Say Goodbye to Dirty Paws After A Day At The Beach

Did you just finish your “Jalan Jalan” outing with your dogs and you are struggling to clean your dog’s dirty paws before entering the car? It can be quite a hassle especially after a day at the beach and dog parks outing. 

We love bringing our dogs out for walks, the look on their faces when they hear the magic words “gai-gai” or “let’s go” is an instant cure for any fatigue! Yet, the fatigue comes back once we return home – and we take a look at our dog’s dirty paws, we think to ourselves “haiz, oh no!”. One of our biggest problems often faced is the dirt and sand accumulated at the bottom of our pet dog’s paws, especially when they get trapped in between the paw crevices. We’ve also heard complaints from fellow pet owners that even the best quality of wet wipes don’t clean the dog paws properly, and it takes many pieces of wipes before they finally feel that they’ve cleaned as much as they can. Yet, how can we bear to leave our dogs home and not bring them out for walks?! 

We will be sharing a helpful tool today 🙂

Introducing, Smartpaw Pet Automatic Paw Washer: a convenient and effective solution to ensuring your pet has clean paws before they run all-around your house or car! 


What is the Smartpaw Pet Automatic Paw Washer and Why should I get it? 

The Smartpaw Pet Paw Washer is a very simple and user-friendly device with the function of cleaning your dog’s paws. All you need to do is put your dog’s paws into the device, one at a time, and let the Paw Washer do the work for you! 

The Paw Washer has extra-soft silicone bristles that will whirl around once you turn the device on. Once you place your dog’s paw into the paw washer, the bristles will gently brush around the paw; simultaneously, the whirling of the device creates a swirling effect which cleans out any dirty debris accumulated between and on your dog’s paws. Smartpaw Pet Paw Washer is also specially designed to be a comfortable fit around your dog’s ankles. The round shape and depth of the device ensure that your dog’s paws are thoroughly cleaned from all directions. That’s not all! The Paw Washer is not just a functional product, it also helps to massage your dog’s paws and paw pads, ensuring that your dog enjoys a relaxing and soothing experience! In fact, we’ve received quite a number of comments from our customers that after the first few times of manually putting their dog’s paws into the Paw Washer, they automatically put their paws in for washing without any help from their owners! What other better way to tell that your dog enjoys the paw washing experience? 

One highlight of the Paw Washer is the convenience it brings to your life. It is non-bulky and can be simply put into your carry-along bag when you bring your dog out. If you’re headed to the beach or a muddy excursion, take it along with you and use it before getting up the car for a mess-free ride home! 

So.. How do I use this Paw Washer? Is it easy to use? 

When you run a lifestyle-tech store, one of the most common questions or concerns received is whether or not a product is easy to use. And our answer is always the same – Yes! With technology permeating into every aspect of our lives (think electronic door locks, face-recognition doorbells, and even portable bottle blenders), turning to technology in the pet world can only be a good thing! At Smartpaw, we aim to sell and create products that will make your life easier, so you have more time to spend together with your dog! The Smartpaw Pet Paw Washer is no exception, it’s extremely easy to use and clean! 

Charging the Paw Washer

For regular usage of the Smartpaw Pet Paw Washer, all you have to do is charge the device to full for approximately 3 hours, every 2 weeks! All you need to take note is when the LED indicator turns red, signaling that it’s time to charge the device. It’s that simple! 


2-step Paw Washing

Step 1: Fill the Paw Washer with two-thirds full of water. If preferred (especially if your dog’s paws are very muddy), add some pet shampoo into the washer too. Take note not to fill up the device to the brim, as you need to account for the volume of your dog’s paw when you put it in!

Step 2: Place your dog’s paw into the Paw Washer and press the Power button. Leave the paw inside for approximately 1 minute. Voila – you’re done!
(Do take note that for the first-time experience, try starting with your dog’s rear legs so that he or she can get used to the new feeling.)


2-step Cleaning of the Paw Washer

Step 1: Remove the silicone bristle component from the holding device. 

Step 2: Pour out the dirty water and rinse both the holding device and bristle component. Do take note to ensure that the USB charging port cap is properly attached before washing the holding device. 

Smartpaw Pet Paw Washer – Suitable for all dogs of all breeds and sizes

Finally, we come to the last question – My dog is a very small Yorkie/large husky. Is the Paw Washer suitable for my dog? Again, the answer is Yes! The Smartpaw Paw Washer comes in 3 different sizes, so you can definitely find the suitable size for your dog regardless of it’s breed or size! Take a quick measurement of your dogs paw, and select your preferred size based on the dimensions of the respective sizes. 

To find out more, head over to >> Smartpaw Paw washer product page <<

If you have any questions about this product, leave a comment below or drop us a message in our chatbot! We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!



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