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  • Designed For Safety - Uses wireless pumps to ensures safe drinking, preventing electrical leakages.

  • Healthy For Pets - Triple Filtration ensures safe, healthy and fresh drinking water for pets.
  • Pet Friendly - Designed to minimize unnecessary noise which might intimidate pets

  • Durable & Chemical Free - Made with rust-resistant stainless steel, prevents toxic leaches

  • Adjustable Modes - Comes in 3 modes "Smart mode", "Normal mode" and "Night mode". 

  • Energy Saving -  Engage "Smart mode" to minimize electricity consumption
  • Control Via Mobile App - monitors the water and filter status through the PetKit app via bluetooth
  • Huge Water Capacity - Up To 1.8L

1 Year Singapore Local Warranty + Support

Pet Fountain Gen 6 OnlyPet Fountain Gen 6 + 5 Filters
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PETKIT Pet Water Fountain Gen 6 (APP)

Are your pets dehydrated from drinking a lack of water? Fret not, we have the ultimate solution to keep your furry friends hydrated! The PETKIT Pet Water Fountain Gen 6 (APP) is the latest and most advanced model of the PETKIT family of pet water fountains. The Gen 6 was designed with a number of new features to make it the most intelligent and intuitive pet fountain on the market. The Gen 6 can be controlled and monitored through it's mobile app, which allows you to see your pet's water intake, customize their drinking experience, and even set up notifications to remind you when it's time to refill the water bowl. 

Clean Water, Healthier Pets 

Have you ever noticed dust or dirt in your pets water? Keeping your pets hydrated with fresh water plays an essential part in your pets health. Hence, PETKIT pet water fountain gen 6 provides fresh, clean and healthy drinking water for your pets. It features a 3-stage filtration system which includes the carbon filter, coconut shell charcoal filter and ceramic filter to remove impurities and odors from the water. The fountain will automatically dispense filtered water when pets approach it, eliminating the need of manual refilling by you.

Designed for safety

Our PETKIT pet water fountain gen 6 drinking fountain is suitable for all cats and dogs! It was designed with the well-being of pets in mind, to create a safe and convenient way to provide water to your pets. Being a fountain that uses wireless pumps, this ensures that there are no electrical leakages from wires, making it safe for your pets to drink from. 

Control Via Mobile App

Have you ever forget or lack the time to refill your pets water bowl?  Our pet water fountain provides convenience by monitoring the water and filter status through a mobile app via bluetooth. The PETKIT Pet Water Fountain Gen 6 (APP) is designed to monitor your pet's water level and filter life, automatically alerting you when it's time to refill or replace the filter. It also allows you to remotely turn on/off the pump, control the flow speed of the fountain and track your pet's daily water intake all with just a few taps. The PETKIT app is supported by both iOS and Android devices.

Pet Friendly 

This pet fountain was made to be a pet friendly water dispenser for your fur friends. It's design for low noise minimizes unnecessary noise which might intimidate pets, while also preventing unnecessary noise pollution at home. The PetKit Gen 6 Smart Pet Water Drinking Fountain is also designed with a rubberized base that prevents pets from knocking the fountain over.

Durable and chemical free

Our pet water fountain is made with rust-resistant stainless steel, preventing any toxic leaches and ensuring that your pet's water will be toxin free.

Adjustable modes

PETKIT pet water fountain gen 6 offers 3 modes to suit you and your pet's preference!

Normal Mode

The fountain will run continuously until manually stopped. The water runs slowly in this mode and is excellent for dogs that like to drink little by little, or cats that prefer to drink from running water.

Smart Mode

2. Smart mode: the fountain will automatically run for 10 seconds every 15 minutes. The timing can be adjusted accordingly.

Night Mode

This setting is perfect for when you are away because it shuts off after 30 seconds of no activity around the fountain, saving energy and battery life! 

water capacity - 1.8L 

With a total water capacity of up to 1.8L, this fountain can provide your pet with plenty of fresh, clean water all day long. Moreover, the PETKIT app lets you keep track of your pet's water intake and make sure they're always getting the right amount of hydration by alerting you when water supplies are low. 


- Material: 304 Stainless Steel; ABS; Silica Gel; PP

- Product Dimensions: 195*195*148 mm

- Capacity: 1.8L/61oz

People Usually Ask

1. Is the water fountain safe to use?

The PETKIT Pet Water Fountain Gen 6 (APP) is designed to prevent electricity leaches into the water, making it perfectly safe for your pet's water consumption. The  Pump can be easily replaced and cleaned. When the level of the water storage tank is too low, the pump will automatically turn off. The power adapter has a low voltage output of DC 5V. (the adapter should be bought separately).

2. How to choose the mode of the water fountain?

Use the PETKIT application to select the different modes available. The modes depend on the amount water your pet needs. Use normal mode if your pet frequently drinks water. Otherwise , you can use the smart mode.

3. How long should I add or change water?

The refill light will turn on if there is a shortage of water. We recommend  changing the water once every three to four days, and to clean the inner tube, filter sponge, and tray while doing so.

4. How to change the filter and how long should I change the filter?

Turn off the device before physically removing the water storage tray and the filter. After soaking the new filter for more than two minutes, place it on the tray and then fit it back into the water storage tray. To stop the flashing light, turn the device on and then press and hold the main button for 5 seconds.

Filter replacement intervals: once every 2-3 months for smart mode, once every month for normal mode.

5. How to clean the water fountain?

The inner container can be cleaned directly after separating the inner and outer container. Before inserting the inner container back into the outer container, The bottom and outer surface of the inner container must be wiped dry.

6. Why does the water fountain display night mode during the day?

The water fountain identifies day and night based on its light recognition system. If the water fountain is placed in the living room without windows and the surrounding is particularly dark, the water fountain will switch to night mode. 

7. How loud is the water fountain when it is working?

PETKIT automatic water fountains utilizes a DC 5V low voltage energy-efficient water pump which minimizes noise. However, there will still be some slight noise from the pum

Under normal operation, the noise of the dispenser is within 35 decibels.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Anonymous (Singapore)

My dog loves the fountain and it seems to be very good with energy saving as well. Using for a week and do far it's been great!

Dear customer, thanks for the kind feedback!

Mohamed F. (Singapore)
Silent and easy to clean

One of the best water fountain for pet/cat. It is very silent which does not scare my cat away. Easy to assemble and clean the internals. Built quality is also very decent for its price point.

Having smart mode which reduce its duty cycle by half is good to preserve the filter and electricity. Now my cat drink from this fountain!

Overall, we love this fountain although the price is a bit steep. But for its feature, quality and silent motor, it's worth it. Only thing I will have to budget some $ for the monthly filter change

Dear customer, thanks for the kind feedback!