Troubleshooting Guide

Petree Automatic Cat Litter Box Gen 1

If you are facing technical issues with your Smartpaw product, please refer to the following troubleshooting guide provided below.

Unable to connect to Tuya Smart App?


1. Ensure that your Bluetooth is Enabled

  • Go to your phone settings and turn on Bluetooth for the Tuya Smart App.
  • Enabling Bluetooth enhances the accuracy of network distribution.

2. Make sure Network Mode is activated on the Cat Litter Box

  • Power on the device and hold the button for more than 3 seconds.
  • Add the device on the phone again.
  • The Wi-Fi page should appear on screen when it is in network mode.
  • Enter the Wi-fi password, ensuring it is correct.

Following these steps should resolve the connectivity issues with your Petree Gen 1 Litter Box.

Cat Litter Bin is always indicated as "Full" even though it has been emptied.


1. Clean the light sensors

  • Use a paper towel to wipe the black and white lights positioned on the left and right sides above the dumpster.
  • Accumulated dust may obstruct these lights, causing the small lights to indicate 'Full.'

2. Ensure the two small lights sensors are aligned

  • Inspect whether the white and black lights are aligned horizontally.
  • Misalignment of lights can erroneously trigger the full indicator on the trash bin. Adjust as necessary to ensure they are in a straight line.

Follow these steps to solve the "Full" indicator issue of your Petree Gen 1 Litter Box.

Weight Value Inaccuracy Issue


1. Ensure Proper Placement

  • Confirm that the weighing feet of the litter box are positioned on a level and sturdy surface.
  • Ensure all four feet are firmly grounded.

2. Restart Device

  • If you have recently added litter to the box or emptied the trash can, power off the device for 15 seconds.
  • Restart the device to recalibrate.

Follow the steps above to solve any weight sensor issue.

Screen stuck on GO and STOP Button Loop


1. Check for Deformities on Top Cover

  • Examine the top cover of the litter box for any deformities.
  • Ensure the circular sphere is not stuck.

Litter Box stuck in Non-Stop STOP, WAIT and GO Modes


1. Contact SmartPaw for a Background Data Analysis

  • In Tuya Smart App> Settings Logo> Device Information>Virtual ID> Copy.
  • Email us the Virtual ID at
  • Our technical team will conduct background data analysis to determine whether the magnet sensing mechanism is functioning correctly.

Follow the above troubleshooting steps if your Petree Gen 1 Litter Box is stuck while continuously changing modes.

Litter Box Stuck in Continuous Rotation


1. Ensure Correct Assembly and Installation of Sphere

  • Ensure that the rotating sphere is installed correctly and screws (circled in red in picture attached) are tightened securely and positioned correctly.

2. Inspect for Deformities on Top Cover

  • Examine the top cover of the litter box for any deformities.
  • Ensure the circular sphere is not stuck.

Follow the steps above to solve non-stop rotation of Litter Boxes.

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