Labivet Probiotics Supplements

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  • Tasty Probiotics For Both Dogs & Cats
  • 100% Safe Ingredients
  • Human-grade Manufacturing Process

Choose Between 3 Unique Formulas Made For Common Problems

  • Skin & Gut Health - Improves Skin Health & Immunity 
  • Joint & Gut Health - Improves Joint & Immunity
  • Oral & Gut Health - Improves Oral & Immunity 
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Flavours: Skin & Gut

Is your pet getting up there in years? No problem! Labivet Probiotics Supplements will help keep them healthy and spry. These probiotics are perfect for pets who need skin and gut health support, joint and gut health support, or oral and gut health support. WithLabivet Probiotics Supplements, you can trust that your pet is getting the best possible care.

Tasty Probiotics For Both Cats & Dogs

No more struggling and war between you and your pet just to make them eat healthy with Labivet Probiotics Supplements! Labivet Probiotics Supplements is an easy way to give your pet the probiotics they need as it is carefully made according to a pet's taste buds ensuring that any pet whether a dog or cat will love it! With our delicious and nutritious probiotic formula, your pet will have everything they need to stay happy and healthy.

100% Safe Ingredients

Made sure to use ingredients that are not harmful to your pets.

Human-grade Manufacturing Process

Labivet is manufactured in keeping with the sanitary requirements for human health and wellbeing products.

Clinical & Patented Functional Raw Materials

Labivet is completely safe and meets all safety standards, as well as being certified by the US, EU, and South Korea.

Optimized Portions That Maximizes The Effectiveness

Labivet has a percentage of vitamins and minerals that is prescribed to ensure the greatest effectiveness.

Manufactured In A Clean Environment Safely Certified By HACCP

Labivet Probiotics Supplements are manufactured in a clean environment that is safely certified by HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point). This ensures that not only Labivet has 100% safe ingredients for pets but it is also made in a sanitized environment making sure that the product is safe and clean for your pets to digest!

Feeding Guidelines

Please follow the daily feeding amount

Dogs or cats below 20kg

1 sachet per day

Dogs or cats over 20kg

2 sachets per day


It can be good to feed with or without other food or snack, even mixing with water!

* When you feed one sachet in several times, please feed it all shortly (recommended to consume within three days)

* Please follow the daily feeding amount. If not, the excess fiber of the product will cause diarrhea

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