5 Ways to Keep Your Pets Entertained While You're Away

5 Ways to Keep Your Pets Entertained While You’re Away

You may have spent days thinking of ways to keep your pets entertained, scouring the internet for answers just so your fur babies won’t feel lonely when you have to leave them at home. Don’t worry, you’ve come to right place! When leaving a puppy alone at home the first thing you need to ensure is that they are in a safe and comfortable environment. After that, if your pet suffer from separation anxiety, then you have to treat it or else it will be hard your them to stay calm when they are left alone at home. When you leave your pets at home it is important to think about their well-being. Pets are prone to being lonely especially when they are not entertained and cared for. There are plenty ways you can care for your pets even if you are not home.

Keep your pets entertained with these 5 easy steps!

1. Hire a Pet Sitter!

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Given that animals are social animals, hiring a pet sitter to care for your pets at home is an option you can look into. The advantage of hiring a pet sitter is that they will be able to give your pets personalized care and one-on-one attention. It is so much better than bringing them to a facility, pets are happy to be at home rather than in an unfamiliar environment. If you don’t want to spend money on such service, you can ask a relative to temporarily accompany your pet while you are away.

2. Give them an interactive toy!

There are so many interactive pet toys out to choose from and an interactive ball is something your pet needs! Pets, just like human beings, need constant mental and physical stimulation and a smart ball will come in handy. Boredom in pets will likely result in negative behaviors and that’s a big NO especially if they are left at home with no supervision! An interactive ball will do the trick just like our wicked ball. This 100% automatic pet toy is the safest companion for your pet. It’s a responsive auto-ball that will play with and entertain your pets all day. No more boring toy that won’t challenge your pets!

3. Keep Your Eyes on Them!

It’s always great to check on your pets from time to time while you’re away from home. You can do so by using a pet camera! There are so many pet cameras currently available on the market that is cheap and super easy to use. There are also cool features included that will make pet care convenient! Having pet cameras, you won’t have to miss a moment with your fur babies. With the two-way communication, you’ll be able to communicate with your pets and relieve them from boredom and loneliness! Just like our Smart Pet Camera! The best gadget to keep you close to your pet while your not with them.

4. Plan a Scavenger Hunt or a Puzzle!

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Another way to ease boredom in pets is through visual and tactile stimulation. A good game of scavenger hunt will keep your pets entertained. Before leaving for work, hide kibbles and treats all over the house for them to sniff and find! Pets are hunters so they will enjoy this as much as you. AND if you have a pet camera, you can see them run around the house discovering treats while you’re at work or vacation. You can also use puzzles. Our pets are intelligent and they love the challenge. A good puzzle or two will distract them at the same time keep their interest piqued!

5. Leave the radio on!

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Putting on background noise (music or podcast) will help drown environment noise that would alarm pets. Also, silence increases loneliness in pets and may make them anxious. A good distraction, like the radio, can help them relax. You can create a playlist that is tailored to your pet. Make sure that it will soothe them and not trigger aggression.

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