PetWant Smart Pet Feeder PF 103 In-Depth User Setup Guide & FAQ ( Product Phased Out)

by Dean Tan on January 07, 2017

This is the PetWant Smart Pet Feeder In-Depth User Setup Guide & FAQ!( Product Phased Out>

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PetWant Smart Pet Feeder Parts Breakdown

Parts Description of PetWant Smart Pet Feeder


Steps By Steps Setting Up Of PetWant Smart Pet Feeder

  1. Press the lock button, to open up the transparent cover.

  2. Fix the food tray into the smart pet feeder

  3. Put 3 x Size D Batteries(provided by SmartPaw) into the smart pet feeder at the bottom of the smart pet feeder
    *It is optional to install 3 X Size-D batteries but it highly recommended. This step acts as the external power supply in case of power cut, it ensures the scheduled feeding to be dispensed on time. *Other features will require AC adapter and WIFI to work*  

  4. Turn on the power switch at the bottom of the smart pet feeder 

  5. Plug AC Adapter to a power port and switching it on 

Steps By Steps Pairing Of Mobile Phone To The PetWant Smart Pet Feeder 

  1. Install the PetWant Application                                                                          QR Code for PetWant Smart Pet Feeder Method 1: Scan the QR code to enter the download page to install APP *recommended*
    Method 2: Search "PetWant" Application in APP Store for Apple users and Google PlayStore for Android users

  2. Turn on your phone location settings and WIFI access to calibrate to the current time and location 

  3. After opening the application, you can either log in via email *register needed* or through third-party authorization; Facebook, WeChat, Twitter.  
  4. Now we can start pairing, hold the "Set" button on the operation panel for about 6 seconds to 10 seconds till you hear a "DingDong" sound. Click "Next" to enter WiFi connection interface. *Please make sure your mobile device has been connected to WIFI only and network is good*                                                                                PetWant Smart Pet Feeder Application Figure 2
  5. Key in your WiFI username, password and click Next *if your smartphone is connected to WiFi, the username should already be displayed automatically*            PetWant Smart Pet Feeder Application Figure 3
  6. Click "Next" to enter device WiFi connection interface. Next, you will enter system WiFi Setting page. Choose a connection with a name containing "PETWANT_XXXXX", after which return back to the PetWant Application.
    *Android users - click back manually to return directly to the APP rather than re-enter APP*
    *Apple users - return to the APP from the top left corner or re-entering APP on the main menu*                                                                                                                  PetWant Smart Pet Feeder Application Figure 4-5                                                 
  7. Now both smartphone and pet feeder has connected to WiFI, it is time to connect your smartphone to the pet feeder. Click "Next" to connect and it should be done within 1 minute.                                                                                                             PetWant Smart Pet Feeder Application Figure 6-7                                                   

 How To Use PetWant Smart Pet Feeder 

For this section, we will be talking about how to use the features of Smart Pet Feeder

  1. Video function - Over here, you will be able to take picture, monitoring, video and also talking/listening to your pet.
    *To change your video to HD, you will have to go into Video full-screen mode and there will be options on the right to change the video To HD.                                      PetWant Smart Pet Feeder Application Video Function    

  2. Automatic feeding - You will be able to set your portion size from 1 portion (10g) to 10 portions (100g). The user can also record his voice on the top right icon and then record voice according to the guidance.                                                                      PetWant Smart Pet Feeder Application Automatic Feeding Setting    

  3. Manual Feeding Function - Press and hold " Manual feeding " until another feeding interface appears to enable instant feeding. You can also press "Set" key on the operation panel of the Smart Pet Feeder to feed manually.                                           PetWant Smart Pet Feeder Application Manual feeding function

1. What should we do when the smartphone cannot connect to the smart pet feeder?       

  • Check whether the pet feeder is functioning properly.
    Check the status of power indicator. In normal situation, the '"Power" Indicator is on and "Link" indicator flashes
  • Check the WiFi signal from the pet feeder
    Search for WiFi signal from the pet feeder, with our phones to confirm whether there is a WiFi signal such as "PETWANT_XXXX"
  • Close the Application and re-open the Application. 

2. Sometimes android users are not able to connect to "PETWANT_XXXX" automatically, how to deal with this situation?

There might be SSID around which may cause interference to the connection to Pet Feeder WIFI, thus you will need to enter "phone setting" option to connect it manually.

3. Why didn't the feeder dispense on time? 

Check whether the food outlet is blocked if it blocks the ALARM indicator should flash. Check whether the motor is jammed by pet food. 

4. How to take advantage of the SD card? 

You will be able to insert the SD card after removing the food tank. Currently, the smart pet feeder only supports  32GB SD card and you can set the memory storage via phone.

5. Why couldn't I connect to 5G WiFi?

Currently, PetWant Smart Pet Feeder only supports WIFI 802.11bgn protocol, and it doesn't support 5G.
So that's it! Feel free to refer back to this post if you encounter any problem or would wish to know more about PetWant Smart Pet Feeder. We will be constantly posting new FAQ to clear issues which users might encounter. 


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