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  • FREE 1 Bag Of American Cat Litter ( 10 Litres ) and FREE FRESHENER SAVE $35
  • Fast Delivery  [Within 1-2 Working Days] 
  • PETREE Automatic Cat Litter Robot Self Cleaning Litter Box
  • Automatic Self Cleaning Technology: The Cat Litter Robot Effectively Separate The Dirty Clumps Into The Bin, Leaving The Cat Litter Robot With A New Bed Of Litter.
  • Sensor Detection Safety Feature: Cat Litter Robot Will Only Start The Self Cleaning When It Detects Your Cat Has Left The Cat Litter Robot.
  • A New Bed Of Clean Litter In 172 seconds, fuss-free
  • Minimalistic Design & Aesthetically Beautiful
  • Safety Features: Sensor Detection, Low Center Of Gravity Design, Anti-Bite Cable Protection
  • Please use clumping clay/sand as the only litter choice. Any other type of cat litter including non-clumping clay, silica gel crystals, pine, etc is strictly not allowed. When you use non-clumping clay, It’s difficult for an automatic self-cleaning litter box’s scooping mechanism to catch all the waste, and wet litter can cause a mess in the machine’s inner workings.
  • 1 Year Singapore Local Warranty + Support
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