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  • Customize Your Pet Feeding Schedule Anytime, Anywhere

  • Able To Store Up To 6 Litres 

  • Set Up To 15 Feeding Schedules

  • Set Up To 50 Portions Per Meal

  • Separate Design & Easy to Clean

  • 10s Voice Recording & Repeatable

  • Auto Reversal When Food Stuck

  • Dual Power

  • Low Food Alarm
  • Infrared Detection

  • Wifi version ( Does not come with camera )

1 Year Singapore Local Warranty + Support


SMARTPAWBurpurr Premium Pet Feeder (Wifi Version)

Looking for a pet feeder that can feed your precious pets while you're out of the house? Perhaps you want a pet feeder that can fill you in especially the early morning feeding time when you would love to catch some sleep instead? In that case, our latest SMARTPAWBurpurr Premium Pet Feeder (Wifi Version) is a MUST-HAVE for you! Schedule your pet's feeding time, anytime and anywhere, as long as you're connected to an internet connection! Not only can you schedule their feeding time in advance, but you can also measure how much they eat. Also perfect for small animals like puppies and kittens that require small feeds portions at a regular basis! 

Customize Your Own Feeding Schedule Anytime & Anywhere

Plan your feeding schedule and customize up to 15 feeding schedules and up to 50 portions per meal with our latest premium pet feeder (Wifi Version)!  Feed your precious pets remotely using  your mobile phone and you can even check their feeding records. It can also hold up to 6 Liters of food! We recommend feeding them with smooth dry food maximum up to 15mm in diameter. Please do take note that the feeder is not suitable for wet food, dry food only! Another additional feature is the built-in speaker which allows you to record a 10 seconds voice message that could be repeated every meal time to call your precious pets and feed them on time!

Auto Reversal + Low Food Alarm

No more worries about stucked food with our latest automatic reversal mechanism which will help you solve the problem of food getting stuck on the inside! Once the premium pet feeder (Wifi Version) detects that the food is stuck, it will immediately go to reverse to unstuck the food before rotating back to dispense your pet's food. Another amazing feature is the low food alarm! There is a built-in sensor to detect remaining food storage. When the remaining food storage is low, there will be a notification sent to the App to notify you when the feeder needs to be refilled!

Secondary Backup Power

Occasional blackouts is not a problem for premium pet feeder (Wifi Version) with its dual power feature! The feeder is powered with backup batteries which enables the feeder to still function even when a power cut occurs. It ensures the feeder still dispenses food according to the pre-scheduled programming so your precious pets won't miss their feeding schedule! Just simply insert a three sized D batteries into the battery compartment which can be found at the bottom of the feeder. However, we still recommended for you to use AC power to power up the pet feeder because without the ac power, you will not able to use the APP functions. This function is mostly just for emergency blackout situations!

Fuss-Free Cleaning & Safe Healthy Feeding

Cleaning is made easier and fuss-free as the feeder is designed to be easily assembled and disassembled making sure the feeder is cleaned thoroughly for safe and healthy feeding of your precious pets! Now the only places you need to wash are the feeding bucket and the food tray to prevent food residue. Clean easily without worrying about the safety of your pets!




195mm x357.6mm x362mm(LxW xH) with food tray

195mm x235mm x362mm (LxW xH) without food tray


 6 Litres


 ABS material, eco-friendly

Food Tray

 Removable food tray

Food Type

Dry food, diameter 5-15mm


Voice Record

Up to 10 seconds

Feeding mode

 Manual / Auto timing feeding

Auto feeding

 15 meals / day, 50 portions / meal

Food Type

Dry food, diameter 5-15mm


Power adapter


Backup battery

3 D-cell batteries (not included)

Standby mode

5V / 120UA, 0.6W



iOS and Android


DC 5V 1.0A

Power consumption


Operating temperature

5V / 120UA, 0.6W

Storage temperature

-10 to+60 °C

Operating humidity

20- 80%RH

Storage humidity

0- 95%RH

Net Weight



Pet Feeder x 1

Power Adapter x 1

Quick Start Guide X 1

Installation Video

Basic Instructions

Note: You can only pair the smart pet feeder using 2.4ghz

1.  Turn the SMARTPAWBurpurr smart pet feeder upside down, insert the power cord, insert food tray, and turn it on. ( Blue light on )

2.  Download the app: Pet Zero /Tuyasmart ( Available in both android & ios )

3.  Make sure you are connected to your house wifi 2.4ghz, on your gps location, Bluetooth and off your mobile data.

4.  Open the app, press add a new pet feeder. Scan with QR code. If you are unsure, please watch the video above.

Full Detailed Instructions

Hardware Installation and Introduction

1. Open the battery compartment at the bottom of the feeder, insert the Micro USB power cord into the connector at the bottom; and extend the power cord out along the designed wire guide. You can also insert 3 pieces of D cell batteries which will enable the feeder to work automatically according to your scheduled feeding plan even without an external power supply. Turn on the power switch.

2. Rotate the knob on the top cover. The feeding tray is in the grain bucket. Place the feeding tray into the feeder from the front, then pour pet food into the feeder.

Note: Due to the wide variety of pet foods on the market, it cannot be guaranteed 100% that the mechanical structure of the feeder will fit all  types of pet food. We recommend using only dry food within 5–15mm in size. Wet food and damp food are strictly prohibited from being

placed in the feeder.

3. For your pet's health, please wash the feeding bucket and feeding tray

regularly. The feeder body should not be filled with water. Please wipe

it with a wring-able wet cloth.

4.. Pet Feeder introduction

5. You can push the camera to turn down to observe the feeding tray. The feeder supports up to 4 levels of angle adjustment. It supports Micro-SD card recording, and the SD card slot is visible when the camera is turned to the bottom.

Software Installation

Add pet feeder via QR code mode

1. Search the App Store or scan the QR code below to download and

install Pet Zero

2. Run the App, read and agree to the privacy policy, and register a new account or login to a registered account. When you register or login to the account, please choose the correct country or area.
3. When you login, the App will ask you to access certain permissions. These permissions are very important for the App so please allow them. Click Add Device or + to add a new pet feeder. Choose the Add Manually tab and select Smart Pet Feeder.
4. After turning the feeder on, wait for about 1 minute for it to boot up. Then check whether the Wi-Fi indicator is flashing RED 2 times per 5 second. If yes, then click next step to go to the next step.  If not, please long press the Wi-Fi Settings button for 5 seconds until you hear a beep. After a few seconds, the feeder's indicator LED will flash RED rapidly. 


Pet Feeder Feature 


Basic2 Pet Feeder

Premium Feeder

(Wifi Version)

Ultimate Smart Feeder 

(Gen 2 )

Retail Price




Mobile APP


1080p Full HD

Food Capacity




Wide Lens Angle


Unstuck Mechanism 

Night Vision

Two-Way Audio

Adjustable Camera 

Low Food Notification

Voice Recording

Camera Recording

Up to 128gb

Backup Batteries

Setting Meals




Meals Per Day

Up to 6 Meals

Up to 15 Meals

Up to 12 Meals

Weight Per Portion

About 5g

About 5g

About 5g

Food Diameter

0.5cm - 1.5cm

0.5cm - 1.5cm

0.5cm - 1.5cm

Type of Food









19 x 36 x 33

20 x 36 x 36

20 x 35 x 36

Portions Per Meal

Up To 50

Up To 50

Up To 99


1 Year

1 Year

1 Year

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Zuraini Ahmad
Smartpaw pet feeder

very convenient and easy to monitor when away from home

Khairulnizam Abd Rani (Singapore)
Automatic pet feeder

Very convenient for someone who is working and ease the worry of thinking your felines did not eat. Can set the timer and food will auto dispense.

Renee (Singapore)

Fast delivery. Smartpaw pet feeder came in good condition. Easy to setup and perfect pet feeder for my cat

Rhea (Singapore)

Fast delivery within 1 working day. Good quality and easy setup👍

Hidayah Rizan (Singapore)

SMARTPAWBurpurr Premium Smart Pet Feeder

Dear customer, thanks for the great rating!