Top 9 Best Home Remedies for Pets

Top 9 Best Home Remedies for Pets
At some point, home remedies for pets work better than modern medicines in treating any sickness or disease. Just like us, pets will get sick from time to time. I believe as a pawrent, bringing your pets to vets is inevitable as to give them the right treatment when they are sick, especially when they are diagnosed with severe symptoms. The situation as such would require further follow-ups and prescribed medicines to help your pets to fight the diseases. However, minor diseases from flea/ tick infestation to skin irritation, or any other minor ailments. You can try going for home remedies by using natural- mostly common- ingredients that can be found in your home. Well, who would have thought these ingredients could help your furry friends to feel better? And of course, cutting down on your costs for expensive pet remedies is one of the main reasons why most pet parents go for the home remedy route. Here are 11 home remedies for pets that are proven to be safe and effective; and will have your pets feeling better in no time.  

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#1 Rosemary for Fleas Infestation

Rosemary can be used in oil or powder form to repel fleas. By applying a few drops of rosemary oil on the base of your pet’s neck, it could help to deter fleas. You can also bathe your pet in rosemary water as a natural flea bath. However, you need to bear in mind that this home remedy will only repel fleas as it won’t kill them.  

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#2 Taking care of Nails

If you are unable to bring your pet to the pet salon for nail-trimming, it would be more convenient if you had a pair of nail trimmer at home. As your pet’s nails might grow longer, trimming them would be ideal as long nails can dig into the soft tissue of the paw and cause discomfort to your pet. Plus, if your pet has itchy skin, scratching its skin with them would only leave your pet with skin injury. If you don’t have one at home, no worries- check out our pet nail grinder here.  

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#3 Ear Mites VS Vegetable Oil

Gently dip a cotton ball in regular vegetable oil to swab your pet’s ear to remove ear mites. If your pet does not have ear mites, you can also try this out for your pet’s hygienic reason to remove excess ear wax or dust that has accumulated in your pet’s ears, especially cats.  

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#4 Soothing Inflamed Ears Caused by Allergies

If your pet has an allergy, most often your pet will suffer from irritation around the ears area. You could soothe the irritation by dabbing a cotton ball with a small amount of distilled white vinegar and cold tea by applying it on the affected areas.  

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#5 What If Your Pet Has Diarrhea?

Sometimes, diarrhea is caused by the overactive digestive system of your pet. So, you can try giving him some plain yogurt mixed with his food as yogurt helps to calm his overactive digestive system before resulting in serious diarrhea.  

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#6 Natural Skin Moisturizer for Pets

If your pet is experiencing dry, flaky skin, you can try adding a tiny bit of coconut oil to its diet for better results. However, it is best to lower the dosage intake if you are going to give it to your feline friends. Cats can ingest these but only in lower dosages.  

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#7 Reduce Allergies After Outdoor Playtime

Some pets might have environmental allergies, just like us humans. So, to prevent any allergies happening to your pet, it is advisable to give your furry companion a good rubdown with a piece of wet towel after spending the day outside your house.  

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#8 Urination Problem with Your Feline Friends

Cats often have trouble urinating and most of the time, it is caused by their kidneys and bladders. So, to prevent this from happening, try giving your kitty a small amount of cranberry juice to soothe its kidneys and bladder. Cranberry is known for increasing urine acidity which may result in a reduced chance of blockages or infections. However, make sure to get a green light from your veterinarian before applying this home remedy as the causes for urination difficulty may vary. And while you’re at it, ask them about proper dosages as well.  

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#9 Taking Care of Bee/ Wasps Stings

If your pet has been stung by bees, or wasps while playing outdoor, use the edge of a credit card to pull the stinger out, then wash the affected area with baking soda. If your pet is showing signs of allergy, don’t hesitate to add one milligram of Benadryl per one-pound ratio to your pet’s weight every six hours.  

To Sum It Up

The home remedies for pets listed above have been tested effective and are safe to use in terms of you and your pet. Although home remedies are quick-to-fix, they could be tricky as well. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to do some research before treating your furry companions. It’s best if you’re using them under the guidance of a medical professional. Still unsure of your home remedies? You can always give your veterinarian a call for inquiries or guidance.

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