10 Things You Need To Do When Your Pet is Sad

10 Things You Need To Do When Your Pet is Sad

Does your fur baby look sad & you're not sure how to cheer them up?

When you notice your precious pet is sad, you must first determine the reason why.  Major changes/events in your pet's life like moving into a new place, losing a pet/family member, or having a new baby/pet. It is also important to watch the common symptoms which is losing their appetite, refusing to play, hiding, getting inactive, grooming excessively, and sleeping most the time. Pets rely on us to make them feel better, but the problem is they can't talk like us humans and say why they are sad and what they want to do. In this article, we will be discussing the things you need to do to help your precious pet when they're feeling down.


Check out our list of ten things you need to do when your pet is sad:


1. Spend more time with them

Pets rely on us for companionship, so spending time with them is one of the best things you can do when they're feeling low. Spending more time with them can help you determine the reason why they're sad in the first place and observe them more. Do lots of activities that you think your fur babies might love like going for a walk, playing with them, or maybe just sitting and cuddling with them on the couch to comfort them. They'll surely appreciate the attention and feel loved in their tough times!

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2. Feed them their favorite food

One of the common signs your pet is sad is when they refuse to eat. Sometimes, a change in diet can perk your fur babies up. Try feeding them their favorite food or even treats just to get them to start eating! It might not work every time, but it's worth a shot, right? But when even their favorite food or treats can't get them to eat, there might be a problem with them physically so remember to visit the vet and get them checked asap! 

3. Give them a toy that helps with mental stimulation

When your pet is sad, it is important to distract them with the things they love as much as you can! A new toy can often do the trick as it will help take their mind off of things and eventually make them feel better. A toy that will stimulate them mentally is a must to get their attention for hours! And when they eventually get used to playing with the toy they love everyday, they'll even get be happy!

Interactive toys likeWickedball - Interactive Pet Toyboth suitable for cats and dogs,Cheerble Mini Wickedball Interactive Cat Toyespecially made for cats, &Wickedbone - Smart & Interactive Dog Chewing Toy suitable for dogs might do the trick!

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4. Take them to the veterinarian

When you already tried lots of things to make your fur baby feel better yet they still refuse to eat and get active, then they might be physically ill. Sometimes pets are sad because they're not feeling well. If you think this might be the case for your pet, take them to the vet for a checkup. They may need medication or treatment that will help make them feel better. Your trusted vet will help you determine the best thing you need to do to ease your fur baby's sadness!

Here are the 5 Best 24-hour Vet Clinics in Singapore you can check to make your fur babies get the best care possible!

5. Build a new routine for them

The most common reason why your fur baby is feeling sad all of the sudden is because there had been a major change that happened into their life. The routine that they were used to doing was suddenly disrupted with a distressing event and your pet couldn't take it that well. This is why the key to making your pet happy again is to try doing and giving all the things your pet loves and slowly get them used to a new routine. Get them a new lifestyle that's more enjoyable than their old one as much as possible!  

6. Help them socialize with other pets

Pets usually stops socializing with other pets/people when they're feeling down. When this happens, you must help them be the happy sociable pup they used to be! Sometimes, all your precious pet needs is a little push and comfort from other pets! There are pets who would try to tug your pet's tail, give them gentle paws to get them moving, or even encourage them to run and play with them. Pets are sociable and usually doesn't want to be alone so letting other pets socialize with them can give them a little push to try playing and socializing again!

7. Get another pet they can play with

If your pet is sad because of a loss of another pet, then getting them a new companion can help them be happy again! But before you consider doing this, make sure to get them someone that would match with them well. Consider their personalities, likes, dislikes, environment where they both grew up, and their history (whether the new pet is already adopted before or rescued) or things might not work out well. Find them a companion that will bring back the joy they once have!

8. Never respond negatively to them

Pets tend to show negative behaviors when they are sad but never ever reciprocate negatively to them especially when you noticed that they're sad or the situation might get worse! Just as when humans are sad, we need to encourage them positively to make them come out and try to have some fun and move one, your pets needs that encouragement too! Be patient with them and show them unconditional love especially at times when they are feeling down. Never ever shout at them or even physically hurt them just because you're frustrated. Even undirected negative behavior done in the presence of a sad pet can make them even more sad and stress them out!

9. Reward all of their good behavior

When training a pet, we know by now that rewarding their good behavior will encourage them to repeat that behavior over and over again! At times when your pet is sad, little behaviors like them trying to get up and play, agreeing to go for a walk even just for a bit, and finishing their meals must be praised and rewarded! Help them get back to their cheerful self one step at a time!

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10. Take them to new places they might love

Helping your fur babies have new positive experiences will help them cope with the distressing events that happened to them! Take your pets to new places that you think they may love! This will also help them get to know new furry friends and even people who can help them ease the pain that they're feeling inside! If us humans go on vacations when we feel stressed, taking your fur babies to a new place might be the perfect distraction they need to bring back the joy they once had!

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Here are10 Effective Ways of Positive Reinforcement on Petsthat you can do for your pets!


The main takeaway to this is to just distract your fur baby from what they're feeling and help them find a new lifestyle. When your pets are down, do everything in your power to help them feel better! Observe your fur babies very carefully to solve how your fur baby's sadness will go away for good!

Share this with your fellow pet owners and you can also leave a comment down below your experiences when your pet is sad and how you helped them be happy again, we would also love to read them!

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