in pet care make life easier to feed, train, monitor and interact with our furry loved ones even a few distances apart. Here are 7 gadgets guaranteed to improve your pet’s life (and yours too!):

Automatic Litter Box
Litter boxes serves as a potty house where your cat can have some private space to do their business. But did you know you can live with a cat without ever touching the scooper? Automatic litter box is one of the amazing gadgets built for the convenience of busy cat owners! They keep the floor sand-free, neat and tidy plus, no more alarm reminders to scoop the waste! 

PETREE Automatic Cat Litter Box WIFI Model 2021

    Petree litter boxes are among the pricey automatic litter boxes in the market but it has plenty of features that are worthy of your purchase. First, the wifi feature lets you control the machine with an app. It lets you choose from auto-shoveling or remote controlled shovelling. If you ever wondered how frequent and when is your cat toilet visit, you can monitor it real-time. The trash bin reminder sends you notification when the bin needs replacing. And for extra safety, you can delay shovelling time to make sure that your cat has completely done using the litter box.

    Second, the overall design and exterior of this machine is sleek, modern and can match any flat in Singapore. Yes, it’s quite bulky for small apartments but it’s also large enough for chonky, big-boned cats. The low center of gravity design makes sure that it is stable and won’t be toppled easily. If you have a cat who likes to nibble on everything, rest assures that the cable is anti-bite to prevent accidents and electrocution. Cats above 1.5kg can use it. 

    Why you and your pet will love it?

    • Self Cleaning Mechanism - No more scooping. It will automatically separates the waste and transfer it to the trash bin.
    • Sensor Detection Technology - This is the safety feature that detects your cat’s presence. It will only start the cleaning process once it detects that your cat has left the inner glove.
    • Wifi Model - Lets you control the machine with your smartphone. Auto-mode will shovel as normal and sleep-mode will stop auto-shovelling.


    Automatic pet feeders
    Automatic pet feeders are convenient and many pet owners are already using them! They keep your pet from meowing or kissing your nose to wake you up for a breakfast meal. It’s a good investment if you have a busy schedule and tends to forget to refill the bowl. It can also come handy to manage dietary needs of pets with weight problems. What most pet owners don’t know is pet feeder with a camera is a great way to observe your pet’s behavior and habit. The history recording will do the job for you. Just connect the feeder to your wifi and scheduling is 1 click away from your phone.

    Premium Pet Feeder

    This pet feeder is a top seller! Unlike your ordinary pet feeder, Premium Pet Feeder comes with a camera and 2-way audio feature so you can monitor your pet’s activity while you are gone for a trip. Ease your pet’s anxiety and talk to your pet and remind how much you love them. 

    Why you and your pet will love it?

    • Affordable
    • Large capacity - 4.5kg, feeds up to 4 meals per day, 10 portions per meal (1 portion is about 10g)
    • Voice recording - you can interact with your pet thru the audio feature
    • History recording - store up to 32gb of recording

    Ultimate Pet Feeder

    If you wish to upgrade your feeder and do more than just scheduling, then this is it! Ultimate feeder has wider lens view of 140º and night vision so you can check in on your pet even at low-light condition with crystal clear quality. If you have multiple pets or larger breed of dog, you can customize up to 12 meals per day and up to 99 portions (1 portion is about 5g) per meal.

    Why you and your pet will love it?

    • Affordable
    • Features a 140º wide lens for a better coverage
    • 2-Way Audio - talk to your pet and hear them meow or bark
    • Night vision and 1080p HD Resolution
    • Smart sensor - the feeder will send notifications on how much food is left in the food tank
    • History recording - store up to 128gb of recording



    Automatic water fountains
    Cats love running water and it’s evident because they are evolved to seek water in rivers and streams. Today, you can find cats licking water from the faucet and some own water fountains. Automatic water fountains are commonly attributed with cats but dogs can also find them interesting and satisfying to quench their thirst. They encourage pets to drink more to stay hydrated.

    PETKIT - Gen 3 Smart Pet Water Drinking Fountain

    Petkit Gen 3 Water Fountain ensures safe, healthy, fresh drinking water for your pet. Its triple purifying system removes dust, hair, food debris and other impurities. Smart light indicators help you check if the water is low, if the filter needs replacement and if the battery needs recharging. This fountain’s white, curve, glossy finish makes it a perfect match for your living room or kitchen.

    Why you and your pet will love it?

    • It’s made of stainless steel. Most veterinarians recommend stainless steel over plastic material for pet food bowls and pet water fountain because plastics are prone to feline acne from exposure to bacteria.
    • Large capacity - It can store up to 1.35 liters of water
    • Water sharing - Small breed of dogs or cats can share the fountain and drink water together
    • Quiet operation - It’s quieter than your normal water fountain so you and your pet can have a peaceful night
    • Secondary Backup Power - Blackout will not be an issue thanks to its battery backup power  


    Interactive toys
    Unlike your ordinary static toys, interactive toys provide endless hours of entertainment for your pet. It gets your pet moving, active and mentally stimulated.


    When turned on, Wickedball will light up and bounce up and down and roll around the floor without getting stuck. What makes this toy special is, it’s unpredictable. It will keep moving for a few minutes and it will pause, waiting for your pet to touch like a ‘go signal’. It’s purrfect for pets who have short attention span so you are not distracted on your WFH setup. Comes in yellow, blue, green and lint shell colors.

    Why you and your pet will love it?

    • Unpredictable
    • No more lonely, boring moments at home
    • Fun colors to choose from - The colors are designed to make sure that your pet can see it the colors without any problem
    • Water-proof - As long as the Wickedball is securely tightened, you can wash the ball directly under running water. Perfect when you have a pool play or bath session.
    • Durable - It’s tested on more than 100 different types of dogs and cats to test durability while biting, gnawing and scratching


    Meanwhile for dogs who likes to chew while playing, Wickedbone offers a chew-safe interactive toy so your dog can have fun and exercise even without a companion. You can play it hands-free or remote controlled using the Cheerball app. Autoplay mode lets the ball move in different speeds while drive move allows custom paths and movements.

    Why you and your pet will love it?

    • Mess-free toy
    • Safe and durable so your dog can chew it without you worrying
    • Custom path - Using your smartphone, you can custom the path according to your preference or room layout 


    Pet camera
    When you have to be away from home and your lovely furkid, pet cameras are great investment to keep your mind at ease. Pet cameras come in different sizes, prices and feature. The basic ones have a camera in HD quality that has a night vision, like your usual CCTV but they are usually placed on higher tables or shelf so you can have a closer look at your pet. Which are the best? The ones where you can interact–hear your dog or cat bark and talk so the anxiety is lessen. 

    Skymee Owl Robot

    Skymee Owl Robot is a top-tier pet camera because it functions more than as a pet camera, it’s a treat dispenser and an interactive toy for your pet too! The 2-way audio lets you and your pet talk and bond. Its treat dispenser allows you to reward and praise for a good behavior at home. Using an app, you can check in on your pet real-time. You can also the app to control the owl’s path and movement. Spin, roll, flip and roam the owl robot to keep your pet busy. It comes with a feather stick especially for the curious bird-loving felines.

    Why you and your pet will love it?

    • All-in-one pet camera
    • Driving mode - great for exercise and checking your house
    • Treat dispenser - send treats even if you’re not at home
    • Custom track cruise - for unpredictable movements 

    Where can I get more stuff?

    Check our collection of pet accessories and pet gadgets to make your life and your pet’s easier and more entertaining.

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