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**This is a clearance item with shorter expiry. Expiry date is 22 November 2020.**

This pet food nurture pro nourish lamb consists of a single concentrated protein source from premium lamb, iron, and zinc to support the regeneration of new cells. Excellent for sensitive stomach. It comes with 3 sizes 4lb (1.8kg), 12.5lb (5.6kg) and 26lb (11.7kg).

  • Single protein source PREMIUM LAMB
  • Hypoallergenic formulated for dogs with sensitive stomach
  • Iron and Zinc for regeneration of new cells
  • Linoleic acids to reduce fats and increase lean muscles
  • Strengthens immune systems
  • Promotes healthy weight and well-developed joints
  • Minimizes / Eliminates odor
  • Fortified with additional prebiotics, probiotics, and 12 natural herbs
  • Poultry free
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    **This is a clearance item with shorter expiry. Expiry date is 02 December 2020.**

    Nurture Pro Nourish Life Alaskan Salmon Formula is catered is suitable for indoor kitten & adult cat. Nurture Pro created a formula to give them complete nutrition while helping them to manage a healthy weight. With Coconut Oil, our formula can help control hairball problems as a result of an increase in indoor grooming. It comes with 3 sizes 300gm (300g), 4lb (1.8kg) and 12.5lb (5.7kg).

  • Alaskan Salmon as 1st ingredient – Rich in Vitamin B6 and B12
  • Cranberries and Blueberries that provide phytonutrients while supporting urinary tract health
  • Low levels of Ash and Magnesium that prevents feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD)
  • Chia Seeds – Providing 3x more Omega 3 than Salmon while promoting lustrous fur coat
  • Taurine to prevent further retinal and immune degeneration
  • Coconut Oil to help cats to effectively manage hairball issues
  • NO Wheat, Soy and Corn
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