Is Pawbo+ Smart Pet Camera Worth Your Money?

by Dean Tan on February 10, 2017


Is Pawbo+ Smart Pet Camera Worth Your Money?

Well. According to a number of internet reviews out there, Pawbo+ Smart Pet Camera had received plenty of praises from them. Pawbo+ Smart Pet Camera had an average of 4.5/ 5 rating from BestPetCam, PCMag, and YourHomeSecurityWatch and proved to be a huge hit for pet lovers. 

So What Is Pawbo+ Smart Pet Camera?

The Pawbo+ pet camera is one of the best in terms of the number of great features to interact with your pet. Perfect for pet owners that tend to travel often, and with this smart pet camera, pet owners will be able to see, listen, play with their pets through its treat dispensing and laser pointer features. 

Pawbo Smart Pet Camera Eating

Pawbo+ Smart Pet Camera Unique Product Description &  Features

This Smart Pet Camera is a wireless camera can be easily set up within minutes and once ready it is very user-friendly. Its basic features include a wide angle lens that can see up to 130 degrees and features a 720p live streaming for viewing of your pets. Camera and videos can be stored on cloud via Dropbox or google drive. Its special features include treating dispensing functions that is easy to clean and laser pointing to play with your pets. 

Pawbo Smart Pet Camera Laser Function

Pawbo+ Smart Pet Camera Life Application

Available in both Android and Apple iOS devices, called Pawbo Life. Through the app, not only will you be able to make full use of the Pawbo+ Smart Pet Camera, you are also able to talk to other Pawbo+ users ( 8 users at the same time max ). Users are able to share photos and video to their favorite social networks like Facebook and Instagram with ease.


Laser Function & Treats Dispenser

Pawbo Smart Pet Camera also comes with a laser pointer for your dog or cat to chase around. By using the app, you can either manually control the laser or set it to auto to play with your pets. Pawbo Smart Pet Camera also acts as a treat dispenser unit, it is very useful for any pet owners that leave their pets at home. Please take note that you have to use very small treats or break the treats up into smaller pieces if not it will get stuck.


A Step Away From Disaster

Pawbo Plus Smart Pet Camera

Happen to see your pets misbehaving? Simply speak to the phone via the app to prevent disaster from happening.

Why Might You Not Want It?

Every brilliant product have its downsides, so let us talk about it! The treats dispenser can only dispense pretty small size treats and please do not expect to use this product as a main smart pet feeder! But if you happen to be looking for one, check out PetWant Smart Pet Feeder! 

It also does not have a night vision but the Pawbo is coming up with our accessories to make up for it. Some might also complain that it is pretty expensive! Lastly, if you have a really big house, you cannot have two Pawbo+ cameras running in the house at the same time.You can link as many smart devices to the Pawbo+ as you want, but only two can be used simultaneously. 

So in summary, If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to interact with your pet while away from the house, the Pawbo+Pet Camera is ideal for you! 

If you are interested in this product, go to http://bit.ly/2kXfO99

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