Let's once again recap some of our best feature stories last 2021 from our "Smartpaw Features"!

2021 has been a blast as well as for our "Smartpaw Features"! For those who don't know, "Smartpaw Features" is a feature post that we do on our Instagram feed @sgsmartpaw where we feature amazing stories of pets! This may be about rescues, survival from a disease, adoption,  abandonment, abuse, and many more! We aim to help spread important lessons from other pets and pet owner's experiences, inspire & motivate pet owners, and help pets and pet owners with similar experiences know that they are not alone.

Now let's read them once again (especially if you missed out on them last year) and be inspired by these touching pet stories!

Here are 5 of our Best "Smartpaw Features" Last 2021:

1. Toto the Strong Maltipoo

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"⁠Toto is such a bundle of joy to us! 💖 He is ever so gentle and friendly to every single human and furiends alike. 🐶🐱 Everyday, we wake up in awe at how cute and lovable he is. He can be so brave, playing with big dogs but be so timid over a ball or owl robot. 😅 (This is@skymee.singapore Owl Robot, feel free to go and check it out!)⁠

When he just turned 1 year young, he was diagnosed with Grade 1 Luxating Patella (a kneecap that moves out of its normal location). We felt like our world came crashing down because this was not a diagnosis that should happen to a pup as young as him. 😥⁠

We were so fortunate to receive such outpouring of love and advices from the IG Pets Community. 🐾🥰💞 We take precaution and have bought pet stairs for him so that he doesn't jump down from the sofa. Additionally, we started Toto on joint supplements and bought mobility discs to get him to exercise on it everyday to strengthen his hind legs. 💪🏻 He was initially so scared of it, but now he is able to stand, sit and bow on it with much stability! Seeing his determination and progress everyday has given us hope that he will be ok. 💖⁠

He is such a brave and intelligent boy! We are really blessed to have him in our lives! 🥰"

2. Reese the Farm Toy Poodle

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"As some of you might know, I was adopted from a dog farm on 5 April 2020. I came into my furever home with ticks, LP and a right ear which is unable to grow. I was never meant to be sold because of my ear and instead was going to be a breeding dog that would be producing litters of puppies for the owners of the farm to gain profit. Thankfully, unlike many other dogs from the farm, I had no health issues such as heartworm etc. However, I was afraid of everything and did not dare to step out of my playpen. I had and still do have trouble sleeping. I wake up at the slightest noise and when I am able to sleep, I usually am whining or whimpering. There are things my hoomans will never know about my past but I’m glad that I’ve now found my furever home.⁠

I hope that by using this platform, I can inform more people about these problems that arise from the selling of animals. For example, many dog farms have unethical practices which treat the dogs poorly. If you’re looking to get a pup or any animal in fact, make sure you do your research about the place you’re getting your pet from."

3. Pomelo the Rehomed Kitty Survivor

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"I once had a home, but it wasn't the best. I didn't have the proper care or medical attention and was super malnourished. My ear is disfigured from an untreated ear infection, stained paws, & bald spots on my legs because my mommy think I was kept in a cage with my own waste, and I had chronic diarrhoea which caused a bloody butt 😥⁠

I was dumped when they had enough. It was rainy and I was so scared I hid under a truck for a day. The next day, I was so hungry I went begging for food from everyone who passed by, and a kind man posted my plight onto FB. My mommy was on the MRT when she saw me and couldn't stop thinking about me, so she said she'll foster me. 2 months passed and I became a foster fail, gained 1 kg, and gotten so much healthier and happier! 💖⁠

I am family and I am not disposable!"

4. Benji the Abused But Now Loved Pup

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"We were at SPCA looking for a puppy for our older dog, and he caught our eye. He was the quietest and looked the most scared and was sitting in the corner 🥺 I went in to interact with him and stared into his eyes and the deal was done 💕⁠

It was really hard because he was extremely scared and skittish. Would be submissive pee upon eye contact and we were unable to train him the usual way you can with puppies that haven't been through trauma. ⁠

He learned mostly from our late dog who passed away last year and with lots of consistent reassurance, love, and patience. I could understand why he was returned twice, probably due to his personality and skittishness - what I couldn't understand was why he was abused the second time before he was returned. That only made him fear more and all I want to do is find that family that did that to him and find out why they did to him 😒"

5. Ninja the Rescued Tuxedo Cat

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"Ninja used to live in a home until one day he found himself living in a dumpster. 😥 Did he actually do something wrong to deserve such treatment? 🥺 All he had by then was four filthy green walls surrounding him. Having lived in a dumpster got him all filthy, frightened, hungry, and hurt. 😕⁠

And then one day, Ninja had the courage to foray into the unknown and arrived at a patio that belonged to now her loving mum! 😍 She fed Ninja and the presence, love, and warmth radiated in him. 💓 Ninja had no idea that his courage will bring him to his furever home! 🏠 Ninja was given a shower and the once thought to be just an ugly and dirty kitty actually is a handsome one! 🤩🤩🤩⁠

After 2 weeks, Ninja had a home and now has food, shelter and love!💞 He now has a nice and clean environment and he was even checked by the vet too! 😍 Ninja is now adopted and even has a little sister too! 🐱🐾⁠

From scavenging the dumpster to now kneading his mum, fate turns around and all Ninja can do now is count his blessings! ✨✨✨"


Thank you for all fur parents who lets us share these amazing stories! We do hope these stories inspired you and helped you learn more about how much dogs and cats (whether in shelters or strays) needs a furever home, the reality of what happens in the pet community, what we should do as responsible pet owners, and how loving they can be, so loyal as well! To all pet lovers out there, keep being pawsome and we will do our best to share more amazing stories this 2022!

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