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  • Auto Or Manual Treat Dispenser - Use a timer to give your pet a mid-day snack (4 to 17mm), or just treat by logging into the app

  • HD Camera & Night Vision - 1080p Full HD Pet Camera with 4x zoom and night vision, you will be able to see your pet clearly day and night, record and replay high-quality images or video.

  • 2-Way Audio - You can talk to your pet when it is anxious, and comfort it by dispensing its’ favourite treats

  • Motion Detection - Notifies you when your pet is moving around, so you can login via the app and talk to it

  • 8 People Login & Watch Video

  • TF Recording (Card not included)

  • 1 Year Local Seller Warranty

Important notes:

The firmware is updated regularly, please update the device firmware to the latest version periodically. If you encounter any problems please get technical support through the app’s help box.


Skymee Petalk AI II Pet Camera Automatic Pet Treats Dispenser

Suitable for both dogs and cats

Skymee Petalk AI II Pet Camera Product Features

Higher-definition camera with 4 resolution options.

Clearer microphone with lesser background noise.

Wider field of vision with 180° rotation pan.

Night vision with auto & manual turns on/off.

 Infrared LED Night Vision

Two-way audio, let your presence be felt by your pet

Photo and Video, one-click sharing

Real-time video, history recording

Smart motion detector tells you when your pet is moving around at home

Comes with night vision camera for more visibility when you are working late

You can interact with your pet

Suitable for different treat sizes and can be used as a wireless charger

4 Simple Steps To Set Up

1.  Power on the device (Type-C USB cable) and download Skymee App.

2.  Open the Skymee app and register an account. Hold the SET button for 5s.

3.  Add the Petalk AI II device and enter your WIFI password correctly.

4.  Show the QR code on your phone to the camera. Keep a small distance (about 5-10cm). When you hear the “beep” sound, click Next and you’re all set to go!

Multi-User Access: Shared Joy is Double Joy

You can log in to your app account on other people’s mobile phones, or, you can share access to the owl robot with your family members. This allows anyone to play with your pet while you are away.

How To Connect With Other Phones?

After you connect your phone to Owl Robot under Wifi, set up a password for your app account via My Account > Security > Set Password.

Your family and friends can log in to your account on their phones by entering the password you provided. 

Advanced Privacy Protection

When someone has signed into your account,  the Skymee device light will turn blue. This indicates that there are people watching through the camera.

To revoke access,  just change your account password and others will not be able to log in.


Camera: 1080P Full HD with 4 Resolutions

Range: 180° Rotation Pan & 4X Zoom

Modes: App Manual Control / Auto Treat Dispenser / Manual Feed Button

Input: Type-C USB Cable

Dimensions: 15cm x 15cm x 27cm (H)

Weight: 1.2kg 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Cynthia Lee (Singapore)

Excellent product at reasonable price

Dear customer, thanks for the kind feedback!

Prakash (Singapore)
Brilliant invention!!

Keeps us pet-owners a peace of mind as we can talk to our furry friend from far away!! And even feed a treat! Thanks again for a wonderful device!

Dear customer, thanks for the great feedback!

Eve.T (Singapore)
Great gift for dogs

Bought it for my dog birthday and wasn’t dissapointed

Dear customer, thanks for the great feedback! Glad that you liked it

C.J (Singapore)
Price reasonable okay purchase

Got it during promotion and so far so good. Shipping was pretty fast

Dear customer, thanks for the great feedback!

June (Singapore)
Alternative to furbo pet camera

This is exactly what a Furbo pet camera does, but different brand. Super fun to play with. Can be better if seller can recommend what type of pet treats
are suitable to put in. In the end Holistic pet treats works the best for me.

Dear customer, thanks for the great feedback!