How To Toilet Train My Cat?

by Dean Tan on December 18, 2016

How to Toilet Train My Cat?

The Last Cat Litter Potty Trainer Blog Article

Cats are one of the wisest pets any household would want to keep. There might be times when you ask yourself is it possible to toilet train my cat?The answer would be, yes but should you? What are the Pros and Cons of having to toilet train a cat? 

Pros and Cons 


More hygienic to toilet train than to use litter box
Over years, research has proved that cat litter boxes are full of germs and harmful bacteria. After every use, cats will often spread the harmful germs over to the rest of the house. Besides your toilet is often cleaner and better maintained than the litter box. 


Save in Litter Cost 

One bag of cat litter might not be expensive, but adding up the expense up over the course of a couple of years and the cost can be accumulated up to thousands of dollars. 


No More Litter Cleaning/Scooping & Save Space
Remember the pain when you have to vacuum the litter that you cat tracks around the house, you can break free of that pain if your cat were toilet trained. Needless to say the extra space you free up from storing the litter box.

Cat litter can be harmful
Most litter is made of clay or silica. It contains particles of sodium bentonite and sodium silicate known for increasing risk of lung cancer, bronchitis, and tuberculosis.


Toilet lid has to be up at all times
Family members and all guest who use the toilet must understand that the toilet lid needs to be up at times otherwise the kitty has no toileting option.

Toilet training isn't the right fit for every kitty
Fearful kitties or cats suffering from health problems might not be the ideal candidates for toilet training as jumping up on a toilet seat might be difficult for an injured, sick, or aging cat.

Now, back to how do I toilet train my cat? 

Generally, cats are incredibly smart and are easy to train and with the aid of The Last Litter Cat Toilet Trainer Kit, training your cat to toilet train has never been easier.The whole training process lasts from 3 weeks to 7 weeks  If your cat does suffer a setback in training, you will have to go back and repeat the steps. The Last Litter Cat Toilet Trainer Kit works for cats that are above 3 months of age and multiple cats are allowed to train at the same time. However, cats that are suffering from health problems are not recommended.
The Last Litter Cat Toilet Trainer Phase 2

The Last Litter Product Quick Start Guide

The Last Litter Cat Toilet Trainer Kit Steps - By - Steps

Step 1 :

The Last Litter Cat Potty Trainer Phase 1
Before using the last litter, place your current cat litter box in the bathroom next to the toilet. It will allow your cat to get accustomed to the new location of its toilet. 
Duration: A few days

Step 2: 

Remove your Cat Litter box and replace it with The Last Litter Cat Toilet Trainer Kit. Place the Last Litter on your toilet. Set up flushable cat litter on top of your toilet. Let your cat get familiar with this new arrangement for a few days. Your cat will find it natural to relieve its waste in it. 
Duration: A few days to about a week

Step 3:
Remove the 1st ring of the main blue tray by cutting through the marking of the first smallest ring on the main blue tray. This step is important as the cat will notice the small hole and might take longer for your cat to get comfortable. Please give it enough time before moving to step 4
Duration: A few days to about a week

Step  4: 
Remove the 2nd ring of the main blue tray 
Duration: A few days to about a week

Step 5:
Remove the 3rd ring of the main blue tray 
Cut through the marking of the third ring on the main blue tray
Duration: A few days to about a week

Step 6:
Gradually reduce the amount of litter until left empty and leave it empty for a few days.
Duration: A few days to about a week

Step 7: 
Remove the main blue tray and leave the white seat without any litter 
Duration: A few days

Step 8:

The Last Litter Cat Fully Trained

Remove The Last Litter Cat Toilet Trainer Kit entirely. Congratulations ! Your cat is trained. 

Things To Take Note Of
Always remember to praise and reward your cat with treats and do not reprimand your cat for bad behavior as it might cause stress in them. When you witness your cat using the Toilet Trainer to relieve its waste, give him a treat and praise them, That will strength its good behavior. Make the toilet accessible to your cat at all times by leaving the bathroom door and toilet lid open. Last but not least be patient and persistent as the benefits of a successful training are tremendous: better hygiene, cost savings, product: no more litter maintenance, more space. Be patient with your cat and you will not regret the effort spent on this training.

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