What are the Best Interactive Toys for your Pet?

What are the Best Interactive Toys for your Pet?
An interactive pet toy is different from regular toys, it provides mental and physical stimulation for your pets and encourages puzzle-solving in their life. Humans play games or sports to keep ourselves mentally and physically healthy, pets need something to keep them stimulated and fit too! When you're out for work or shopping, your pets would be bored to death at home waiting for you to come home and play with them. Pets can get bored with regular toys very quickly because regular toys wouldn't react and engage them. Instead of buying new toys every week, why not invest in a more durable and stimulating interactive pet toy? You can count on these interactive toys to let your pets have the time of their life!  

Benefits of Interactive Pet Toys

  • It keeps your pets entertained
  • Provides mental stimulation for your pets
  • Creates bonding time that you and your pets would enjoy
  • Ensure your pets gets the physical exercise they need
  • Satisfy instinctual needs

1. Wickedball Interactive Pet Toy - A companion for cats and dogs

Image result for wickedball The Wickedball is the toy your pets need for times you have to be away. Both dogs and cats are suitable to play with it. Wickedball will intelligently move or shake to attract your pet’s attention. It’s a great way to stimulate your pet's mind and save them from boredom and loneliness! The colors of the balls are also designed to make sure pets are able to see them. Not only that, Wickedball is also waterproof, so you can have some water fun and bonding time with your pets be it bathing time or a visit to swimming pools or beach!

About Wickedball

https://youtu.be/xa-sRJtmzNk Other toys might get stuck at corners and bumps in the room but Wickedball is designed to get out of those sticky situations, they are flexible to move around at different surfaces. With its inbuilt-sensor, whenever it hits an obstacle, it will reverse itself and maneuver away, meaning it will not get stuck in tight spots  

2. WickedBone - Not Just a Bone

Wickedbone is Cheerble's first developed product and they created it with the aim to improve the lifestyle of pet and pet owners, ensuring pets having a healthy and happy life.

About Wickedbone

https://youtu.be/Sjxb36xeY_Y   Now we all know that dogs are descendants of wolf, and that is why they enjoy gnawing on things, their teeth are strong enough to break bones so you know what these little destroyers would do to regular toys. Lucky for you Wickedbone are made for gnawing! Durable materials were used to withstand impacts from small to large dog breeds! Another thing we appreciate of this interactive pet toy is that it's made from durable, safe and strong TPU that is FDA certified! We can never match the energy that these fur babies have, especially high stamina dog breeds like Siberian Husky, German Shepard, and Labrador Retriever. They require a lot of playtimes and vigorous exercise to get their adrenaline out of their system. Or else, it might lead to some behavioral problems like excessive biting and barking. Drive Mode & Interactive Mode Interface of Wickedbone Mobile Application The manual drive mode allows you to remote control Wickedbone through the mobile app with a virtual joystick. Adjust the speed and swerve motion based on your preference; you can play around with the 9 different actions (forward roll, front flip, quick jump, etc.) The interactive mode is an auto-play feature that engages your dog through a two-way communication system specially designed to attract your dog's attention. Wickedbone will perform interactively to your dog€'s actions, and keep him/her entertained!    

3. Smartpaw Interactive Cat Toy - Automatic Feather Teaser

https://youtu.be/2xZyavQX5As Cats are curious animals and they are always fascinated and love chasing moving objects. This affordable interactive cat toy is made for the cat's quick reaction! It mimics prey and pops up randomly from 6 entries. Image result for feather automatic toy You may be worried about your pets being bored at home when you're away and that's what great about interactive toys! With its normal mode selection, The feather will automatically pop out randomly from the 6 different holes and turn off after 8 minutes. There's also the smart mode which gives 4 hours of shut down intervals with a hibernating mode at night. With sufficient physical exercise for your cat, it can help minimize the risk of shortened lifespans, diabetes mellitus, liver diseases, and osteoarthritis.  

Factors to consider before buying Interactive Pet Toys?

  • Size of toys that is suitable for your pet to bite
  • Get a durable toy that can last for a long time
  • Make sure the materials of the toys are safe pets

Get an interactive toy for your pets today!

We always wanna ensure our customer gets the best service from us and that is why all of our interactive toys above are inclusive of a 1-year local seller warranty.  

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