7 Best New Year Resolutions for Pet Owners This 2022 & How to Keep Them Throughout the Year

7 Best New Year Resolutions for Pet Owners This 2022 & How to Keep Them Throughout the Year

Start this year by making new year resolutions to help your pet live a healthier and a happier life!

Many of us make new year resolutions to better ourselves in some way. We may already be in the middle of January but it is certainly not too late to start some new year resolutions! This year, why not make a resolution for your pet as well? Pets are a huge part of our lives and they deserve to have the best year possible too. Here are 7 new year resolutions to help your precious pets have a happy and healthy 2022:  

1. Walk your pets, play with them, & exercise with them daily

Getting up and going for a morning or evening walk, playing with your pets for a few extra hours after work, taking them along on errands- these are all ways to get some extra exercise in with your fur babies. Walking your pets is one of the best things you can do for both you and them! Not only does it get you moving, but it also provides your pet with much-needed exercise and socialization. So, be sure to take your pets for walks every day (or, at the very least, every other day). And don't forget to incorporate plenty of playtime into their routine as well. Check out our blog article 7 Outdoor Activities to Try with your Pet to learn more!

Playing with pets can also provide a number of health benefits. Pets can provide us with companionship, love, and support. It can also help to reduce stress and anxiety, help to improve our moods and help us to stay active, and improve our overall physical health. The benefits of playing with pets are not only important for adults. Playing with pets can also provide a number of health benefits for children. It can benefit children in numerous ways, including helping to support their physical health and fitness, supporting their mental well-being, and providing them with companionship.

Playing with your pet is great fun for both you and your dog! It's always nice when your precious pets enjoy playtime as much as we do! This will also keep everyone happy and healthy! Plus, it's a great way to spend some quality time together.

2. Save for your pet's future

One way to make sure your pet has a comfortable future is to save money for them. You can do this in a variety of ways, but the most important thing is to start as soon as possible. You can begin by setting aside a small amount of money each month to save for your pet's future. Another option is to invest in a pet savings account or mutual fund. This will help your pet's money grow over time. CHeck out our blog article 7 Tips You Can Do If You Can't Afford Vet Care in Singapore to learn more!

There will also come a time when you will eventually need health insurance for your pet. It could be due to an accident or illness; whatever the reason, pet insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that your precious pets are well taken care of. It can reduce the stress associated with a pet’s illness or accident. It will be much easier for you to focus on your pet’s recovery and not have to worry about how you will cover medical bills. You won’t have to make difficult decisions based on what you can afford, such as choosing between veterinary care and paying other bills.

In an emergency, pet insurance allows people to have the freedom to make decisions using their hearts rather than their wallets, allowing them to focus on what is most essential - the health and well-being of their pet. Having this peace of mind enables you to provide the best possible care for your pet. Pet insurance can also help owners save money and avoid making hasty judgments about a pet's health based on finances. It may significantly cut veterinarian care costs for everything from sicknesses to accidents to hereditary and chronic illnesses. Check out our blog articleA guide to pet insurance in Singapore!to learn more!

Whatever you do, make sure you start saving as soon as possible so your pet can have a comfortable future.

3. Learn more about pet safety

Learning how to protect your precious pets from any danger is a must new year's resolution! When it comes to pet safety, there are a few key things that every pet owner should know. The most important thing is to be prepared for any kind of emergency. This includes having a first-aid kit for your pet, knowing how to perform CPR on your pet, and knowing how to treat common injuries and emergencies. Check out our blog articles Basic first aid for pets that every pet owners should know! & Free Pet First Aid Tutorials You Should Learn Today to learn more!

Another important aspect of pet safety is understanding how to keep your pet safe in different kinds of situations. For example, you should never leave your pet in the car during hot weather, and you should always keep an eye on your pet when they're out in the yard. You should also make sure that your pet is properly restrained in the car while you're driving.

It's also important to watch your fur babies if you decide to bring them along to your adventures! For example, they can fall overboard when you're boating or fishing, they can get lost in the lake or ocean while swimming, and many pets are at risk of drowning. You should always keep your pet on a leash when you're out in the wilderness, and consider bringing boots made for pets with you to protect their paws from hot sand or sharp rocks.

Finally, another mistake pet owners make is to leave their pet alone in the car! Even if it is only 20 degrees outside, it can get extremely hot in a parked car in just minutes! Make sure to bring along water for them even if they'll be joining you outside - just make sure to stop every hour or so to give them a drink. If possible, leave their special travel bowls behind since they may leak.

Pets face these dangers every day without complaint, but it's up to us as their guardians to keep them safe from harm. Because if we don't do our best to protect them, then who will?

4. Get your pet vaccinated and dewormed on time

It is important to get your precious pets vaccinated and dewormed on time in order to protect them from diseases. Pets that are not vaccinated and dewormed are at a higher risk of getting sick and can even die. Puppies and kittens before four months of age often have a weaker immune system so they are more susceptible to diseases. They can catch diseases from other animals and even by coming into contact with fleas that carry the disease. You should also watch out for parasitic diseases because they spread quickly and could be fatal if your pet is not protected.

Pet vaccinations against other diseases like distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, leptospirosis, and kennel cough should also be up-to-date. A regular deworming schedule is advisable to protect your pet against parasites like roundworms and tapeworms which may lead to intestinal blockage, diarrhea, vomiting, or anemia if left untreated. Our fur babies are important to us and they give us company and make life more enjoyable. However, in order for pets to be healthy, it is important that owners also take responsibility for ensuring their wellness. You should save your veterinarian's number in case you need to get in touch with them, especially if your pet becomes sick. 

5. Feed your pets with a healthier diet

When it comes to feeding your pet a healthier diet, there are some things you should keep in mind. Pets need a balanced diet just like humans do, and that includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. You should also avoid feeding your pet processed foods, as they can often be high in sugar, fat, and sodium.

Pet owners should be wary of what they feed their pets because new research has just discovered that not only can obesity affect humans, but extends to pets as well. Owners often notice when their pets gain weight but they don't necessarily realize it means they are overweight - they might just think that's the norm. In humans, this would be like a person weighing 150 kg thinking they are normal.

Pet foods are not all created equally. Unfortunately, there are also companies that produce low-quality pet food that can be detrimental to your pet's health which is why it is important to consult your veterinarian about your pet's diet (not to mention that all pets are unique). While some pets do well eating the same food every day, others may need to eat different foods at different times in their lives. You should always make an effort to measure your pet’s food when you feed them. This can help prevent common problems such as dehydration, malnutrition, digestive upset, and obesity.

If your pet needs special dietary requirements or restrictions (e.g., low fat, prescription renal diets), they will require more careful monitoring than normal so that you know how much they getting each day. Some pets eat more than others of the same size. A cat is a good example, as they tend to be much smaller than dogs but still require about the same amount of daily energy from their food. So it's important that you measure out all your fur babies’ food every time they eat.

6. Keep up on all of your pet's vet visits

Most of us love our pets and want nothing more than to provide them with the best care possible. It can be difficult on a budget though, so it's important that pet owners prioritize their expenditures. One of the most critical investments in your pet's health is having him or she regularly vaccinated.

A veterinarian will typically recommend vaccines for dogs and cats depending on what sort of exposure they may have to disease-carrying organisms. Considerations such as where your pet lives (rural area vs urban area), how they spend their time (indoors vs outdoors), lifestyle factors (if there are children in the home if they spend time with other pets), and even travel habits will all impact which vaccines your pet should take.

In the course of your precious pet's life, you will probably have to take them to see a veterinarian on numerous occasions. Taking time out from your busy schedule is not only important for the health of your pet, but it helps strengthen the bond between you and your pet. Regular check-ups can help detect health problems early on in their development which means more effective treatment and a better chance at survival for your fur babies!

7 . Consistent grooming time

If you own a pet, your life is going to be a little bit more complicated. While not all pets take grooming very seriously, some do – and it can make or break the bond between you and your pet.

Clipping their nails gives them better traction on floors and prevents long-term problems from being able to dig in with their feet. By keeping this part of your routine up, you should be able to prevent other issues such as broken claws and accidents caused by slipping around faster turns!

Brushing your pet takes very little time, and it can go a long way. Not only does brushing your pet's coat help keep their skin clean, preventing issues such as dandruff, but it also stimulates the growth of natural oils that keep their coats shiny and healthy looking! Also, by removing all that excess fur that comes with the brush, you are not only saving yourself work during shedding season (which is almost always), but you are also keeping your house cleaner by limiting how much hair gets spread around all over the place! Check our blog article How to Groom your Pet at Home and 4 Pet Gadgets That Will Help You Groom Your Pet Much Easier to learn more!

Make sure to give them a bath every so often especially for dogs. Like humans, dogs get dirty too and need good hygiene just like their owners. Of course, you don't need to bathe your dog every other day or anything like that; try to keep it up at least once per month or so. When choosing a shampoo for your furry friend, be sure to select something that will not irritate their skin, but rather just clean them up! Cats on the other hand are different in terms of bathing time due to how fastidious they tend to be. If you notice that your cat needs a bath (they may do this when they are sick), then feel free to use an all-natural shampoo that was designed specifically for cats.

Pets also need dental care just as much as humans do, but most people don't think about taking their pets to see a veterinarian for routine checkups until there is a problem. This is usually because they assume that it is not necessary, especially if they cannot find any symptoms of illness or pain. However, this negligence can lead to costly veterinary bills and even the loss of a beloved pet. Your fur babies' health and happiness depend on regular professional cleanings at the vet's office, so take him or her in every six months for this important preventive procedure. Regular cleanings will help reveal warning signs early on your pet gets sick. Check out our blog article 6 Tips to Improve Your Pet’s Dental Health to learn more!

Organizing your pet grooming time takes a little bit of preparation, but it has so many benefits for both you and your furry babies!

How to keep these new year resolutions throughout the year?

Start by setting goals for yourself, and stick to them! Having clear goals in mind will help keep you on track with your resolutions. Celebrate small milestones because getting there is half the fun! Each time you achieve something small it should act as motivation to give you that push to reach bigger goals down the road.
Don't focus too much on what could go wrong; instead, think about all of the wonderful things that can happen if you just put in a little extra effort! If at first, you don't succeed, try again (and again) until you find success! With so many new year resolutions being made each year it's important not to be discouraged if one doesn't work out right away.

Keep working towards your goal until you are able to achieve it! Don't focus too much on the small things; keep your eyes on the prize! If you are constantly worried about something small, then it can easily derail everything else that you have set out to do in the new year.

Finally, make sure to create a support system for yourself because sharing happiness is what friends are for! Having someone there by your side will help keep things positive and maintain your momentum throughout the year!


While we cannot predict what will happen over the next eight years (let alone any further than that), one thing can always remain constant: commitment to your pet's health and well-being. It's true when they say pets are like members of our family; our fur babies can make us laugh, amuse us when we're bored, and keep us company in moments where we would otherwise feel lonely or isolated. So be sure to show your precious pets some love and affection throughout 2022 and beyond by keeping these 7 resolutions! It will help your pet live a healthier life in 2022 and your precious pets will surely love the attention! However, make sure to speak with a veterinarian before making any changes in your pet's diet, exercise routine, or vaccination schedule. 

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