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  • User Friendly -Easy To Use, Suitable For All Cats & Dogs Of Different Fur Lengths

  • Pet Friendly -Ensures Grooming In Comfort

  • Safety Feature -Clippers Designed To Prevent Overheating
  • Time Saving -Easy To Disassemble And Clean

  • Designed For Maximum Effectiveness -Comes As A Five-In-One Professional Grooming Vacuum

  • Zero Stress With Minimum Sound

  • Adjustable Suction Power

  • Removes Fur Easily -Comes With Three Speed Modes

  • Space Saving Design -Hose And Cord Can Be Twined For Easy Storage

1 Year Singapore Local Warranty + Support

  • FAQS

Neabot Pet Grooming P1 Pro 

Looking for a pet-friendly grooming solution that won't leave your furry friend feeling stressed? Look no further! We have the ultimate grooming solution for your fur babies. The Neabot Pet Grooming P1 Pro is the perfect tool for grooming all cats and dogs of different fur lengths. Unlike traditional home grooming tools which causes a mess, the P1 Pro grooming kit's vacuum function collects 99% of pet hair into a vacuum container while trimming and brushing hair, which can keep your home clean.

Easy To Use

The Neabot Pet Grooming P1 Pro's user-friendly design makes it easy to use, even for first-time pet groomers, while its suitability for all cats and dogs makes it a versatile tool that can be used. The P1 Pro's powerful motor ensures quick, efficient grooming, and its interchangeable heads make it suitable for pets of all sizes and fur lengths.

Groom safely in Comfort

The Neabot Pet Grooming P1 Pro is a pet-friendly grooming tool that ensures your furry friend remains comfortable during the entire process. With its ergonomic design, the P1 Pro is easy to grip and provides a steady stream of air to quickly and easily remove unwanted hair. Moreover, the Neabot Pet Grooming P1 Pro Clippers are designed with safety in mind. The clippers have a built-in safety feature that prevents them from overheating, so you can groom your pet with peace of mind. The P1 Pro Clippers are also professional-grade, so you can trust them to get the job done right.

The Neabot is a pet grooming device that values saving time and space. It’s easy to use, clean and maintain. The Neabot allows you to wrap the vacuum hose around the device which proves to be effective in saving space. Moreover, cleaning the Neabot has never been made easier!  

Removes Fur easily With Three Speed Modes 

The Neabot Pet Grooming P1 Pro is the perfect solution for dealing with excess pet fur. The trimming tool will easily remove the excess fur that might be making them uncomfortable in high temperature. And of course, the vacuum cleaner tidies as it goes, with nothing to clean up later. This is a must-have tool for any pet owner!

Captures 99% Loose Hair With Ease 

Ohe ultimate 5 In one pet grooming kit keeps your furry friend clean and well-groomed. With its powerful suction, it can remove 99% of biowastes, including dust, mites, hair, fur, allergens, and more. It also collects 99% of pet hair into a vacuum container while trimming and brushing hair. The Neabot Pet Grooming P1 Pro  is the perfect solution for keeping your pet healthy and looking great.

Designed For Maximum Effectiveness

Weekly De-shed

From de-shedding to drawing out natural oils to preventing painful matting and hot spots. Your dog or cat's fur will be soft, shiny, and oh-so-stylish - just like they deserve to be

Comfortable For Your Dog Or Cat

From de-shedding to drawing out natural oils to preventing painful matting and hot spots. Your dog or cat's fur will be soft, shiny, and oh-so-stylish - just like they deserve to be

Easily Remove Heavy Undercoat

Comes wtih pet brush designed with thin metal bristles to quickly and easily remove all that loose hair, leaving your pet feeling comfortable and relaxed. It works great on medium to long-haired dogs and cats, so you can rest assured that your pet will be looking and feeling their best. 

Quick Release Button

The quick release button makes it easy to brush your hair and get the tangles out without having to deal with a lot of pain or struggling. 

What Neabot's Customers Are Saying


People Usually Ask

1. What can I control in the modes?

Four modes are available : Cozy-dry and Quick-dry Mode You can customize timer/speed/temperature in Cozy-dry and Quick-dry Mode. You can customize the speed in Cool Mode, and you can customize the speed and temperature in Heat Mode.

2. Do you have a larger size?

Homerun - Automatic Pet Fur Drying Machine only comes in one size, and we have told our R&D department. And hopefully, bigger sizes will be developed and launched.

3. What sizes of pets can your pet dryer fit?

Here are some references which are verified by our R&D Engineers:

- It is suitable for two pets (cats or dogs) with an average of 13 lbs/5.8kg.

- A 20lbs/9.07kg cat can fit into Homerun - Automatic Pet Fur Drying Machine.

- A 15 lbs/6.8kg puppy or small-sized dog can also fit, but not for our adult corgi that is around 33lbs.

- The capacity is 50L or 13 gal.

External Dimension:

467*437*436 mm

18.4*17.2*17.1 inches

4. What is the weight of your pet dryer?

The net weight for Homerun - Automatic Pet Fur Drying Machine is 8.8kg or 19.4 lbs. and the gross weigh is around 23.8lbs/ 10.8kg.

5. Can I fully dry my pet using Homerun - Automatic Pet Fur Drying Machine?

A big yes! Homerun - Automatic Pet Fur Drying Machine's airflow comes from the bottom to maximize drying performance, which the heat flows effectively dry hard-to-reach areas in pets.

6. How long will it take to dry my pet?

The specific drying time might vary depending on the breed and weight. In most cases, Homerun - Automatic Pet Fur Drying Machine can fully dry one pet within 45 minutes under the strongest quick-drying mode. The default timer for quick-dry mode is 60 mins, cozy-dry mode is 120 mins. You can set the timer according to your needs in the setting or on your app. We recommend you always start with a towel dry to get most of the moisture off just like what we do after a shower, and your paw friend can spend less time in drying.

7. Will it be too hot for my pet?

The answer is no. The highest temperature that can be set is 40 ℃/104 ℉, which is just slightly higher than normal body temperature 101.0 to 102.5°F (38.3 to 39.2°C) for cats and dogs. You can customize the precise temperature (From 16°C to 40°C/ 60°F to 104°F) using the LCD panel or the app we developed. It also has six sets of thermal and electric sensors coupled with our temperature-regulation technology to make the cabin safe and comfy for pets to dry. We always recommend pet parents start with the a Lower Speed and a Lower Temperature to give your pet some time to get used to it and level up later step by step.

8. Does it fit two cats?

Yes, Homerun - Automatic Pet Fur Drying Machine is suitable for two cats weighing an average of 12 lbs. (5.4kg).

9. What about the noise level?

Our R&D team understands how noise can affect your fur babies, and we have spent a lot of time and effort figuring out how to cancel the noise to the maximum. So we reduced the noise by improving the air paths, and Homerun - Automatic Pet Fur Drying Machine operates at 40dB (equivalent to a quiet library) in gentler cozy-dry mode and less than 60dB ( equivalent to a normal conversation )even in the loudest quick-dry mode. It's much quieter than a conventional human dryer (>78dB).

10. What is power consumption?

The maximum power of Homerun - Automatic Pet Fur Drying Machine is 900W, which is about 0.35 kilowatt-hour when drying a pet in normal use. In fan mode, it costs about 0.3 kWh (maximum speed), warmer mode costs about 2 kWh a day when the room temperature is low, the cost will be relatively higher.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Faizah S (Singapore)
Worth every penny!

I got it because my cat has always been shy towards strangers and the thought of sending her off to get shaved has always induced fear in me. Saw an ad for this product and decided to give it a go. It was almost effortless to get started. The only downside was I wished they had some sort of "shaving for dummies" guide for newbies like me who has a super fluffy cat. All in all, I love the product and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for something easy to start with.

Anonymous (Singapore)
Wish this was invented earlier

This device is great for pet owners with medium/long fur & if you want to save money on sending your pet to the groomers. I usually send my dogs for a summer cut every few months and now I can groom my dogs on my own, in my own home, without creating a huge mess.

Nursha (Singapore)
Messy Free

Love the neabot so much,with neabot my cat fur won't be flying all over the house,while grooming,thank u smartpaw for the fast delivery.

Ray (Singapore)

Cats love it. Very soothing and smooth. Recommend to all pet owners to get one. Thank you Smartpaw.