Comparison Review: Skymee Petalk II and Furbo

Comparison Review: Skymee Petalk II and Furbo

Pet cameras are now becoming popular among pet owners. As you leave the house for work or for some errands, you can’t stop thinking about your worries about your loyal fur babies getting anxious, craving for some company, barking or yelling nonstop or worse, destructing your home.

For some, pet cameras are a necessity as their pets cannot be left alone on their own. With pet cameras, you can monitor what’s going on in your house and what’s keeping your pet busy while you’re away from home. Hearing your voice will comfort them when they’re feeling lonely and getting treats through a dispenser will make them feel that your presence is there at all times.

Let’s talk about two very similar pet cameras, Furbo and Skymee Petalk II. We’re going to discuss the differences and similarities among these two pet cameras, in terms of camera, field of view, design, treat dispenser, history recording and more. What you want for a pet camera is more than just a camera, you need something that provides the best interaction as we’re talking about anxious pets after all. 

Design and Size

Skymee Petalk II and Furbo differs slightly in size and dimension. With a 2.92 lbs weight, Petalk II is 3 inches taller, 5 inches wider, and 0.83 lbs heavier than Furbo. When it comes to sturdiness, Petalk II can withstand physical force better than Furbo so pet owners who have larger dogs will no longer worry about their pet knocking things over.

In terms of design, Petalk II has a sleek, minimalist look because of its curvy, compact design while Furbo sports a scandinavian chic aesthetic. Both pet cameras come in white colors only.

Winner: Petalk II


Skymee Petalk II pet camera offers motion detection when your dog is caught moving in the camera. You can monitor when your pet is destructing your furniture, feels bored or if they’re playing by themselves. If you miss the push notification, you can check the videos on the history list, which will be detailed later. On the other hand, Furbo comes with a bark alert without a subscription. It will detect when your pet is barking, making noises, or if they want to have a companion. There’s an additional smart alert on their subscription that can distinguish sounds and motions and able to detect humans. It is a paid subscription which might be costly in the long run. If you opt to subscribe, you will get smart alerts like dogie selfie alert, person alert and dog activity alert.

Winner: Furbo

Treat Dispenser

Unlike Furbo, Petalk II has meow and bark noises when treats are coming. Pet owners can visit the setting and change the sounds. This will make your pet feel excited and look forward to facing the camera whenever they hear a meow or bark noises.

If you want to dispense varying treats, Skymee Petalk II pet camera  has a feed tray that comes in two sizes for small and large kibbles. It can store up to 100 treats as long as they’re 0.6cm – 1.1cm in size. Furbo doesn’t come in varying treats but its storage can hold 100 pieces of treats as well.

Winner: Petalk II

Camera and Audio

A winning feature for Petalk II is its rotating body. It has a 180 wide-angle view with a 4x digital zoom function but it has better and complete coverage of your home. Meanwhile, Furbo has a 160-degree wide-angle view, slightly wider but limited view than Petalk II. Both have 1080p cameras which allow pet owners to view their pet’s activity in HD mode. They both have night-vision too so if your pet wakes up at night, you can check what’s going on. Two-way communication is a standard for both cameras, which is a necessary feature if you want to talk to your pet and ease their anxiety.   

Winner: Petalk II

Wireless charging

Petalk II is not just a pet camera but it has a wireless charging feature for all Qi-enabled device from Samsung, LG, Sony, iPhone and more. This is a nice addition for when you need a quick recharge of your phone, however this is not available for Furbo pet cameras.

Winner: Petalk II

History Recording

If you miss the push notifications, you can browse the history because all videos are recorded automatically on Petalk II. You can record moments II4/7 and never miss a thing. Furbo, on the other hand, allows cloud recording without free-trial subscription for 90 days. Without the trial, you will need to manually record the video or take a screenshot as you open the app.

Winner: Petalk II

Multiple log-in

Another feature missing on Furbo is multiple log-in on its app. Petalk II allows family members and friends to watch and talk to your pet all at the same time. Whether you’re on a vacation or have separate homes, you can share moments with your pets real-time. Say, you’re busy and you want to ask your friend or your family to check on your pet thru the app, they can watch over your pet and do some pet sitting.

Winner: Petalk II


Both cameras are easy to set up. Download the app, set up your device and connect it to the wifi and you’re done.

Winner: Draw

Bottom Line

*Drull roll...* and the winner is Skymee Petalk II Pet Camera ! We have made a in depth comparision between these two pet cameras and Skymee Petalk II is clearly the winner when it comes to the best performing pet camera without burning a hole in your wallet! Before buying your first or next camera, make sure that you're getting the best value for your money. 

Ready for your pet camera? Visit this page to learn more. 

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