Basic Pet Care Necessities You May Not Know!

Basic Pet Care Necessities You May Not Know!
Becoming a pet owner is more than just having a cuddly best furriendAdopting a pet takes full responsibility and dedication. Pets will become a part of the family and just like any family member; you need to make sure that they are being well taken care of. Pet care is more than just feeding them every day. It is a lifelong commitment that requires an investment of time and money. Before you own one, think hard if you can provide adequate sustenance, proper shelter, and medical care among other things.  Adopting or buying a pet for the first could become overwhelming to someone who doesn't know their necessities. Being a pet parent is pretty much the same as having a child. The same responsibility and commitment go to it. If you are ready and committed, then here are things you should know or refresh your memory with if needed. Mind you this post is not to scare or discourage you, this is just to prepare you to become a responsible pet owner and be the pet parent your pets need and deserve. Now, lets review all the basic pet care needs your pet needs and give them the best life you can give!

Basic Pet Care Necessities

1. Proper Nutrition

[caption id="attachment_6758" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Cat-treat Photo by from Pexels[/caption] Giving your furry pals a well-balanced food and clean water is part of basic pet care. Proper nutrition means a quality diet that enriches your pets. Let's not forget the suggested feeding amount and time for a specific species and breed. There are countless food brands out in the market, it's important to educate ourselves on the specifics. Find a formula that is appropriate for your pet's age, health, activity level, and breed. Avoid giving your pets more than what is the required. Overfeeding could lead to obesity, which could lead to more health problems. When you find it hard to to pick the food suitable for your pet, you may consult your vet so they can help you out. Don't forget that a healthy diet is partnered with a regular exercise. It is an important part of your pet’s mental and physical well-being/.

2. A Safe Space

[caption id="attachment_6762" align="aligncenter" width="600"]cat bed Photo by Eric Han on Unsplash[/caption] Just like us, pets require an adequate and safe space to live in. It's important to pet proof and train your pets to be comfortable in their new living quarters. Look out for exposed cables that could potentially become a teething toy! Protect glass vases, flower pots, and other fragile things that could possibly be in your pets' way. Add safety gets to keep them away and safe from specific rooms. Careful not to lay around food and plants that are poisonous to dogs and cats. If you have the budget, you can provide the best stuff for your pets too. Like a full on cat condo, a luxurious pet bed for your dog, and the latest gadgets the market offers. Keep in mind that it's not a necessity to get these things just an extra mile to take if you are willing.

3. Veterinarian Visits

[caption id="attachment_6755" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Dog at the Vet Clinic People photo created by freepik -[/caption] This is a top priority for responsible pet ownership. Actually the first thing you do when you get your fur babies. Have them checked by a vet to know their health condition as well as getting the proper immunization to protect not only your pet but other people and animals around them too. Pets should get all the necessary vaccination. Remember that vaccinations aren't only for young pets. Finding the right vet for your vet is also vital. Make you you and your pet trusts their vet. Depending on where you live, your pets might need shots that are specific in your location; like heartworm and Lyme disease. Do your reasearch! Keeping up with vet visits maintains a good health for you pets. Browse through the vet clinics in Singapore by clicking here.

4. Love and Attention

[caption id="attachment_6765" align="aligncenter" width="600"]corgi-running-in-the-park Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels[/caption] Finally the best part of owning a pet--giving all the love as well as receiving it through sloppy licks, cuddly besties, and unknowingly entertaining companions! Pets need the right amount of love and attention in order for them to be healthy too! They get bored and anxious if left alone (which could lead to bad behavior) and it's part of your responsibility to not make them feel neglected. Honestly, it's the easiest and the best part of being a responsible pet owner. Pets, especially dogs, are social beings. You can setup play dates with other friendly pets to keep them happy. Happy pets are healthy pets! Also don't forget that your pets treat you as their best friend and you should make them feel like you really are! With all that said, I hope you learned something new today or you were reminded on what it's like to be a responsible pet owner! You are now on your to a lifelong of happiness with your beloved pets.

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