How to Groom your Pet at Home

How to Groom your Pet at Home
A groomed pet is a happy pet. Sometimes we bring our pet to professional groomers to have our pet clean and fluffy, but who says we can't do it on our own! Grooming your pet at home can save you some cost and have you enjoy some quality time to get intimate with your pet. At-home-grooming may be tricky at first if your pet is not used to being handled and that is why we are here with some routine that can help your pet get comfortable for their grooming session!  

Basic Grooming Tools

Schnauzer puppy and  hands with different groomer tools isolated on white Premium Photo Proper grooming tools are a must before we start our grooming journey. It is advised for you to have tools that are designed for pets for their safety. Try calming your pet with some treats If they seem nervous when you're handling them. Reassure and praise them for staying calm, giving rewards to your pet will ensure them to associate grooming as a pleasant experience instead of a horrifying one.  

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1. Brushing and Combing

There are different choices of brushes suitable for your pet depending on their length of hair. Using a metal pin brush for pets with long hair will help you get rid of their tangled hair easily. Bristle brush would be a better choice for pets with short hair. Be aware and avoid brushing too harshly as this would cause irritation to your pet's skin. You can brush your pet as often of 2-3 times per week and you can also check for ticks and fleas during your brushing stages. Read more on how to prevent ticks and fleas on your pets.  

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2. Bathing your Pet

It is important to use shampoo designed for pets as shampoo for human might contain harmful substances towards pets. When bathing your cat or dog, ensure to have the temperature of the water lukewarm and not hot.  Always take note to avoid spraying water directly on your pet's eyes, ears, and nose.  

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3. Eye Care

Cleaning your pet's eyes is important to prevent infection or discomfort. Use a cotton ball or cotton pad to wipe away booger or tear stain from the corner of the eye. Cut out long hairs that would possibly block your pet's vision with scissors. When doing so, always be ready to pull away when your pet moves.  

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4. Ear Care

You can use a cotton pad to gently wipe away any debris or earwax on your pet's ear. Clean only the out ear area and never attempt to probe inside your pet's ear. it may cause trauma or infection.  

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5. Dental Care

Use cotton swabs or a small toothbrush to clean your pet's teeth. If you wish to use toothpaste, make sure to get toothpaste formulated for pets.  

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6. Hair Trimming

Grooming tools like pet shaver or scissors are great to trim off excess hair of your pet. When trimming, always have your pet's hair dry and not damp. Smartpaw has a complete set of grooming tools of low vibration and quiet design pet shaver with different lengths of cuts, scissors, and comb. It is crucial to have your other hand feeling the edges of your pet's ear so that you'll know that you are only cutting the hair.  

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7. Trimming Pet's Nails

There are two types of tools you can you to trim your pet's nails, clippers or nail grinder. Nail grinder would be recommended if you are not a professional groomer due to it able to reduce the risk of cutting the claws too short.  Before you start trimming the nails, prep your pet by slowing rubbing their paws. If you are using nail grinder, on it first and have your pet accustom to the sound of the grinder. Smartpaw pet nail grinder has whisper-quiet technology, allowing only low noise of less than 50 dB which can protect your pets from fear, anxiety, and stress. For those pets with white claws, trim or clip the nails until you see a pink dot. As for the pet with black claws, clip until you see a black dot on the tip. If you accidentally snip too deeply, it may bleed, you can apply some styptic powder to stop the bleeding.  

How to Groom Your Cat

How to Groom Your Dog  

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