How to Stop Cats From Scratching Furniture

Cat scratching furniture is probably one of the problems cat owners have. Before we tackle the How-to’s, we must first learn why do cats claw stuff. It all boils down to their nature. Cats scratching is their way to detach the outer layer of their claws to reveal new growth underneath. And if they don’t scratch it’ll grow into their feet which could be uncomfortable like ingrown toenails.

Cats scratching furniture can be prevented. Here are some tips:

1. Cat-proof your furniture

If you don’t have any scratchers at home it’s important to keep your furniture safe from your kitty’s claws. Fortunately, you can cat-proof your furniture! You can use furniture covers for the meantime while you train your cats to use scratchers. Using an aluminum foil to cover cushion corners Another effective way is to say no and redirect your cats.

2. Invest in a scratcher

Photo by Michael Hession

One way to keep your cats scratching your precious furniture is to buy a scratching post! Get a scratcher that your cats will love. There are tons available in pet stores. They come in all shapes and sizes. Observe your cat’s favorite “scratching position.” If they prefer to reach up when scratching then a vertical post is the best choice. And if they prefer to destroy your rugs, a horizontal scratcher is a must.

Draw your kitties to their new scratching toy by spraying it with catnip. You can also do it through demonstration and aid their paws scratching the post. You’ll know right away if they don’t like the sensation if they shriek and ignore it completely. It’s an experiment at this point. You can try a different scratching material (cardboard, tree bark, carpet, or rope) and find something they feel most comfortable with.

3. Cat Pedicures

Image Source: Cole and Marmalade

Regularly trimming your cat’s nails can cut down on scratching. You can opt to do it at home using a cat nail trimmer or grinder. If DIY nail trims become difficult and stressful, seek the help of a professional groomer! Remember, this will not stop your cats from scratching, but it will minimize the damage it could inflict on your furniture.

May these simple tips help you find a solution to your cats scratching your furniture dilemma! Make sure to be loving and gentle when it comes to training your kitties. Have patience and work together!

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