Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Pets Spayed or Neutered

Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Pets Spayed or Neutered
As responsible pet owners, we always want the best for our pets. The best food, the best bed, the best toys. However, when it comes to the best health decisions, not most people would ever consider spaying/ neutering their pets. Most pet owners are reluctant to go through this due to the high-cost spay/neuter services. The reality is that the cost of providing sufficient care to your spayed/ neutered pets is often higher than the cost of spaying/ neutering.   Let’s understand more about spaying and neutering, and what it does to your pets. Spaying means the removal of the ovaries and uterus of your female pet – which requires minimal hospitalization and offers great health benefits; while Neutering means the removal of the testicles of your male dogs/ cats – which will improve their behaviors and keep them close to home   Although the process might be costly, it could be the best decision that you have made for your pets’ long-term welfare. Still not convinced? Here are the top 9 reasons why you should have your pets spayed/ neutered!  

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1. Spaying and Neutering Are Good for Your Community

By doing so, it could vastly reduce the number of animals on the streets as stray animals pose a problem in many parts of the community. They could cause car accidents, damage the local fauna and frighten children.  

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2. Spaying and Neutering Will Not Make Your Pets Fat

Most people believe in this excuse as to not have their pets spayed/ neutered, but NO!  Spaying/ Neutering won’t make your pets fat, but lack of exercise and overfeeding can guarantee your pets to gain extra pounds. It is best to continue providing an adequate amount of exercise and monitor their food intake in order to keep them fit and trim.  

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3. Spaying Guarantees a Longer, Healthier Life for Your Female Pets

Spaying could help to prevent breast cancer and uterine infections of your female pets as these diseases are fatal. It’s more advisable to spay your pet before her first heat to offer better protection from these diseases.  

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4. Neutered Male Pets Have Better Health Benefits

Neutering your male pets helps to prevent testicular cancer and also prevents unwanted litters.  

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5. Neutering Keeps Your Male Close to Home

Keeping a male pet from finding a mate seems impossible. They would do just about anything to get themselves out of the house to find their mate. Once they are free to roam outside the house, they would risk themselves getting injured in traffic or involving in fights with other males.  

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6. Your Spayed Females Won’t Go Into Heat

Female felines usually go into heat four to five days every three weeks during the breeding season. While cycles can vary depending on types of felines, they will often yowl and urinate more from time to time in an attempt to attract other males for breeding.  

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7. Early Neutering Will Make Your Male Behaved Better

Early neutering your male companions can avoid complications such as aggression, excessive barking and, roaming. Neutered cats and dogs often focus more on their human families instead of running around the house, spraying their urine to mark their territories.  

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8. Spaying and Neutering Packs Punch in Fighting Pet Overpopulation

There have been reports all over the years about millions of cats and dogs of all breeds are suffering as strays – or even worse, being euthanized. Therefore, spaying and neutering your pets could help prevent unplanned litters, which will contribute to the overall population of stray pets wandering around your area.  

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9. Spaying and Neutering Contributes High Efficiency in Long-Term Costs

Caring for your pets which are diagnosed with cancers or other diseases could cost you a fortune, much more than what you have paid for your pet’s spay/ neuter surgery. Serious fighting is common between unneutered males that might lead to critical injuries. This incurs high veterinary costs to take care of your pets’ wounds and sometimes, diets as well.  

To Sum It Up

Millions of pet death each year is avoidable and also an unnecessary tragedy. By spaying or neutering your pets, you can contribute in curbing this problem from happening in the future. So, if you are still considering whether or not to have your pets spayed/ neutered, I hope this handy list could persuade. And, if you have decided to do so, make sure to let your family and friends know that they should do the same.

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