5 Best 24-hour Vet Clinics in Singapore

5 Best 24-hour Vet Clinics in Singapore
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Emergencies can happen all the time and unfortunately, it is something that we can’t predict! As a pet owners, we should be prepared for these emergencies, and choosing the right veterinarian clinic can help save your fur babies’ life! And isn’t it comforting knowing that you already know a lot of information about the vet clinic you will choose to bring your pet for emergency operates? You’ll surely be at ease knowing that your pet is in good hands!

The last thing we want to be when emergency pet care is needed is to be helpless. Instead of panicking as to where the nearest vet clinic that’s open is when emergencies happen, here’s a list of the best 24-hour vet clinics in Singapore that you can rely on:


1. Stars Veterinary Clinic Pte Ltd

Image From: Stars Veterinary Clinic Pte Ltd Facebook Page

Stars Veterinary Clinic opened in the month of September 2014 with the aim of catering to the needs of animals to the best of their ability, be it treating a pet in need of medical attention, to equipping one with the range of preventative healthcare measures that they offer. They utilize state-of-the-art technology for speedier and more accurate diagnoses.

Address: Block 211 Hougang Street 21, #01-301, Singapore 530211
Telephone: 6280 9880
Facebook: Stars Veterinary Clinic Pte Ltd
Instagram: @starsveterinary
Website: http://starsveterinaryclinic.com

Client Testimonial:
"The vet takes precaution and make sure that my dog has the best treatment!" -Leroy Tang, Owner of a Golden Retriever


2. Advanced VetCare

Image From: Advanced VetCare Facebook Page

The health of your furry babies is always the top priority of Advanced PetCare. As pet owners themselves, they're a team of vets in Singapore that completely understand the light and joy that their companions bring into their lives. All they want is the best for our pets to be happy, healthy and loved. 

Address: 18 Jalan Pari Burong, Picardy Gardens, Singapore 488684
Telephone: 6697 5322
Facebook: Advanced VetCare
Instagram: @advancedvetcaresg
Website: https://www.advancedvetcare.sg

Client Testimonial:
“Very appreciative to all the doctors and nurses here! Especially thankful to Dr Woo and all the nurses (Day & Midnight). The staff are very attentive, understanding and compassionate. Tobi is recovering well thanks to their care.” – Alex Zoei


3. The Pet Doctors Veterinary Clinic

Image From: The Pet Doctors Veterinary Clinic Facebook Page

At The Pet Doctors, they treat a wide range of animals such as dogs, cats, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas as well as birds, turtles, tortoises, aquatic freshwater, marine companions, exotics, and wildlife. Aside from using the latest diagnostics, they firmly believe that the key to a pet's healing process is delicate care and attention to every detail. Every animal that enters the clinic is treated with respect and the utmost empathy.


 Address: 3 Pandan Valley, #01-311 Chempaka Block, Pandan Valley Condominium, Singapore 597627

Telephone: 6438 7779
Facebook: The Pet Doctors Veterinary Clinic
Website: https://www.petdoctors.com.sg/

Client Testimonial:“Thanks heaps to Dr Vish and all the staff at The Pet Doctors Veterinary for attending to my call for my kitty Tomi whose mouth was bleeding. The clinic was supposed to close at 1.30pm as it was Christmas Eve but Dr Vish was kind enough to see my boy. Vet with a big heart.” –Kikki Tomi


4. Companion Animal Surgery

Image From: Companion Animal Surgery Facebook Page

Companion Animal Surgery was established by Dr. Shane Ryan back in 1989, which makes it one of the oldest veterinary centers in Singapore. It has grown from a single veterinarian practice to a nine veterinarian strong full-service 24-hour facility. They pride themselves on maintaining high standards and also the service they provide.

Address: 12 Boon Teck Road Singapore 329586
Telephone: 6355 7950
Facebook: Companion Animal Surgery
Instagram: @companionsingapore
Website: http://www.comvet.com/

Client Testimonial:
"Always in the good hands of Dr. Miles McNickle; another mini holiday spent on this mini schnauzer, but it’s a small price to pay for a happy and healthy ‘puppy’" -@lychee_boy on instagram


5. Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group (Gelenggang)

Image From: Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group Facebook Page

Mount Pleasant Vet Centre (Gelenggang) was established in 2008 to provide a full range of diagnostic, medical and surgical referral services. The focus of their healthcare team is the management and treatment of patients who require advanced and intensive care. They're committed to improving the quality of life for pets with chronic and debilitating conditions through palliative care as well as client education and support. This clinic is right behind Sembawang Hills Food Centre.

Address: 2, Jalan Gelenggang, Singapore 578187
Telephone: 6251 7666
Facebook: Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group
Instagram: @mountpleasantvetgroup
Website: http://www.mountpleasant.com.sg/gelenggang/ 

Client Testimonial:
"Today, King completed his chemo modified CHOP protocol round 2! Long may he remain in remission again! Thank you to Dr Jeenise and all the wonderful team at Mount Pleasant Jalan Gellengang, King’s second home!" -@greenwood_doodles_sg on instagram



As a pet owner, we should always be ready for our pet's emergency care and do our best to be knowledgeable so we can save their life! Knowing which vet clinic is best to bring your fur baby when they need it is essential! Vets would love to serve as much as they can so don't hesitate to give them a call even with the slightest symptom your pet may have. We'll never know when it would occur and how serious it will be, but isn't it less worrying when you know that you are ready for it? And always remember that early detection is better than a long treatment so hurry and get the knowledge that you need as much as you can!

Feel free to share this with your fellow pet owner friends who might need this information right now! You can also leave a comment down below about your vet clinics and recommend to help other pet owners, we would also love to read them!

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