9 Expert Guides to Find Your Missing Pet in Singapore

9 Expert Guides to Find Your Missing Pet in Singapore
Losing your animal companion might be the last thing you wish to happen as a pawrent. As it could be a traumatic experience for both you and your pet, here are 9 guidelines to hopefully reunite you with your pet:  

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1. Stay Calm

If you realized your furry friend has gone missing, do not panic! If you lost it within the last few hours, search the surrounding areas of where you last saw your pet. Try to ask your friends/ family, or even the strangers nearby for any sighting of your missing pet. If possible, try to put yourself in your pet’s shoes, and think whether it will hide or continue running. This method is to help you to “analyze” your pet’s behaviors so you could get the idea of where it might be. As you know pets are often curious, they might just get carried away with any moving objects around you. So, just calm down and think- maybe they are just nearby.  

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2. Make A ‘Lost Pet’ Report

Call the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Singapore at 6287 5355 to report your missing pet as soon as possible. You may also click here to make a Lost/ Found form for your missing pet. If they have successfully received your report, it will be advertised in The Straits Times Classified for two days and on their official website for five days. You should also call the number 1800 289 9988 to advertise in the ‘Lost’ column of the Strait Times.  

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3. Call to Check If Your Pet Has Been Found

If there is still no sign of your pet, make sure to give Animal & Veterinary Service a call at 1800 476 1600. They might have already found and picked up your missing pet. Upon calling, remember to provide a clear description of your missing pet, especially if it has any distinctive physical or character traits. Information such as:
  • Your pet’s name, breed, age, color, sex
  • Description of any special body markings or tags (Collars, license badge, etc.)
  • Where and when your pet went missing

Also, be sure to check the ‘Found’ column of the Straits Times Classified as someone might have found your pet and advertised it.


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4. ‘Lost Pet’ Flyers to Spread the Word

Prepare “Lost Pet” flyers/ notices. Provide a full description of your pet – name, breed, sex, size, colors, or any other significant traits that may help to distinguish your pet easily. Try using a bigger font with brighter colors so that the flyers can be read from a distance. Don’t forget to include a clear photograph of your pet and also your contact number.  

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5. Ask Help from Others

Enlist as many people as possible for your search party – friends, neighbors, family, etc. Furnish them with details and search aids such as your “lost pet” flyers for them to distribute. Consider offering an undisclosed amount of reward for the return of your pet or any information leading to the return of your pet.  

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6. Maximizing Your Effort

With the help of the Internet, you could also post your photos and descriptions of your missing pet on online classified or forums such as Pet Lost & Found Singapore to maximize your effort of searching by asking the online community. You may also ask Lost and Found Service for help in searching for your pet, too!  

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7. Know When & Where You Search

Let’s say you’ve got yourself a search party, knowing where to search at the right place and the right time is crucial, too. Your pet could be hiding or drifting off to the most unlikely places within the compound, or neighborhood. Your furry friend could still be in the house the entire time – behind the fridge, under the bed, upon the roofs or trees, etc. So, be sure to check your house or garden thoroughly before proceeding to search your neighborhood.

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8. Prep Yourself with Handy Tools

Equip some tools might be a good start for you and your search party as well. Especially in the late evening, your lost pet might be frightened and may hide during the day. Thus, a flashlight might come in handy if you ever need to look into dark corners or drains. You should also bring along your pet’s favorite treat and shake it as you call out its name. If your pet has a squeaky toy, bring it with you. It will help to get its attention and find its way to you if your furry kid is nearby.  

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9. A Little Gratitude Goes A Long Way

If you have successfully found your pet, make sure to inform your search party. Remember to take down the notices that you had put up as well- including those on social medias or forums. And most importantly, be sure to thank everyone for their efforts in helping you to locate your missing pet.  

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To Sum It Up

It’s good news that you have found your furry kid. However, it’s best to try to prevent it from happening again! It’s an obligation that falls on your shoulder as a responsible pawrent. - Secure your compound so that your pet doesn’t wander off the property. Ensure that windows, gates, and fences are securely fastened, with no gaps or holes that allow your pet to squeeze through. - Never let your pet roam outside without supervision. If possible, keep it strictly indoor to avoid your pet from wandering off. - Attach an identification tag on your pet’s collar with key information- your phone number and/or your home address. Although you might feel uneasy to leave your personal details on your pet, it makes it easy for someone to contact you if your pet wandered off again. - Consult your vet about microchipping your pet. Make sure the microchip is registered with the AVA and SPCA. With a tiny chip inserted under your pet’s skin, the SPCA and AVA can get in touch with you if your pet went missing. - Sterilize your pet. If your furry kid is sterilized, it will be less likely to wander. Plus, sterilizing your pet may garner a lot of health benefits, too. For more information on other health benefits sterilization could bring to your pet, click here.  

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