Are you ready to witness some spooky yet adorable fur babies?

Before you start browsing our top 5, let's make some things clear first: all fur babies are cute in their own way! This does not rank who's the cutest pet but the best dressed for Halloween! We carefully selected the most creative, who put in much effort, and who looked the best in their costumes! But of course, you must expect that the ones we selected are the ones who followed us and we follow as well on Instagram @sgsmartpaw.

Now that you've been informed, without further ado, let's take a look at these top 5 adorable fur babies with the best Halloween costumes in Singapore!  

Here are the top 5 best pet Halloween costumes in Singapore:

TOP 5: @lunawildchild

Click here(witch) and here(pumpkin) to view their post on Instagram!

When we saw the little witch hat and the pumpkin hat plus their cute poses, it instantly captured our hearts! The effort of Luna and Sola wearing these hats in a behaved manner already secured the place of our top 5!

TOP 4: @th_babypompom

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Just looking at the whole aesthetic of this photo plus the cute pumpkins on Baby's adorable head (not to mention this whole basket of Halloween plushies and the bandana) is just the perfect package for Baby to be included as our top 4! That smile with a tongue out and those puppy eyes, how can we resist the cuteness?   

TOP 3: @happy_theblacklab

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Now this one's very creative! Jason was dressed up as a lion (which looks pretty convincing to us!) and that chains and amputated feet with blood and bandage in it just makes the whole vibe so spooky yet so adorable! Perfect for a Halloween costume and a spot for our top 3! 

TOP 2: @bambii_cookie

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Where should we start with this? The pumpkin and ghost lanterns, Bambii and Cookie dressed up as a ghost (and in such a convincing way too!) all the lights, and the spooky background lands them to our top 2 spot! Almost thought that those two ghost doesn't have some pups inside!

TOP 1: @toto.isme.maltipoo

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Okay, this one is just too adorable not to place as our top 1! First of all from the well-blended props on the background and the pumpkin baskets ready for trick or treat (even having real candy!), the Halloween plushies, and most of all the little white bat Toto! Just look at how the bat costume perfectly suits Toto's little body! Toto even has his adorable tongue-out pose!

Special Mentions:

We saw lots of adorable pets dressed up for Halloween (and I'm sure we missed some more fur babies) and can't help but to mention them as well! Good job everypawdy! Happy Halloween from Smartpaw! We hope you all have a great one!

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Feel free to share this with your fellow pet lovers and spread the spooky cuteness! You can also leave a comment down below and mention some pets we didn't get a chance to feature, we would also love to see them!