How To Discover Your Dog's Love Language

How To Discover Your Dog's Love Language

Discover how your dog wants to be loved & how he/she shows affection towards you!

This coming Valentine's day, you might be planning to bond or have a date with your precious pups but are you sure you're showing the right kind of love that your dog wants to receive? Dogs show their affection in different ways, depending on their personality and their love language. Some dogs might be more inclined to protect their family and demonstrate their love through obedience, while others might be more cuddly and want to be around you all the time. By understanding your dog's love language, you can better connect with them and create a stronger bond! But of course, nobody knows your dogs as well as you do! But if you're unsure or you just want to know more on how to show love to your precious pups, this list of dog's love languages explained might help you with that!Let's take a look these five dog love languages and know what it means so you can make sure you execute the right action of love that suits your pup the most and know when they are showing their love as well:  

1. Physical Touch

Dogs who speak this love language are affectionate creatures, and want nothing more than for you to show them that you love them too. Dogs who enjoy physical touch might like to lie next to you on the couch, cuddling with you, massages, stroking them, or curl up in your lap. They also might like it if you pet them even while they're eating their food. When dogs receive pets and touches from their humans, they feel secure and safe, which is exactly how we want our dogs to feel!When you're sure that your dog loves physical touch, you can use this as a positive reinforcement when they do something good or as a reward while you train them! If your dog offers their head for petting, then that is a very clear sign that your dog loves to be touched! So when you confirmed that this is indeed their love language, make sure to give your dog some extra cuddles every day so he knows just how much he means to you. But do remember that not all dogs enjoy being touched physically. Pay attention to your dog's habits and physical signals to be avoid making them feel uncomfortable and avoid any negative behaviors from them. 

2. Gifts

Dogs who like receiving gifts might become excited whenever they see a bag of dog treats, or maybe even a new toy! If your dog goes crazy over a new toy, it's likely one of their love languages. They also might notice if you've gotten something new and spend time sniffing at your purse or sniffing around the trash can before bed each night. Dogs who enjoy gift giving absolutely love spending quality time with you doing fun activities with the gifts you gave them.

For example, when your dogs have a particularly full day of playing fetch around the park or even playing with an interactive toy indooors, you can treat them afterwards to some delicious chicken flavored snacks that your dog loves! If this is how your precious pups is, they might love Wickedbone - Smart & Interactive Dog Chewing Toy or Wickedball - Interactive Pet Toy  as a gift this Valentine's day!

You can also use this as a reward while you train your pup. You might already know that treats are a must have when it comes to dog training! Though they must outgrow treats after a while and get used to just hand signals and your verbal commands for a successful training. But of course, there's no harm on giving your dog some treats from time to time. 

You might even notice that your precious pup may reciprocate this love language as well by sharing their toys with other furry friends, sharing their blanket with you, and they might even share their food with you! 

3. Acts of Service

Dogs who speaks this love language loves to obey! They obey to express their love to you. Dogs who enjoy acts of service might run right over to you whenever they see you opening the cupboard where their leash is kept. They also might jump up all excited when it's time for a walk or if they're wearing a doggy backpack! Grooming, massages, going to the park, and long walks are all examples of this love language.

Dogs who are most appreciative of acts of service also know that their humans are there to help them at all times, which makes them feel safe and secure! Your dog would love to be taken care of by their hooman as well if this is their love language. Make sure your dogs are always fed, watered, walked, brushed, petted, and given lots of extra love every day. It's important that your dogs have positive interactions with you throughout the day so they can stay happy and healthy at all times.

4. Words of Affirmation

Dogs who enjoy words of affirmation might bark or whine when you tell them they're a good boy or girl, or when you compliment them. They would love to hear your sweet voice most of the time! They also might look at you with excitement whenever they hear they're favorite word being said. Treats can be their number one favorite! Dogs who value words of affirmation feel more important and loved when their hoomans take some time out of their schedule to tell them how amazing they are. 

You can confirm that your dog speaks this love language by observing how they react every time you talk to them! Do their tail wag and their eyes lit with joy when you call them? Do they interact right away or you notice that their energy goes up? Also, dogs with this love language will be easily trained verbally. They love it when you tell them they did a good job! There might be no need for treats anymore for them to be trained. That's one major advantage right there! 

If you confirmed that this is most certainly your pup's love language, you should always make sure to let your dogs know that you love them every day by giving some time to talk to them and praise them. It's important that your dogs feel appreciated for exactly what makes them special. Don't forget to tell your dog how much you care for them today, and every day. After all, it's the little things that count!

5. Quality Time

This love language most certainly is a fun one if you're a clingy person! Dogs who enjoy quality time might follow you around all day long, or maybe they'll try to find ways to cuddle up right next to you on the couch. They also might notice if you're using your phone and try to get your attention by barking or sitting on your lap! 

Dogs who love spending time with their humans know that their lives are so much happier when they've got a best friend there for them at all times. Make sure your dog is always getting some extra bonding time with you every day, whether it's playing fetch, taking him on a walk around the neighborhood, or making sure he gets his favorite treats after dinner. Even as simple as watching TV with your dog is something they would love as long as they're doing it with you! It's important that my dogs feel like they've got someone there for them whenever they need it most.


It's important to learn your dog's love language in order to better understand how they feel and how you can show them that you care! Now that you have read the meaning of each of the five dog love languages, which one of the sounds like your pup the most? Each of the five love languages has its own benefits for both you and your precious pup. Make sure to spend time each day engaging in at least one activity that speaks to your dog's love language to strengthen your relationship with them! If you think you're showing your love to your pup wrong, start making a change especially this coming Valentine's day! Do remember that it's important that your dogs feel loved every day with the right kind of love that fits them the best! We do hope this article helps you to understand and love your precious pups more!

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