3 Tools to Make Pet Grooming Much Easier

3 Tools to Make Pet Grooming Much Easier
Imagine your prescheduled grooming sessions for your pets are called off. Pet salons are closed for the weekends yet your furry friends seem to shed their fur all over the place; having longer nails make them difficult to get close to; they leave dirty pawprints everywhere they go. Having such a mess is giving you a headache. So, what if there was a “remedy” to this? What if you had these grooming tools at your home? They could be a total game-changer for you- and your pets, too! Here are three types of pet grooming essentials that could save you a trip to the pet salons.   Contents of the Shaving Kit

1. SMARTPAWLite Pet Shaver Grooming Clipper

All-In-One Pet Shaver

Looking for an easy shaving tool that doesn’t have loud, irritating noise? Consider you found yourself one! This easy-to-use yet professional pet shaver is suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits, or any other furry companions that you have. Let’s say you wish to perform not just shaving off your pet’s excessive fur, this convenient tool also allows you to perform paw maintenance and full grooming at the same time.  

Sleeping cat and dog with the pet shaver

Low Vibration

We could agree that most clippers give out annoying sounds that would frighten your pets. However, the SMARTPAWLite Pet Shaver is designed specifically for your pets to enjoy their grooming process without getting irritated/ intimidated by the buzzing sound of the clipper. Based on the in-house sound test, the vibration reaches up to 50db- in which case- is silent enough for your pets to get through the entire grooming process without arousing fear.  

Dog before and after shaving

Effective, User-Friendly Blades

They said, “Sharp objects could hurt anyone, including your pets!” In this case, I beg to differ- The SMARTPAWLite Pet Shaver is built-in with stainless steel fixed blade and high-quality ceramic moving blade. This enables the shaver to perform sharp cutting for a very effective shaving process and most importantly, it can guarantee safety for you and your pets. The titanium blade is also adjustable (from 2mm to 0.8mm) for easy shaving at tight places like the paws and also attachments, ranging from 3-6-9-12mm, for your grooming preference.  

Additional Pet Grooming Kit

For users’ convenience, the SMARTPAWLite Pet Shaver also comes with an additional grooming kit which includes four blade attachments, one scissor, one comb, one mini-brush and one AC plug for easy charging.    

2. SMARTPAWLite Pet Nail Grinder Trimmer

Say Goodbye to Traditional Nail Clippers

Does your animal companion afraid of nail clippers? I mean, who doesn’t? Even some of the pet owners are afraid to help their pets to cut their overgrown nails, thinking they might hurt them in the process. With SMARTPAWLite Pet Nail Grinder Trimmer, you could trim your pet’s nails easily without the fear of overcutting which might result in injuries. You can choose between low – high speed for a finishing touch or heavy grinding. And, of course, the painless process is guaranteed!  

The pet nail grinder vs other grinder

Whisper-quiet Vibration

The SMARTPAWLite Pet Nail Grinder Trimmer has a very low vibration, which is less than 50db, to prevent your pet from stressing out during the entire trimming process. However, if you are using the grinder on your pet for the first time, it is advisable to use treats to distract them. Then, make sure to slowly accustom your pet to the grinder before switching it on.  

Highly Convenient

The grinder is designed to be a cordless tool that enables you to carry it wherever you go. There’s also no such thing as ‘tangled wires’ when it comes to SMARTPAWLite Pet Nail Grinder Trimmer. Worrying about the battery running low? You can simply recharge it using a USB cable connecting to your computers, power banks, and even car chargers. Plus, it also comes with adjustable ports for different sizes of your pets. However, bear in mind that if your pet has long fur around its paws, please shave it to avoid getting stuck at the nail grinder.     Shiba Inu Using the Automatic Smartpaw Pet Washer

3. SMARTPAWLite Dog Automatic Paw Washer

Fast, Easy & Convenient

Sometimes it’s pretty frustrating to see your pet especially dogs, running around your house after spending a whole day having fun outside of your home. Surely, their paws would be muddy or dirty at this point. Yet, with them running around your house would only leave you with a lot of mess. Thus, this is where SMARTPAWLite Dog Automatic Paw Washer comes to the rescue! With the paw washer, you could clean your pet’s paws within 1 minute while using tissues, wet wipes or other foam cleansers might not be that effective after all. It’s super-fast and super clean!  

Small, medium, and large sizes

Pillow-Soft Silicone Bristles

With the help of the soft silicone bristles, paw-cleaning has never been so fun! And, what’s promised is that it helps to clean out any dirty debris accumulated while your pet is having fun outdoor. At the same time, it massages your pet’s paws to make for a comfortable and relaxing experience.  

Long Battery Life

Before using the SMARTPAWLite Dog Automatic Paw Washer, simply charge for approximately 3 hours as each full charge can last about two weeks with two 1-minute washes for every paw daily. There’s also an LED indicator that will turn red if it’s the time to charge the paw washer. If the rotation is slow, or completely stop while the power is still on, this would also indicate that the paw washer needs to be charged.  

To Sum It Up

With these three amazing grooming tools in your hand, you wouldn’t need to worry much about those pre-booked grooming sessions anymore. If you wish to know more about self-grooming tips, make sure to check out this article right here – How to Groom Your Pet at Home.  

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