Automatic Cat Litter Box For All Cat Owners

Are you TIRED of having to scoop litter for your cats everyday? Time to get an automatic cat litter box for effortless and manageable life! Great sensor detection system is also being used for your cat's safety! 

Automatic Cat Litter Box Designed Simply For Your Cats

Automatic Self-Cleaning Technology

Automatically separates dirty clumps and leaving cat litter box with only clean litter for you! You don't have to clean your cat's waste everyday anymore!!!

Trash Bin Full Notification

You will always get a notification when the trash bin is full! Now you can just sit back and relax!

APP Control

IOS and Android friendly! Everything can be monitored with just an App now!

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Automatic Cat Litter Box Feature Comparison

PETREE Automatic Cat Litter Box WIFI Model Gen 1 Model

PETREE Automatic Cat Litter Box Gen 2 WIFI Model

Retail Price



Cat Litter Compatibility

clumping clay/sand only

All types of cat litters including tofu, wood, clay, corn, pine, etc.


63.5x58.42x53.34 (cm)

52x52x64 (cm)

Time taken before changing cat litter

3-4 days

7-11 days

Trash Limit

Trash Bin Position


Back Trash Bin


Bottom Trash Bin (more convenient)

One Touch Button to Empty

All Cat Litter

Deodorant Deodorization

Mobile App Control

Trash Bin Full Notification

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Impressive Cat Litter Box For Cats

just opened it and surprised at hw spacious the inside is! def can fit my fat cat! comes with litter mat & litter, which is a nice surprise.. and also a pair of deodoriser ! excited to let my cats try it!

- mazzie1109

Return Customer for Pet Fountain

2nd purchase from this seller, fast and efficient!... Seller is very helpful and responsive... Answers to all my repetitive questions 😂.. Thank you seller for the free gifts too! Definitely coming back to this store!

- irieflyva

Fast Delivery & Good Service

Item came already assembled. Just plug on and its ready to go. Fast delivery and product works fine.

- azilsorosliza

Cat Litter Box For All Cats

Item very bulky. Came with mat and litter.
Seller was very helpful also
- atiqqahh