5 Cleaning Tips that Pet Owner Wish They Knew Earlier

Keeping your house spotless would be a struggle especially if you have pets running around at your home. It feels like your home has slowly been taken over by smelly stains, pet hair, or even muddy pawprints. So, to prevent your house from a further mess, here are some easy cleaning tips for pet owner to bring back your darling clean house:


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1. Deodorize Your Carpet

What to do when your furry friend keeps spending most of its time on the carpet? To keep your carpets and rugs free from the stains and other pungent smells, simply fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and water. You may also add 4 heaped tsp of baking soda to the mixture for better results.

Make sure to spray the stain evenly to avoid soaking the stain. Then, just let the area dry and you will be amazed at how effective the vinegar soaks up any lingering smells.


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2. Removing Excessive Fur

Yes, it’s a headache to have your pet shedding excessive hairs all over the place. Especially when you have guests dropping by unannounced. If that’s the case, you must get yourself a lint roller beforehand!

This is because lint rollers can pick up hair from virtually any surface. Simply roll it over the surfaces that are full of your pet’s hair to pick it up easily.

What happened if you don’t own a lint roller? Easy! We have other cleaning tips for pet owner!

You can consider substituting the lint roller with a roll of duct tape. The stickiness of duct tape makes it perfect for a makeshift lint roller. You could reuse the same piece of tape over and over again until all the hair has been picked up. Just stick it, remove it, and repeat!


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3. Say ‘NO’ to Dirt

Your pet would track in big amounts of mud and dirt when it comes to your house after being outside. It would be irksome to scrub the dirt off your floors all the time. So, why not prepare a towel and a container of water by the door?

With these, you can wipe off your pet’s paws the minute it comes into the house. You could also train your pet to wait at the mat placed outside of your front door before getting their paws wiped.

You could also check out our product here- SMARTPAWLite Dog Automatic Paw Washer. It helps to clean out any dirty debris accumulated while your pet is having fun outdoor. With the help of the soft silicone bristles, paw-cleaning has never been so fun! It’s super-fast and super clean!


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4. Stinky Pet Collar

As a pawrent, ask yourselves – when was the last time you give your furry kid’s collar a good clean?

Nothing ruins a clean dog experience like a stinky collar! Collars can get dirty and smelly pretty quickly, so it’s best to wash them every other week or so.

The easiest and most effective way to clean your pet’s collars is by putting a couple of squirts of your pet shampoo in a bowl and filling it with hot water. Soak the collars for at least 15 minutes, then rub the collars against themselves to scrub off the dirt.

Do not scrub the collars with brush or scrubbing sponge as this may damage or weaken the webbing material. If the collars are really soiled, apply additional squirts of pet shampoo to scrub it off.


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5. Groom Your Pets

I believe most of pawrents are having trouble with your furry companions when it comes to finding excessive hairs all over your home. You could surely follow the #2 tip above, but you wouldn’t want to do it every single time, right? It’s like curing the symptoms but not the disease. So, what’s better to keep your home fur-free than to actually groom your pet regularly.

And by grooming, I mean- hair trimming, of course!

To avoid your pet to shed off excessive fur, trimming its hair is necessary. Doing this could help to remove loose hair and dead skin. Also, it helps to prevent ticks/ fleas to reside in your pet’s hair and thus contributing to a clean dog experience.

With the right tool like SMARTPAWLite Pet Shaver Grooming Clipper, it makes grooming much easier and more effective. Designed specifically for your pets to enjoy their grooming process without getting irritated/ intimidated by the buzzing sound of the clipper.

Plus, you could just groom your pets at your home anytime you want! So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a professional pet shaver now! Here are some grooming tips to give you a head start if you’ve never done this before.


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To Sum It Up

I’m sure with all these cleaning tips for pet owner, your home would be spick and span in no time. However, cleanliness depends on you!

From dirty carpets to tracking muds all around the house.

It’s obvious you can’t ask your pets to do the chores for you. Thus, it’d be wise to train your domestic friends to help keep your house clean. Take baby steps first. If they show improvements, make sure to reward them with dog/cat treats for their efforts!




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