SmartPaw - Smart Pet Camera - SmartPaw
SmartPaw - Smart Pet Camera - SmartPaw
SmartPaw - Smart Pet Camera - SmartPaw

    SmartPaw - Smart Pet Camera

    $69.90 $79.90

    pets Auto Tracking Pet Camera

    • 1 Year Local Warranty
    • Shipping 2-3 Working Days
    • Check in on your pets anywhere,anytime
    • Auto Tracking Of Your Pets
    • High Quality Resolution 1980 x 1080
    • 2 way audio for you to communicate with your pet
    • Night vision to check in on your pet even in the dark
    • Able to share the camera up to 5 different users
    • Recording via cloud(free trial 1 month) /microsd card

    Smart Pet Camera For All Pet Owners

    Need an INSTANT solution before heading out for your last-minute overseas trip? 

    Introducing Smartpaw's pet camera, with this you can always check in on your pet from anywhere, anytime.


    Smartpaw Pet Camera 6 great features

    Automatically Track Your Pet's Movement 


    Never miss a moment with our Pet Camera

    Get close to your pet even when you are far away from your home with our pet camera. It comes with an FHD resolution, 1980 x 1080 enabling you to see everything in beautiful color and clarity with this pet camera. This 110°C wide angle pet camera also comes with a pan-tilt horizontal 355 degrees and vertical 90 degrees which covered most of the angles in your house. It helps you to keep a close eye on your lovely dogs and cats when you no one is at home. 

    Pet Camera shot at home

    Heart to heart talk with your pet

    Just kidding, our latest pet camera comes with an inbuilt microphone and speaker providing real-time two-way communication. Comfort them when you're away by talking to them can make a huge difference for some pets! It gives them that extra sense of comfort. This is extremely useful for pets that suffered from separation anxiety. 

    Pet Camera 2 Way audio function

    Bond with your pet even in the DARK

    Always working late and have no idea what is your pet doing alone at home? Fret free, our pet camera is equipped with night vision and smart IR-Cut filter making the video sharp and crisp even at night!

    Pet camera night vision function


    SmartPaw - Smart Pet Camera - Multi Platform


    All Android and Apple users are able to use this pet camera, you can even access it using your Windows computer. Also, with our recent update, different users can log in at the same time and support up to 5 users.

    Dual Storage

    SmartPaw - Smart Pet Camera - Storage

    This pet camera is capable of both cloud storage and microSD storage. For new users, there will be a free 1 month Amazon cloud storage. MicroSD storage can save up to 128 GB, the usage will greatly depend on the resolution quality. The better the quality, the more space it required.


    Connection: 2.4GHZ during set up 
    Core Chipset 8135S+1045
    Resolution 1080P FHD images, resolution up to 1920X1080
    Dual IR-CUT Filter auto switch, 11xΦ5EA LED, 10m IR
    Lens f=3.6mm, F=2.0, Fixed Iris
    Pan & Tilt Horizontal 355 degree, vertical 90 degree
    Audio Input 1CH built-in 38dB microphone Audio Output Built-in speaker (8ohm2W)
    Dimensions (L x W x D)(mm):11*7*8cm

    Packing List

    1 Year Local Warranty
    1 * Camera
    1 * Bracket 
    1 * Power supply
    1 * Manual 


    Pet Camera Installation Guide & FAQ

    Setup Notice
    - Please turn on your WIFI connection on your mobile device and connect only to the 2.4ghz channel before setup. (5Ghz wireless channel will not work)If you have a dual-band router, be sure to segregate 2.4ghz and 5ghz channels and connect the camera to the 2.4ghz channel
    - Make sure the router is stable and place IP Camera close to your router is recommended for your first setup.

    1. Download and Install YCC365 APP

    Pet Camera Installation Guide Android and Apple Store
    Please scan QR code or search YCC365 in either Playstore/App store depending on your phone.

    2. Connect the Pet Camera
    a. Go to YCC365 APP and register your user id (email address is recommended)
    b. Add new device
    - Choose Add Intelligent Camera>You have 3 ways to connect this device
    - Add new device via QR Code/ Wireless Connection/ Lan Cable as shown below. Connect using QR Code is the easiest and recommended method.

    Pet Camera simple installation guide

    3) Reset Mode
    If you are unable to connect, please reset the pet camera. The reset button is at the bottom of the device, use a needle to press the button for about 5 seconds, you should hear a "di" sound. This reset button will erase all user settings including wifi information, password etc. After that, try to connect again.

    4)Security: The server is hosted by Amazon cloud, US-EU Safe Harbor, certified in safety.


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