7 Pet Taxis You Must Try in Singapore (and tips on preparing your pet for a ride)

7 Pet Taxis You Must Try in Singapore (and tips on preparing your pet for a ride)

Pet Taxis are specially made for pets and they've been around helping pet owners move here and there in Singapore since the 1990s! Whether it’s a ride to the vet, dog runs, grooming shops, pet cafes, pet schools, or you just wanna head outdoors, pet taxis offer comfortable, safe, relaxed and stress-free experience for you and your pets.


Why choose a pet taxi?

  • It’s a better alternative if you don’t have a car or if you’re unable to drive.
  • It guarantees transport. Regular taxis or hail apps can reject your ride since not all drivers would want to deal with shedding fur and toilet accidents. Public transportation like buses and trains are not even options.
  • Vehicles are outfitted to cater to your pet’s needs. Special equipments such as seat covers and carriers are provided by some pet taxi services.
  • Driver is pet-friendly. Usually, pet taxi drivers are pet owners or pet lovers themselves and they know how to deal with animals.
  • It may be pricey but you’re getting your money’s worth.


Uncle Loo and Pets

Photo credit: Uncle Loo and Pets

If you ask around for a highly-recommended pet taxi, it’s likely that they will mention Uncle Loo. Their FB page is showered with positive feedback from satisfied and happy pet owners. Uncle Loo makes sure that every pet has their own backseat, especially for large breed dogs. But if you prefer to sit with your pet, it’s fine too. They make sure hygiene is a top priority so every backseat cover is washed every use and they have extra covers in case of emergencies. Be reminded that Uncle Loo doesn’t have a child seat so no child is allowed during the ride.

Rates are not disclosed so best to contact them for the prices. Booking is first come, first served and early booking is encouraged.

Contact Uncle Loo and Pets
Email happyboy@cutehappydog.com
Call 86537778


LuckyPetstyle Transport

Photo credit: LuckyPetstyle Transport

Started in 2016 with a passion for animals, LuckyPetstyle has been around not just for pet transport services but for pet accessories, pet sitting and delivery needs as well. Their 7-seater van is spacious, which is a plus for large dog breeds and allows freedom to stretch, sleep, and sit comfortably. Based on Facebook reviews, long-time customers and regular pet owners recommend LuckyPetstyle for its punctual, friendly and patient driver. One of the customers who has an immobile dog mentioned that the driver was very careful and made sure that the dog is comfortable throughout the ride.

Contact LuckyPetstyle Transport
Email luckypetstyle@gmail.com
Call 9146 1455


Fourkids Family Pet Taxi

Photo credit: Fourkids Family Pet Taxi

Fourkids Family Pet Taxi has transported numerous pets in different destinations since 2015. What you’ll like about their service is they’re always open for your transport needs. 

They offer two flat-rate services:

  • Pet Taxi
    $50/trip · 30 mins
    Flat rate regardless of distance not inclusive of ERP charges if any.
  • Package (6 mth validity)
    Duration Varies
    $450 for 10 trips (9.30-4.30pm) $600 for 10 trips (anytime, anyday)

Contact Fourkids Family Pet Taxi
Email thefourkidsfamily@gmail.com
Call 9791 8209


SG Pet taxi

Photo credit: SG Pet taxi 

Probably one of the oldest and most highly recommended in pet transport service is SG Pet Taxi. They’ve been around since 2007! Now, they offer services such as chauffeur, butler, animal reiki and animal communications. They offer a flat-rate fee for all trips and bookings are required except for emergencies.


  • One-way trip: SGD70 
  • Emergencies: SGD80+ per single trip

Contact SG Pet taxi
Whatsapp/Call 9766 6765
Email: sgpettaxi@hotmail.com


Farty Pet Transport Services

Photo credit: Farty Pet Transport Services

Farty Pet Transport Services is highly recommended if you need more space for your large breed dogs or if you’re bringing several pets with you. Whether it’s a trip to the vet, mall or a weekend getaway, they are one call away! If you don’t have carriers with you, they can provide one for your ease of mind. They use Virkon disinfectant for protection against viruses and bacteria and you’re assured that you and your pet is taken care of hygiene-wise. Another bonus is they are passionate in helping animals who are lost, sick or injured. So aside from the pet transport services, they also offer TNR for dogs.


  • One way: $35 one way
  • Two ways: $60
  • Trapping: $300 · Duration Varies

For weekend galore, booking 1 week in advanced is advisable.

Contact Farty Pet Transport Services
Call 9091 8909
Email fartypettransport@gmail.com



Photo credit: Grab Philippines


GrabPet costs more than regular Grab rides but it assures you that no driver will cancel on you for bringing a pet. According to their website, their GrabPet drivers are certified in pet-handling and trained to transport pets comfortably and safely. Another thing, premium is included to the ride, insurance is covered and the car is specialised with pet-friendly seat covers. They allow any household pets except for birds. 

Screengrab from GrabPet Singapore


Rate starts at $14 

Max capacity:

  • 2 medium pets or 1 large pet per ride
  • 2 persons can ride with your pets (the driver can allow extra passengers at their discretion)

If your pet soils the car, Grab advises to offer cleaning fee and exchange contact details to make arrangements with the driver.



Photo credit: RydePet Singapore

RydePet is a pet-friendly carpooling option where you can ride with 2 medium pets OR 1 large pet. You can bring any common household pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, hamsters, birds in cages and fish in bowls or plastic bags. Any other arrangements are at the driver’s discretion. If your pet soils the car, a cleaning fee of up to $70 will be charged. No insurance is covered for the pets.


Tips on preparing your pet for a ride

1. Make sure that your pet wears a collared ID or tag with your contact details.

2. Invest in a pet safety belt to clip into the harness to keep your pet safe and securely strapped in with the seat belt.

3. Pet booster seat is helpful when you’re carrying a smaller dog. It’s water-proof so you don’t have to worry about toilet accidents or carrying your dog covered in mud inside your car.

4. If you have a dog with car sickness or weak bladders, getting a seat cover may be useful. This is a hammock-style cover that also help your seats clean and free from fur.

5. When you have a medium to large dogs, it’s ideal to carry them in a crate inside an SUV for more safety.

6. While not all riders go the extra mile with offering hygiene products, it’s still safe to bring your own sanitary must-haves such as tissues, poo bags, diapers, pet-friendly cleaning spray, hand sanitiser or hand wipes, paw washer and towels.


Which of these transport services have you tried? What would you recommend? Leave your stories in the comment section below :-)




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