4 Interactive Toys Your Pet is Wishing For

4 Interactive Toys Your Pet is Wishing For

In order to keep your pets healthy, ye need them to get physical exercise and mental stimulation. While nothing beats morning walk or regular jogging, it helps to keep your pet entertained through interactive toys. When you need to leave the house for work or errands, interactive toy is your pet’s second best friend.

Before getting your first interactive toy, consider your pet’s size, breed, preferences, personality, play style or skills? Give them appropriate toys that will match their whole being.

What are the best toys for your pet?

1. Owl Robot Treat Dispenser

Owl Robot is a treat dispenser that allows you to communicate with your pet. It zooms around the house at your command using a mobile app. Even when you’re not at home, you can use the app to control its navigation and manage the treat dispenser. It can flip, shake, spin around or wiggle! Not only that, but you can custom a fixed path according to your liking. One paw touch and it will move by itself, so your pet can have fun with it even when you’re not controlling the robot. Monitoring your pet is a great deal too, especially for pets with anxiety. With the Owl Robot, you can record moments in HD mode and share it with your friends and family. Its two-way audio is also great when you want to hear their barks and meow or if you want to ease their loneliness with your voice. You can even invite your family members to log in thru the app to check in on your pet real-time. For cat owners, Owl Robot has a feather stick that you can attach to its head making it more enticing for them.

2. Wickedball

Make your cat pounce and your dog jump with Wickedball! It is a combination of a rubber toy and a sensory toy. It allows automated movements with three different modes. The green light makes a gentle movement, blue light makes it normal, and pink light makes it a lot active. You can adjust these according to your pet’s preferences. If your pet likes vigorous movements, then go for the pink mode. However, if your pet gets a little scared, allow for a slow transition of movements. The thing about Wickedbone is it is unpredictable, making your pet more curious and excited. It rolls around your house and doesn’t easily get stuck in the corner. Even if your pet is alone, it can play with it for 10 minutes then rests for 40 seconds. If your pet bumps it, then it will reactivate again. For chewer dogs, this toy can stand physical abuse due to its durable high-grade materials.


3. Wickedbone

Wickedbone is a great antidote for dog that likes a lot of action. It has 6 features and 9 preset motions that you can use for all kinds of movements. Choose gentle, normal or active depending on your pet’s personality. Whether your pet is bored, sleepy or crazy active, you can choose a variety of modes to match their mood. Use the app to control it or leave it on auto-mode. What makes Wickedbone great is its food-grade polycarbonate material allows for safe chewing and biting. It is extremely durable and can sustain great pressure. One hour of charge can last up to 1 month, depending on the preferred mode. Cleaning is also not an issue because of its water-proof outer shell. It comes with 4 different vibrant colours – white, pink, blue and green.

4. Homerun Smart Electric Teaser

Homerun is a toy great for curious cats who are eager to catch a feather! It randomly pops out the feather from 6 different holes. It allows 3 various modes  - green mode will shut down after 8 minutes; blue mode is a daylight sensor, and purple is for switching or replacing feather. The daylight sensor is a smart feature that allows switching off when the sensor detects dark room, allowing your cat to have some rest after a playful daytime. It’s portable, lightweight and is charger or battery-powered.

It’s nice to have these interactive toys as an alternative way to bond with your pets. Remember, nothing beats your friendship and human-pet touch. Don’t replace quality time and exercise for stand-alone toys. Before buying any toys, always be meticulous because your pet’s safety is at risk here. Keep an eye on toys that your pet may ingest or chew on. Make sure that the materials are high-quality, durable, and non-toxic. Don’t overfeed them with treat dispenser. Read labels and instructions carefully to avoid injury. Lastly, allow supervision for toys with smaller parts or toys that are broken, chipped, torn or damaged.

This is the sign, get an interactive toy now. Have fun with your pet!

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