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7 Foods that are Toxic for Dogs

We know the feeling of wanting to share what we have with our pets. However, not all types of human foods that we love are safe for our pets. It is always tempting to share our food with our dog, but not all human food is safe for our dogs to consume. In fact, some foods that are nutritious for humans, are toxic or even lethal to our dogs. It’s important that we know which foods are poisonous and should be avoided when feeding our dogs! We share 7 foods that should never be given to our pet dogs. 

Dog Training: Basic Tips for Successfully Training your New Dog

Thinking of adopting or getting a puppy but you’re a first-time owner? Bringing home a puppy is an exciting experience and the start of a fulfilling journey – but it’s important you don’t forget to start with training! Dog training is not only important for the development of your puppy, it’s also a great way […]

The Secret Life of Home Alone Dogs: 5 tips for leaving your dog alone at home

Don’t we all wish we could spend as much time with our dogs as possible? Unfortunately, we often have to leave them home alone much more often than we wish to, as we have to go to school or work. We share 5 tips for your dog to feel comfortable and at ease when they’re left at home alone.