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7 Tips on How to Help your Pet with Joint Pain

Joint pain don’t just occur to senior pets only, some young pets may also suffer from stiff joints. Arthritis and joint inflammation are quite common in pets and you might just save them from a lot of pain by catching it earlier. If you suspect your pet is suffering from joint pain, bring them to […]

9 Cute Moments of Celebrities and their Pets

From birthday to their favorite brunch place, we always want to know more about the celebrities we adore. You might even know how their parents and siblings look like. But let’s not forget, pets are part of the family too! And that is why today we are going to dive deep about your favorite movie […]

9 Best Valentine Movies for Animal Lovers

It feels like we just celebrated the new year, but can you believe it? We’re in February and Valentine’s day is in 7 days! If you’re still wondering how to spend your time on this special day, be it with your lover, friends, families or even your pets, we have a list of best Valentine […]

7 Ways to Cope with the Loss of your Pet

How to cope with the loss of your pet? It is never easy, your pets are always happy to see you and welcome you home after a long tiring day of work. They give you everything and ask for nothing more than your love and attention. And that is why it makes it more difficult […]

7 Best Dog Breed for your Family and Kids

There are more than 200 dog breeds in the world, so how do you know which dog is perfect for you and your family? Every dog has a different personality, size, and diet. You want to make sure you have completed research about the dog breeds you’re considering before you take them home because they […]

7 Ways to Keep Pets Calm During the Holidays!

Keep pets calm during the holidays

The holidays can be stressful not only to us humans but also to our pets! The crowded parties, loud music, decorations, and change in routine can cause anxiety to your pets. We do not notice all the signs of stress they go through, that’s why it’s important to find ways to avoid stressing them out. Especially the fireworks and the change in the activities during the holidays. Some pets may have an obvious reaction towards the stressors and some would just look like their normal selves but are actually in distress. It’s always best to be prepared to avoid problems and keep pets calm and happy during your festivities!

7 Fun Ways to Celebrate the Holidays With Your Pets

The festive season is here! Beautiful lights around us, merry songs tickling our ears, and joy in the air. It’s high time to spend the holidays with your family and yes that means with your pets, too! There are so many ways to make the holidays extra special for you and your pets. Aside from giving them perfectly wrapped presents, you can keep your pets a part of the holiday festivities by keeping them engaged in fun activities! There are several ways to make the festive season memorable for you and your furbaby. 

A guide to pet insurance in Singapore!

Pet insurance is becoming popular in Singapore as the demand is continually increasing. As a pet parent, you know how nice it is to be greeted by a tail wag, sloppy puppy kisses, and adorable purring. It goes without saying that we should keep them treat them like a true member of the family. The urge to give their pets the best experience and beautiful life have gotten greater over the years. More services in Singapore have popped up to help pet parents effectively care for their pets; one of which is insurance coverage! Yes, insurance companies now offer policies for your cats and dogs.

Basic first aid for pets that every pet owners should know!

To help care for pets, learning first aid should be necessary for pet owners. When we become pet parents, we are responsible for their well-being. We should become aware of the basic actions to take in case we face a pet-related emergency. This should include understanding your pet’s condition (especially when they are not looking and feeling well), checking their vital signs, and learning preventative measures for your cats and dogs. As pet owners learning how to respond to critical emergencies such as wounds, bleeding, fractures, breathing and cardiac emergencies.

13 Dangerous food that your pet should avoid!

Cat and Dog eating off of a plate

It may be fun to give your pets’ food that you love and enjoy, but unfortunately, it could be dangerous for them! You don’t know what you might be feeding your pet dangerous food they should avoid. Some of these foods might surprise you. You must become an informed pet owner to keep your pets alive and healthy. Animals have a different way of breaking down food than us humans.