7 Effective Guides to Get Your Pet to Drink More Water

7 Effective Guides to Get Your Pet to Drink More Water
Water is one of the basic necessities for humans – and pets, too! A pet’s hydration can have an impactful effect on their health. Water helps to regulate your pet’s body temperature, waste removal, and boost digestion. However, pets are like children. They would drink only when they are parched, but that doesn’t mean that they get enough water for their hydration. So, as a pawrent, it’s your obligation to ensure that your furry kids have enough water intake to avoid serious health issues like kidney diseases. Here’s how you give them a little push on drinking more water:  

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1. Replace Water Frequently

We all like things fresh, so do our pets! Thus, providing them with fresh water is a must and you might have to replace it at least once a day. This is due to stagnant water may attract bacteria and bugs. If your furry friend was to consumed it, it might lead to some serious health issues. Plus, it’s unappetizing to drink from contaminated water. So, make sure to constantly change the water in your pet’s bowl.  

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2. Feed Your Pet Wet Food

Wet food is a great way to boost your pet’s hydration levels. Also, bear in mind that the wet-food diet is based on your pet’s preferences; not yours as not all pets are fans of wet food. Nevertheless, before you get your shopping cart full of wet food, make sure to consult your veterinarian about making any changes to your pet’s diets.  

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3. Invest in Pet Water Fountain

Bubbling, flowing water will definitely get your pet’s curious eyeballs. Water fountain can entice your pet to drink more water because they will constantly circulate and filter the water. This makes the water stay cleaner and taste fresher every moment. Water fountain like PETKIT GEN 2 SMART PET WATER DRINKING FOUNTAIN is suitable for both cats and dogs. It also comes with a filter upgrade which doubles up the efficiency of the filters. The triple purifying system will effectively filter away the impurities, reduce chlorine and remove the heavy metal ions resulting in healthier water for your furry friend.  

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4. More Water Bowls

If you have a large house, prepare more water bowls around almost every corner. This could greatly encourage your furry friend to drink water as sometimes it will get lazy to go back to its original drinking spot. By preparing a few more water bowls around your home, your pet could keep itself hydrated wherever and whenever it is. You could also place one outside your house- at the yard, or on the porch. Though you need to make sure to remove outdoor debris and change them regularly. Another thing to take into account is that the water bowl is better to be placed under shady areas so that the water won’t get hot under the sun.  

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5. Soak Kibbles in Some Water

Another way to increase your pet’s water intake is to add water to their dry kibbles. Some brand so f kibbles consist as little as six percent of water, which obviously isn’t enough for your pet. So, before giving your pet kibbles, soak them in water for a few minutes. The kibbles will then get very soft and easy to chew. This is an excellent effort if your pet has any dental issues. OR, you could also soak the kibbles in some low-sodium chicken broth. The broth provides enough hydration and at the same time, making the kibbles more salivating for your pet. Mixing dry kibbles with canned food is also a great way to ensure your pet get hydrated. The canned food’s gravy and its natural water content will soak into the kibbles and thus boosting your pet’s hydration levels.  

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6. Get ‘Physical’!

The best way to encourage your pet to drink more water is to take them to exercise. A simple one will do. Physical activity can heat up your pet’s body and tires them out. Pets regulate body temperature by panting, especially dogs. Somehow, they would start to get thirsty. Bring your pet out for a walk and give it a bowl of fresh water when you get home. However, before going out for a walk with your pet, make sure to get a bottle of fresh water ready in case your pet gets thirsty and drink from unfamiliar sources.  

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7. Clean Your Pet’s Bowl Regularly

It’s important to keep your pet’s drinking bowl clean at a regular basis. Dirty water bowl can lead to some serious health issues as well. If you neglect the bowls from time to time, they can be affected by bacteria and mold may start to appear on the sides. Thus, make it a habit to clean your pet’s bowl with antibacterial soap. Want more cleaning tips for your pets? Click here to find out!  

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To Sum It Up

It could get tricky sometimes to get your pet to drink more water, but of course, patience is the key! You will have to sacrifice extra time to ensure that your pet get the nutrition they need to avoid getting any diseases. It could be troublesome if your pet is dehydrated as it could affect its welfare in some serious ways- even yours, too! You know what they say- Healthy pets, Happy owners.  

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