• $499.00$559.00


  • FREE Premium Tofu Cat Litter, Floormat, Freshener, & Waste Bag (Worth $60)

  • Singapore Version With Safety Mark

  • Time Saving Automatic Cat Litter Box - No More Manual Work, It does the work for you !

  • Automatically Shovel & One Touch Button To Empty All Cat Litter 

  • Wifi Model - Control anywhere,anytime with your phone(2.4ghz Only)

  • Compatible with All Types Of Clumping Cat Litters Including Tofu/Wood/Clay etc.

  • Safe & Reliable - 7 Safety Features To Protect Your Cat From Harm

  • Fuss-Free Cleaning & Washing

  • Cleanup Delay Setting - Support 1-60 mins delay setting

  • Do Not Disturb Mode

  • Trash Bin Full Notification

  • Deodorant Deodorization 

  • Small Size Yet Big Enough For Your Cats To Be In Comfortably 

1 Year Hardware Support + 2 Years Software Support

  • FAQ

Petree Automatic Cat Litter Box Gen 2 WIFI Model

Stop wasting time and money on manual litter boxes. The Petree Automatic Cat Litter Box is the perfect solution for busy cat parents!  You no longer need to manually shovel anymore,  Petree automatic cat litter box does all the work for you. It automatically shovels for you! ! An optional feature will be to connect to your house wifi! Get access to all the wonderful features like trash bin notification, checking the number of times your cats went to the toilet per day and many more! Make your life and your cats life easier, happier, more convenient, and save lots of time for yourself as well! One small small caveat : only suitable for cats weighing 1kg and cats that are older than 4 months! 

Automatically Shovel & One Touch Button To Empty All Cat Litter 

Looking for an effortless way to keep your kitty's litter box clean? Look no further than the Petree Automatic Cat Litter Box Gen 2 WIFI Model! This innovative product automatically shovels and removes all of the dirt, so you can focus on spending quality time with your furry friend. Plus, you can easily empty the cat litter using your mobile phone or double-clicking the cat litter box's button. Keep your home clean and your pet happy with this one-of-a-kind automatic cat litter box!

Control & Monitor Using Your Mobile Phone

*Optional Feature*  No matter where you are, as long as you have your mobile phone and a WIFI,  you can control and monitor Petree Automatic Cat Litter Box Gen 2 WIFI Model with our mobile app! You can control it according to your cat's toilet schedule or remotely control it quickly and easily to ensure your cat doesn't miss their toilet schedule! But do take note that this only supports 2.4G WIFI, not 5G WIFI.

Compatible with All Types Of Clumping Cat Litters & 

Fuss-Free Cleaning & Washing 

Petree Automatic Cat Litter Box Gen 2 WIFI Model is compatible with all types of clumping cat litters including tofu, wood, clay, bentonite, mixed, ore, etc. With its patented sieve plate design, all clumping cat litter is compatible and you can buy whatever clumping cat litter is the nearest and is available to your area. 

Petree Automatic Cat Litter Box Gen 2 WIFI Model's integrated design also makes cleaning and washing easier & faster! Disassembly and assembly is made extremely convenient. You can also wash all parts except the base.

7 Safety Features Built For Your Cats

The Petree Automatic Cat Litter Box Gen 2 WIFI Model has seven safety features built in to protect your cat while she uses the litter box. With layers of protection that monitor the status of the box at all times, you can rest assured knowing your kitty is safe and sound. Plus, this litter box is wifi enabled so you can keep an eye on her from anywhere!

Other Features

1. Trash Bin Full Reminder

When the trash bin is full, a notification will be sent to your mobile phone. No more constant checking to ensure the trash bin isn't full yet.

2. Cleanup Delay Setting

This setting supports 1-60 minutes delay setting.

3. Do Not Disturb Mode

4. Deodorant Deodorization

5. Light & Sound Prompt Setting

A light or sound prompt is turned on by default to ensure that you will always be reminded of what's needed to know. This setting can be turned off. 

Small Size But Big Enough For Your Cats To Be In Comfortably

A lot of automatic cat litter boxes can be take up a lot of space but Petree Automatic Cat Litter Box Gen 2 WIFI Model one is designed to take minimal space as possible but still ensures that your cat can fit inside comfortably. It can even accommodate cats up to 8kg! No need to worry about losing too much space inside your house! Petree Automatic Cat Litter Box Gen 2 WIFI Model is also designed to fit in a home environment and for your cat's convenience as well!

People Usually Ask

1. Why did it failed to connect to the APP?

1. Make sure to connect in an environment covered with WIFI.
2. Device only supports 2.4GHz WIFI.
3. Long press the host button for 3 seconds to ensure that it is in the state of network configuration.

2. Why does the device start running as soon as it is powered on?

After power-on, the device will enter the self-check program, which is a normal phenomenon. It can be used normally after the self-check program is completed.

3. Why does the ball cage suddenly stop rotating during operation? 

When  the equipment starts to run, each sensor starts to enter the monitoring state. When it detects that an object approaches or enters the ball compartment, it will immediately stop running, and will resume running after the safety time is over. 

4. The collection bin is not full, but the indicator light and APP indicate that it is full?

There is a set of through-beam sensors on the top of the collection bin to detect whether it is full. When this happens, please check whether there is a raised edge at the edge of the garbage bag and the collection bin that blocks the sensor. If it has been flattened, please contact customer service.

5. What should I do if the cat is unwilling to use the new litter box?

If the cat is more vigilant, you can place the device on the side of the old litter box for a period of time, and pour some old cat litter with the cat's own smell into the new litter box. The familiar smell can also let the cat adapt faster.

6. Is it dangerous for the cats to enter when the ball cage is rotating?

If a cat enters the ball compartment during rotation, the monitoring sensor will be triggered immediately, the ball compartment will stop rotating immediately, and the device will resume operation after the cat has left for a period of time, so there is no need to worry about danger. 

7. How often do I need to empty the collection bin?

Roughly about 7 days to 10 days

8. My kitty is about 7 kg. Is she able to use the Petree Gen 2 Cat Litter Machine?

Yes! As long as it is 4 months old and above. Minimum 1kg , maximum 8kg.

5 Steps Easy Transition Guide To Petree Cat Litter Box

1. Introducing Petree Gen 2 Cat Litter Box 

Bring the new automatic litter box to the cat, take the litter pan out and let the cat sniff and examine. Cats are curious creatures. They always want to know if something will cause danger or not. If you take the litter box to them, you minimize the fear and they will soon realize there’s nothing to be scared of. It will take time and encouragement for the cat to know that it is a litter box, so bear with them.

2. Get Comfy 

Place the new litter box next to the old one for a few days. Don’t plug it in or turn it on. The main reason here is to make the cat feel comfortable around it, most importantly, for the cat to examine and investigate it further. Wait till your cat no longer cares about the new litter box or they consistently use the old litter box without any problem.

3. Start Trying

 Run the Self-cleaning litter box. At this moment, your cat should not be bothered or troubled by the presence of the self-cleaning box. Next, you will want to run the box two to three times per day. This will help your little kitty get comfortable with the sound coming from the litter box (some boxes are louder than others). At first, the noise might scare them, so it shouldn’t surprise you. Eventually, they will get used to it.

4. Add Cat Litter

After your cat is comfortable with the sound, add the cat litter to the litter box. When you do so, don’t run the self-cleaning function.

5. Get Use To It

 Turn the self-cleaning function on every time your cat uses the automated box, make sure to praise them. Doing so will make the cat associate using the new cat litter box with a pleasant experience. Now is the time to turn the self-cleaning function and observe your cat for some time. During this period, don’t remove the old litter box. Only if your cat manages to use the new litter box for several weeks, you can then remove the old litter box.


Automatic Cat Litter Box Feature Comparison

PETREE Automatic Cat Litter Box WIFI Model Gen 1 Model

PETREE Automatic Cat Litter Box Gen 2 WIFI Model

Retail Price



Cat Litter Compatibility

clumping clay/sand only

All types of cat litters including tofu, wood, clay, corn, pine, etc.


63.5x58.42x53.34 (cm)

52x52x64 (cm)

Time taken before changing

cat litter

3-4 days

7-11 days

Trash Limit



Trash Bin Position

Back Trash Bin 

Bottom Trash Bin (more convenient)

One Touch Button to Empty

All Cat Litter

Deodorant Deodorization

Mobile App Control

Trash Bin Full Notification

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Doreen Yeo
Petree automatic cat litter box

This is so convenient. I have 2 cats and no need for me to check on the litter box before I leave the house in the morning!

Fantastic product

Really great to have this now. Been very helpful.
Suggestions for improvement:
1) perhaps make a stair of some sort to attach at front of opening. Make this available as an add-on option for less agile cats.
2) perhaps make the mark for the MAX line inside machine a little more apparent. Now it’s hardly visible.
3) perhaps you can come up with some cleaning tools for user to clean the inside a little easier. Like a small wiper of some sort. Make this an option.
4) pls make the mat with less slippery material and make it less bumpy on top.
Thank you

Didi Soffian

We don’t have to clear our cats poo. Easy to use.

Ayu Mahmood (Singapore)

Awesome product. The house no longer smells. But the poop sometimes get stucked which causes the machine to stopped working. Probably my kitts entered while it was cleaning. But overall im very satisfied with the product.

Fiieza M (Singapore)
A good investement

We bought this cause both of us a shift workers therefore there will be a time my cat will be home alone. It is definitely a good investement as we can monitor the cat's usage on the app and help us by clearing their waste immediately.