9 Cute Moments of Celebrities and their Pets

9 Cute Moments of Celebrities and their Pets
From birthday to their favorite brunch place, we always want to know more about the celebrities we adore. You might even know how their parents and siblings look like. But let's not forget, pets are part of the family too! And that is why today we are going to dive deep about your favorite movie star with their fur babies - from cats to dogs and even the exotics. Here's 9 cute moments of celebrities and their pets!   Image result for hugh jackman pets

1. Hugh Jackman's adorable dogs - Dali and Allegra

You would've imagined Hollywood Superstar Hugh Jackman with a large dog, but no, he owns not one, but two of these little fellows! Just look at him chilling on the beachside with Dali (French Bulldog) and Allegra (Poodle Terrier Mix).    

2. Taylor Swift Purr-fect Kitties

Knowing that Celebrity Taylor Swift is starring in the movie 'Cats', there's no surprise that she love pets and is a cat lover. Taylor Swift owns three cats - Meredith, Olivia, and Benjamin. The cat in the photo is Benjamin and this cute Ragdoll was first introduced in Taylor Swift's music video 'ME!'. Just as Taylor Swift likes including easter eggs in the MV, there's a hidden meaning towards her pet's name too, they're all named after movie and tv shows characters! Meredith was named after Meredith Grey from Grey's Anatomy, Olivia was named after Olivia Benson from Law & Order, and Benjamin was named after Benjamin Button from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.   Image result for ariana grande dogs

3. Ariana Grande - The More the Merrier

You can count on Ariana Grande on hitting those insanely high notes, and you can also count on her on having a big heart! Ariana Grande adopted 6 dogs during here 2015's The Honeymoon Tour Concert, but that's not all, those are just the dogs she adopted during her concert tour. She actually owned 14 pets as of 2020, and we're not just talking about dogs, she owns two goats and one pet pig too! Check out the full list here!  

4. Nat Ho - Actor, Singer, and a Cat Cuddler

If you follow his Instagram, this multi-talented Singaporean Artist frequently expresses his love for his cute feline friend Kymmi. Not just that, he's also a responsible owner, as Kymmi is 11-year-old senior cat, he would remind his followers to get their pet on yearly check-ups especially for older cats and also encourage the importance of sterilization for pets.   Image result for kendall jenner dog

5. Kendall Jenner and her Workout Buddy

They say the pet you choose can say a lot about you, look at Kendall Jenner and her Doberman Pinscher, those long sleek legs are no jokes! You can check out the list of pets that the Kardashians own here.  

Image result for paul rudd dog

6. Ant-Man is now Paw Man

We all love Paul Rudd as Ant-Man and Paul Rudd loves his pup. He's often seen taking his puppy out for a stroll at New York City!   Image result for katy perry dog

7. Katy Perry and her Micro Teacup Poodle

Wherever Katy Perry goes, Nugget follows. Celebrities Katy Perry brings her pet teacup poodle everywhere she goes, from election to American Idol. The love of fans towards Nugget so much they even created an Instagram fan account dedicated to this little buddy!   Image result for justin bieber monkey

8. Justin Bieber - Who doesn't want a pet monkey?

Justin Bieber used to own an endangered Capuchin Monkey Mally, he received it as a gift from a friend. They had their days but Mally is now confiscated by customs in Germany due to lack of proof to vaccination records and legal ownership. Mally is now currently living in Germany's local Zoo.  

9. Mike Tyson

If anybody can own a tiger, it should be Mike Tyson. He used to own 3 Bengal Tigers; two girls named Kenya and Storm and a male tiger named Boris. Mike Tyson once revealed that his big cats cost him $4000 per month!  

Big or Small, Pets gotta Eat

And they gotta eat on time! Celebrities always have a packed schedule for their concert, movie shoot, and recordings. They cannot bring their pet with them everywhere but that doesn't stop them from getting a pet. With a pet feeder, you wouldn't have to worry about your pet's meal. You can customize your pet feeding schedule anytime, anywhere with Bupurr Basic Pet Feeder. It also has a built-in voice recorder to make pet care more efficient.   https://www.sgsmartpaw.com/products/smartpaw-basic-pet-feeder/ Source: Marie Claire , Swirlster  

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