Cats are mostly independent, but knowing how they want to be loved will make them bond with you!

Planning to have a date with your precious kitties this coming Valentine's day? Before you plan, are you sure you're showing the right kind of love your cat wants to receive? There are few things in this world as independent and self-sufficient as a cat. A cat will go about its business, taking care of itself, without any need for help from others - except, of course, when it comes to food. Even the most aloof cat will eventually come around when it's time to eat.

But what about love? Surely cats need love too, right? Cats may look independent and might love being alone, but the truth is, they want to receive love from you as well. You just have to discover in what form does your cat wants to receive and give love as well! Well, believe it or not, cats do have a way of communicating their love for us. It just may not be in the way that we expect.  Understanding their love language is the first step in breaking down this communication barrier between you and your cat!

Check out these five cat love languages and know what it means so you can make sure you give the right kind of love that suits your kitty the most and know when they are showing their love as well:  

5 Cat Love Languages & What It Means:

1. Physical Touch

Cats with this love language are obviously clingy! Some cats doesn't want to be touched, but cats like these will surely love for you to pet them or even hug them! The best way to show that love for them is through physical touch! You can snuggle up with your kitty while watching T.V. and even give them massages or try giving belly rubs (if they'll let you) or grooming their fur. Comfort your kitty when she's sick, sad or just having a rough day by giving a warm bath and cuddling with your kitty. Sometimes the little things mean the most!

Your kitty will surely
 feel secure and safe when you pet them and stay close to them which is exactly how we want them to feel, right?

And of course, if you ever want to train your kitty, you can use this as a positive reinforcement when they do something good. You'll eventually know that your kitty wants physical touch when they offer their head for pets and usually rubs themselves to you (not just when they're hungry). Now that you know, make sure to give your precious kitty some extra cuddles every day so they know just how much you love them. Just be careful at first of course. Give them time to settle down and get comfortable to you before you start attempting to touch them to avoid scratches from them. We don't want that, don't we?

2. Gifts

In my opinion, I think all cats love receiving gifts, especially treats! It will just vary what type of food your kitty likes. Every morning, you can place a small breakfast treat in your cat's food bowl. Whether it's fresh salmon or half a can of tuna, your kitty will appreciate the personalized touch. But of course, consult your trusted vet first before offering them some special food to make sure they receive your love instead of making them sick. We wouldn't want that! If you found the treat your cat really wants, you can also use it as a reward when you train them. Well, this is the most common training tip!

Toys are also another thing you can consider when you think your cat has this love language. You can take your cat out shopping with you and buy something nice that they'll enjoy. Maybe your kitty love a shake of Catnip once in awhile or maybe they'd prefer some new toys to play with instead! If you're mostly out of the house, then interactive toys are a must try for your kitties! Toys like these will surely remove your cat's boredom and will also exercise them as well! You can try our latest product specifically made for cats, Cheerble Mini WickedBall Interactive Cat Toy! If your kitties love feathers, you can try Homerun - Smart Interactive Cat Toy. If your kitty wants a companion then Skymee Owl Robot is a must buy!

You might eventually see your kitties reciprocate this love language in weird and even nasty ways! If your kitty suddenly bring you dead animals like birds, rats, and even bugs (or toys if they are an indoor cat) and drops them at your feet, they're actually showing how important your are to them!  Your kitty is presenting something that they are proud to you. Cats love to hunt and it is natural to them and they consider what they hunt a prize and present it to their owner as a form of love and respect to them. They actually got this from their ancestors as well. Yes, they are nasty, but this is actually a sweet gesture from them. But don't worry, you can actually train them to stop doing this if you don't want them to continue this behavior.

3. Acts of Service

This kind of love language involves doing a chore or completing tasks for your loved ones. If this is something you think your cat would like best, maybe they'd love you to fix something for them like their feather-on-a-string toy (quite possibly the easiest task in this list). You can come home from work early once in awhile to give your kitty some extra attention before dinner or even better - fixing them a special dinner yourself! Because isn't your cat worth it?

Plus, helping your kitty get clean like brushing them, clipping their nails, or even taking a bath will be something they might like. And yes, I know, most cats hate these things! So make sure to observe them to avoid the worst-case scenario, getting scratched or bitten by them! Don't forget cleaning their litter box for them as well is a great option! But we understand that you might have little time to do this everyday especially if you work for hours. If this is the case, check out our automatic cat litter boxes: PETREE Automatic Cat Litter Box WIFI Model Gen 1 Model & PETREE Automatic Cat Litter Box Gen 2 WIFI Model!

Cats will also reciprocate this as well by even the simplest acts they do when they take a dump on their litter box. DO you know that burying their waste is actually a sign of their love and respect to you? Your cat would love to be taken care of you if this is their love language so make sure to do lots of things for them to show your love! We are after all called hooman slaves for a reason. But seriously, do your best to show them you care by completing the tasks needed to make your precious kitties happy!

4. Words of Affirmation

You might notice your cat responding as soon as you call them. Then that automatically confirms that this is your cat's love language! When you talk to your precious kitties with a sweet voice, you will usually hear them meow or chirp at you and even purr. Kitties like these loves to hear your voice often especially when you compliment them! When they hear your voice when you come home, they'll surely run at the door to greet you asap! Cats who value words of affirmation feel that they are loved when you take some time out of their schedule to tell them how amazing they are. Your voice makes their energy go up!

Your cats will also reciprocate this love language to you by of course, meowing at you! Your cat will greet you at the door or even just when they see you looking at them. Isn't that sweet? You get to hear your precious kitty's sweet meow often. Though be warned, if not given the right attention, they can annoy you especially at dawn when they are mostly active (this will depend when your cat is awake and how often they get their required exercise and zoomies). Make your kitties feel special by talking to them often! Tell your precious kitties how much you love them!

5. Quality Time

You can confirm that this is your kitty's love language if your cat almost wants to be with you always and mostly never leave your side! If you are a clingy person, then you will definitely love this! They'll either sit beside you or even at your lap. They might not be touchy but you can always see them near you and follow you even at the bathroom (most of you must've experienced this already).

Your cat might want your attention as well so your kitties might try to take things that take up your attention the most like your phone and your laptop. They would love to spend time with you even just sitting beside you while you're watching T.V.. Make sure to spend time with your kitty doing their favorite activity! This might be to play with them with their favorite toy, pamper them, massage them, or even snuggle with you (this will involve mix of love languages). Spend serious time with your precious kitty and really set aside time to just be with them. Show your love to your cat by giving enough time that they need to be with you. This is you really focusing at them at a set time!


Cats are wonderful pets, but they can be really complex sometimes especially if it's your first time taking care of a cat. Cats give off behaviors that are really weird to us. The best way to show your cat love is by understanding their individual personality and what makes them happy! Whether you’re a new pet owner or have had one for years, we do hope these tips helped you become the perfect companion for your kitty. We do hope this article helped you understand your precious kitties more. Now you can set the perfect Valentines date with them! Which of these love languages do you think is best for your precious kitty? 

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