5 Surprising Benefits of Grain-Free Pet Food

5 Surprising Benefits of Grain-Free Pet Food
Can grain-free diet do any good for your pets? Well, that’s the million-dollar question for all the pawrents out there. I mean, common pet food seems to work just fine. So, why change?  I believe choosing the right food with the best nutrition value is important to ensure your furry friend’s health. Thus, does it really matter to feed your pets with grain-free foods? When it comes to choosing your pet food, it’s an impactful decision that you need to make as a pawrent. If you pick the right food, your pet will live a long, healthy life; if you pick the wrong ones, your pet will suffer from nutritional deficiencies or other intolerances. While there are a lot of pet food options of higher quality, none has quite the benefits that grain-free pet food can promise. How is that so? You might ask. Here are the five benefits of grain-free pet food that can contribute to your pet’s welfare:  

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1. Improves Your Pet’s Breath

Your pets can have awful breath, too! Especially your canine friends. Most of the time, pawrents who are aware of this problem would buy dental care products for their furry kids. Yet, little do they know that the main cause of this actually goes down to their diet. Food that contains grains tends to leave a film of carbohydrates on your dog’s teeth when he eats. That causes more bacteria to stay in your dog’s mouth than usual. Yes, they will be washed away through saliva and water. But between times, as they are feeding on the remaining carbs that get stuck on the teeth, those bacteria would produce a terrible stink which causes your dogs to have bad breath, also known as canine halitosis. With grain-free dog kibbles, there won’t be any film lurking in your dog’s mouth, thus improving your dog’s breath. However, it’s still paramount to brush your canine friend’s teeth every few days for better oral health.  

2. Protein is the Key

As for feline, protein is their primary source of energy, thus making it their key nutrition in their daily diet. Grain-free diets often contain more ingredients that your cat would be eating in the wild. Protein like fish and meats are found in greater amounts in some grain-free cat food. What many pawrents don’t realize is that your cat requires a part of their protein to come from animals. Thus, switching your cat’s normal diet to a grain-free diet provides essential amino acids it requires. Grain-free cat food such as Wellness Core Grain-Free Dry Food provides a nutrient-dense diet that helps to support optimal health and boost digestion of your feline friend.

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3. Great Diet for Pregnant and Lactating Dogs

Just as humans, pregnancy puts a lot of stress on your dog’s body. They must not only get sufficient food to sustain their own body but obtaining enough nutrition to support a litter of growing puppies is also crucial. Your mama dog would require some important nutrients such as phosphorus and calcium in her daily diet – especially if she is prone to eclampsia (a.k.a lactose failure.) Providing her with more food is not the answer. In this case, many vets would recommend providing pregnant or lactating females with more protein. No worries, grain-free foods to the rescue! As grain-free kibbles are often rich in protein contents, this will give your female canine the energy and nutrients she needs and keeps her as healthy as possible during and after her pregnancy.

4. Healthy Skin Guaranteed!

Dry, itchy skin spotted on your pet’s skins? Well, grains can cause your pets to suffer these conditions as worse as inflamed skin. If not addressed, this can cause infections and fur loss. To prevent this from happening or becoming worse, it is best to switch your pet’s diet with grain-free formula. A grain-free diet can help keep your pet’s skin in excellent condition. Although grain-free food is low in carbohydrates, it’s rich in Omega 3s and essential vitamins which work wonders on your pet’s skin and coat. For a grain-free option, be sure to check out our North Paw Puppy Grain-Free Dry Food now and enjoy our buy 2 free 1 promotion!  

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4. Eliminate Food Allergies

Grains like wheat, or corn are among the most common food allergens for pets, which means your pets might develop allergies if they were to ingest such ingredients in their diets. Therefore, it makes sense to opt for a grain-free diet that is free of wheat, or corn. This type of diet could help put an end to their food allergy symptoms and improve their quality of life.  

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To Sum It Up

Being outlined above are just five of the many benefits that grain-free pet food can offer. However, it is best to research different options available for your pet, then decide on high-quality pet food that meets all the nutrients your furry companion requires. This is to avoid unnecessary problems that might happen on your pet as grain-free diets are not appropriate for all pets. Some works like a charm, but some might not. Be sure to consult your veterinarian before making any changes to your pet’s diet. Your diligence goes a long way to ensuring your pet’s welfare in the long run.

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